Paper coffee filters can be used for many applications around your home besides filtering coffee. Coffee filters are also great for:

  • Potted Plants: Lining the bottom of flower pots to prevent soil from washing out.
  • Packing: For packing between plates or bowls to prevent breaking.
  • Cleaning Glass: To clean glass and mirrors, since they’re lint free.
  • Microwave Cooking: To cover food containers to prevent splattering when heating in the microwave.

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If you have an automatic coffee maker, the chances are you have to buy filters. Now these paper filters are great for uses other than filtering coffee.

One use is to put them in flower pots to cover up the drainage hole so that the soil won’t wash through. Another one is if you’re moving or storing plates and bowls, you can put the filters in between just to cushion them so they don’t crack or break.

Now, these are lint-free, which makes the filter great for cleaning mirrors, glass, or glass cooktops. You won’t have to worry about leaving streaks of lint behind.

But my favorite use of paper filters is when you’re microwaving food. Put the food in the bowl, and cover it up with the paper filter. Now, when the food heats up and starts spattering, you won’t make a mess inside your microwave oven, because the paper filter will catch all the splatter.

So remember, the next time you go out and buy your paper filters, they’re good for more than just filtering coffee.

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