Retractable Screens Bring the Outside In

Retractable screens, such as those from Phantom Screens, have many advantages over fixed screens, including:

  • Can be closed or lowered to keep out insects, and opened or raised to provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors.
  • May be fitted with solar screen to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat.
  • Can also be custom made to fit doors, windows, or larger opening such as porches.

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Further Information

Danny Lipford: Now most people want to combine the inside and the outside of the home, which is real easy when you have a retractable screen like this. It’s basically invisible. It’ll fold right out of the way. But it gives you an opportunity to keep your home a little cooler and keep all those insects out of the house. And this Phantom screen system is so flexible you can use it on almost any opening on your home.

Beyond doors and windows retractable screens can be added to larger openings to provide the same protection from bugs to even bigger spaces like patios, porches and decks. And when the weather really heats up bugs aren’t the only thing these screens keep out, because Phantom offers solar screen options that block heat gain as well. That effectively converts these areas into usable living space for three seasons of the year without the intrusion of a permanent fixed screen structure to block the view or detract from the home’s architecture.


  1. I have two doors The first door measures 80 inches wide 103 inches high Second opening 131 inches wide 103 inches high

    Looking to put in one retractable screen , that rolls up and down
    On the larger opening I would like to have sliding screen collapsible panels that slide one side

    Thank you

  2. I am looking to keep bugs, mice and debris out of my garage can you please call me and let me know an estimated price. I have a 1 door garage !!!

    • Hi, Shannon, features home improvement advice from the nationally syndicated TV show “Today’s Homeowner” and its experts.
      We can’t place individual phone calls, but would be happy to direct you to our online resources.

  3. One of the consequences of planting flowers in my garden (and my biggest pet peeve…grrr!) is that a lot of insects started frequenting them. With the right screen, I think I wouldn’t need to worry about bees or other flying insects wandering off in my home. Retractable screen it is!


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