Coffee filters can be used for a number of other uses around your home besides filtering coffee.

Other uses for coffee filters include:

  • Cleaning glass: Since they’re lint free, coffee filters won’t leave paper residue behind.
  • Lining flower pots: Place a coffee filter in the pot before filling it with dirt to keep the soil from coming out of the hole in the bottom.
  • Microwaving food: Flatten the coffee filter out and use it to over plates and bowls when microwaving to prevent splatters.
  • Packing and Storage: Put one or more coffee filters between each dishes and glasses when packing to prevent breakage. Also, coffee filters are great to use between Christmas ornaments when storing.

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Joe Truini: If you’re only using your coffee filters to filter coffee, you’re missing out on some really great other uses.

First of all, they’re lint-free, so they’re great for cleaning glass. Just spray a little cleaner on the filter, and use it to clean windows and mirrors, even windshields of cars. They’re lint-free, so you won’t get any little bits of paper left behind.

They’re also terrific for working in the garden when you have a flower pot, which typically has a drainage hole on the bottom. Just take a filter, put it on the bottom. It’ll let the water drain through, but it’ll keep the dirt, the soil, and the gravel in the pot.

Also, if you’re microwaving food, take a filter, flatten it out, and cover the food. Then when you put it in the microwave, the filter will catch any spatters and keep the inside of your microwave oven really clean.

Another use is when you’re putting away dishes. Put a filter in between to protect the dishes. Or if you’re stacking away glasses, the ones that nest together, put a filter—one or two filters—in between. It’ll protect the glass.

One other use is when you’re storing away your Christmas ornaments. Take each ornament, wrap it in a filter, and put it away. And it’ll be ready for you the next holiday season.

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