Tackling Chores You Can’t Ignore

Young families like Chuck and Allison Kelley’s have plenty of things vying for their time, energy and money; so we helped them catch up on some chores that shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Cleaned the gutters, roof valleys and skylights
  • Repaired damaged shingles and replaced the roof jacks
  • Trimmed low-hanging branches
  • Built a new no-sag gate
  • Pressure washed the home exterior
  • Fixed a dripping tub faucet
  • Added insulation to the attic

Read the Chores You Can’t Ignore episode article for more info on these projects.


  1. What product will really clean the gutters. I think they are aluminum. They could be vinyl. The are dirty, green in some places and blackish in some places. I am not referring to inside the gutter. They look bad for the exterior of our house.


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