Give the Gift of Woodworking This Holiday Season

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Finding a gift for that special someone can be hard. When that special someone seemingly has everything, that task gets even harder. But holiday shoppers find themselves in that familiar position every year, wherein one or two people on their list prove harder to shop for than everyone else combined.

But a hard to shop for loved one could create the ideal gifting opportunity this holiday season. In lieu of scouring the malls for that perfect gift, give the gift of a hobby this holiday season. Enroll a loved one in a woodworking class to further cultivate an existing hobby or even inspire a new one. Such classes are available to hobbyists of all ages and experience levels, and can truly become a gift that keeps on giving.


For that special someone who truly does have everything, a new hobby can be the ideal gift. In such cases, a beginner’s course can help a loved one get their feet wet and see if a given hobby is a good fit. Woodcraft’s “Carving 101,” for example, allows those with a potential interest in carving the chance to learn this fulfilling art from a host of expert carvers. Such classes require no previous skill or experience, and students learn different cutting techniques that encourage them to add shape and form to the basswood carving blank that’s provided at the onset of class.


Not all hobbyists are necessarily wet behind the ears. Some have past work experience and might have moved on but maintained an interest or passion for a given skill. To holiday shoppers, the intermediate level hobbyist presents the perfect gifting opportunity. For instance, a spouse, brother or in-law who was interested in woodworking as a child but lost touch with the hobby would no doubt find an intermediate woodworking class a welcomed chance to reconnect with a hobby they once enjoyed.

A class on woodturning, which is where you make objects on a spinning lathe, can result in the creation of ornaments and small bowls that will inevitably become family heirlooms or handy items like an ice cream scoop, garden spade or garden fork.

Additionally, a course such as Woodcraft’s “Intermediate Carving” is perfect for the hobbyist who still remembers the basics but wants to take his or her carving skills to the next level. Over a 10-week period, students will learn more complicated techniques while more extensively developing a new hobby or reconnecting with a previous favorite pastime.


Because hobbyists come in all shapes, sizes and experience levels, a course that allows a weekend warrior to become an expert at his or her passion can also be a great gift this holiday season. What’s more, an expert class doesn’t have to require much time and can actually be a great way to help that special someone combine two passions.

Woodcraft also offers detailed project plans which could make a great gift in their own right for the intermediate-to-experienced woodworker. From outdoor projects, like an Adirondack chair, garden arbor, bench or planter to more artful items, like a quilt rack, heart shaped jewelry box or an ornate container for steak knives or silverware, these detailed plans provide easy-to-understand instructions on how to create them.

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