Tips to Improve the Curb Appeal on Your Home

Danny Lipford in workshop with caulking, glue, and other products.
Danny Lipford with spring curb appeal products.

Spring is a great time of year to get outside to clean and improve the look of the exterior of your home. Watch this video for some products to help you get the job done, including:

    • The PivotPro™ Water Wand from Hyde Tools, with an adjustable spray nozzle, built-in cleaner reservoir, and interchangeable brushes to make fast work of outside cleaning chores. Attach the PivotPro to your garden hose, add liquid cleaner to the reservoir, and you’re ready to go.
    • Royal Estate™ vinyl siding from Royal Building Products can give the outside of your house a whole new look. This durable, low maintenance siding won’t bend or warp and has a realistic wood grain finish. It comes in a wide range of colors and styles that can resist winds up to 180 MPH.
  • If you prefer to paint your home, seal up any cracks and gaps first with Titebond caulking. Titebond also makes high quality construction adhesive and Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue, a one-part, waterproof glue that cleans up with water and is perfect for outdoor projects.

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Danny Lipford: Now, what can you possibly do to the front of your house to make it look a lot better in only two days and less than a thousand dollars? Well, you can do a lot, and we recently did that very thing on a project where within two days we took a house that was very old, out of date, and had some very high maintenance surfaces on the front of the house.

And we did a little bit of painting, we did a little work on the driveway, and we installed a very unique vinyl siding—it’s a simulated cedar shake—on the gable area, and accented the front of the house with vinyl shutters. Now, that made a big, big difference.

But if you’re looking to do a little bigger project, you can go with vinyl siding and cover as much of the outside of your home as you can. Now, this is from Royal Building Products, it’s their Estate line, and really does a great job in simulating real wood.

And this is built in such a way that it won’t bend, it won’t split, and it won’t warp in any way at all. And if you install it the right way, it’ll withstand up to 180-mile-per-hour winds. Great way to go, maintenance free—all you have to do is clean it a little bit.

When you’re cleaning, this is a great way to go. We also introduced this to some homeowners that absolutely loved it. It’s the Hyde PivotPro Water Wand. Has a lot of different ways that you can adjust the spray nozzle on the end.

Your cleaner can go right through the reservoir, and you can adjust as much cleaner as you want on there. Different attachments, from nylon brushes to soft brushes to even a microfiber attachment that’s perfect for cleaning glass, any type of windows, or your car or your boat. Great way to go, and the Hyde PivotPro is less than fifty dollars.

Now, another way you can do things on the outside of your house to make them look a little better is a little accent painting. We recently did that on the foundation area of this particular home.

But before we did anything with a paintbrush, we grabbed our Titebond caulking and we sealed up every little crack that we possibly could. Going to help on the energy efficiency, but it also makes that paint job look professional.

And if you’re doing any type of work outside that involves wood that you’re doing some repairs—maybe around the deck or maybe you’re getting ambitious and building some nice Adirondack chairs for your deck—remember the legendary wood glue from Titebond that really will make that project hold up, no matter what type of weather you have, and keep it nice and strong. Which is the way it should.

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