Testing Our Favorite Homeowner Hacks

On our show we call them “Simple Solutions.” At The Family Handyman, they call them “Handy Hints.” But you may know them by the popular buzz word “hacks.” It’s where we help you solve common household problems efficiently and inexpensively.

The Today’s Homeowner crew travelled to Eagan, Minn., home of The Family Handyman studio, to test out some of our favorite homeowner hacks with the magazine’s senior editor, Travis Larson, and contributing editor, Spike Carlsen.

Here’s a compilation of some of our tried-and-true kitchen, bathroom, storage and painting hacks.

Check out the episode article for more info.


  1. You know what I enjoy about your show, besides the handy hints & how-to’s, is the relationship you two have with one another. you guys make me laugh and it seems you are having fun too!

  2. I saw a still photo in a “hacks” email newsletter which sent me on a search for this video. I tracked down the “hacks” video in an effort to get a better look at the power tool cubbies we see in the background of the “shop set”. It seems like the perfect solution for my husband’s power hand tools which he leaves everywhere (along with everything else!). I am trying to help him get organized so he could be more productive and happier with his wood work, and wish you would publish plans for such cubbies and any other shop organizing helps you can suggest (if you haven’t already). We recently moved into my Dad’s old home and are crazy trying to get organized. I drew my own plans and tried to explain to my husband but I’m not a woodworker so they are undoubtedly wrong or at least wanting. Tips for what type of and dimensions of lumber and how the shelves are attached, etc. would be wonderful. I love my husband and his ability to fix things and make do with scraps and discarded stuff, but we need some help in the organization department. Thank you. Sign me, “A new wife of an old packrat handyman with a tight budget, in an old home”. 🙂

  3. Bathroom cabinet drawers and kitchen cabinet drawers do not extend all the way out (as new ones do). How can I make them so they extend out all the way?


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