Renovation Ideas for Rentals

We helped my middle daughter, Melanie, and her two roommates, Kate and Laurel, make some improvements to their rental house. The changes made their home more functional, secure and attractive, but they weren’t intended to be permanent. After all, when Melanie and her friends leave in a few months or a few years, they’ll want to take their investments with them.

Here are a few improvements we made:

  • Hung poster board behind built-in shelves
  • Installed new shower wands
  • Hung strings of patio lights
  • Installed Wi-fi video doorbell and electronic lock

Check out the Renter’s Renovations episode article for details.


  1. Hi, LOVE your show!!!! My friend rents an apartment, what can he use to hang items up on a wall with a slight texture? Command Strips do not work since the walls are not smooth. any help will be appreciated.


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