Green Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Lawn and Garden

Upgrade your tools while downgrading your fuel usage.

Green Tip #4: Upgrade to Eco-Friendly Tools

As you upgrade your garden tools, resolve to choose only eco-friendly ones. Replace gas-burning power tools with low-emission propane (greener than gasoline powered), electric/rechargeable (greener yet, especially if you recharge using wind or solar power), or manual (the greenest of all, burning only calories!). Avoid cheap plastic hand tools, instead choose high quality wood and steel tools that will last a lifetime.

Why? The only way to contribute to global change is to support the manufacture and sale of eco-friendly products. You don’t have to throw everything away, but make a vow never again to buy a tool that harms the planet.


  1. I’ve been looking to replace my water-wasting oscillating sprinkler, and have stumbled across the tractor sprinkler. It follows the path of the hose and will only water the areas you direct it to. It’s much cheaper than installing an in-ground lawn sprinkler system.


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