Green Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Lawn and Garden

My favorite tools are the quiet ones, like hand tools.

Green Tip #3: Use a Little Elbow Grease

Instead of reaching for the leaf blower, pick up the rake and burn off a few of those extra holiday calories. Rather than grabbing the weed whacker, pick up a pair of gloves and pruning shears.

Why? You’ll get exercise and fresh air, and you’ll feel happier and more connected to your patch of earth. In addition, manual labor is the world’s most effective cure for perfectionism! Soon, you’ll naturally discover that a relaxed, organic, thoughtfully planned garden takes much less work to maintain than those chemically doused, mechanically trimmed, “perfect” landscapes.


  1. I’ve been looking to replace my water-wasting oscillating sprinkler, and have stumbled across the tractor sprinkler. It follows the path of the hose and will only water the areas you direct it to. It’s much cheaper than installing an in-ground lawn sprinkler system.


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