Get Going This Spring with Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning Tips

Flowers in bloom

Now that we have officially entered spring, it’s time to get cleaned up and organized after such a long, cold winter. Longer hours of daylight means more time to spruce up the yard, clean out the closets and sip iced cold tea (or a cold beer, if you fancy!) after a hard days’ work.

Here are some ideas to get your springtime projects going smoothly:

Outside Spring Projects

Sharpen gardening tools, and repair the handles or grips if they need it. If the tool is a lost cause, go ahead and replace it.

Lawn mower with gas canDouble-check the oil and gasoline in your lawn mower before firing it up. Last years batch needs to be properly drained and replaced so you can start the season out fresh.

Beware of pesky insects that are starting to get active now that warmer weather is here. If you’re raking around bushes or pulling out weeds, remember to watch out for spiders and stinging insects. Wearing gloves is a must.

Get a small bottle of sunscreen and latch it to your mover or wheelbarrow. I know, I know . . . but honestly, you may forget to protect your skin while you’re out there in the sun. A good gardening hat is also a must . . . and you now have an excuse to wear that floppy gardening hat you’ve always dreamed of owning to help you look official!

Inside Spring Projects

Change out your HVAC air filter. Think about upgrading to HEPA approved filter if you don’t currently use them.

Wash any drapes and other window coverings that can be washed, and replace them if you’ve noticed that your carpets or furnishings are fading due to intense sunlight. Consider closing the blinds or curtains during the hottest parts of the day to save on your energy bills too.

Cleaning dryer vent with brushClean out the clothes dryer vent pipe to reduce any risk of fire or damage to your appliance. You can purchase a dryer vent brush that snakes down into the pipe to clear it out.

Clean out the clutter in your closets. Every spring I go through every drawer, closet or hiding place and ask myself, “Did I wear, use, or need this in the last 12 months. Did I even remember I had it?”

If the answer is no to either of these questions, consider donating the goods to a needy family or charity. The smile you just may put on someone’s face from receiving it is frankly what it’s all about, so share the love!


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