Unify Colors to Make a Small Room Seem Larger

According to interior designer Marisa Smith, to make a small room seem larger than it really is, unify the colors by painting the woodwork, trim, and walls all the same color. Also, match the fabric on upholstered furniture to the color of the room.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: Hey, how cozy is this? This is a great little, I guess, TV room, huh?

Marisa Smith: Isn’t this nice?

Danny Lipford: Really nice. What motivated this? What did the homeowners want to achieve out of this?

Marisa Smith: Well, they wanted a room that three or four of them could comfortably sit and watch TV. And because it was such a small space, they had just a few small pieces of furniture. And so it wasn’t comfortable, you know, to be able to relax. And so, we came in and actually put a really long sofa with a chaise.

Danny Lipford: I like that.

Marisa Smith: Which allowed you to seat four people comfortably. And it filled up the entire wall, instead of just one chair there and one chair here.

Danny Lipford: What about all this? Was this here or was this added?

Marisa Smith: This was already here, but we painted this one, actually the same color as the trim and the walls. And when you have a small space like this, the more you can unify it, and not have it all broken up, with, say, white trim and white cabinets. It makes the room feel a little bigger and more open. So, actually, everything in here is painted the same color. And then we made the fabric on the sofa the same color. So visually, it all feels like a bigger space.


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