Innovative Tools and Materials for Home Improvement Projects

Nothing makes home improvement projects go smoother and produce better results than having the right tools and materials to tackle the job. Whether it’s remodeling your home, repairing your car, or tackling a woodworking project, these tools and materials will get the job done fast.

Black & Decker Matrix

The Matrix drill/driver from Black & Decker available in both cordless and corded models starting at around $69. Six optional accessory tools can turn the Matrix into an impact driver, oscillating tool, circular trim saw, detail sander, jigsaw, or router in seconds.

Titebond Wood Glue

Titebond is available in a wide range of wood glues, including Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue, the first nontoxic, one-part, waterproof glue. Titebond III has excellent bonding strength with longer assembly time to form joints with up to 4,000 pounds per square inch of holding power.

DeWALT Mechanics Tool Sets

DeWALT Mechanics Tool Sets provide more gripping power and last three times longer than standard wrenches and sockets. Sockets and wrenches come in both SAE and metric sizes and are available in several different size sets in a molded carrying case.

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Danny Lipford: Hi, I’m Danny Lipford. If you’re continually frustrated over not being able to get things done around your house because you don’t have all the power tools, well, you may want to embrace the Black & Decker Matrix system.

Lithium battery, well designed cordless drill; but watch what happens when I pop that button. And then I can attach any of these accessories for a trim saw, a router, a sander, a jigsaw. All of that can snap right into place, and you’re ready to go.

The basic package starts at around 69 dollars and the accessories are 30 to 50 dollars beyond that. A great gift idea any time of the year.

Now, another frustration is when you’re getting to the home center and picking the right materials and supplies for your job. If you’re walking down the aisle of caulk and glue, you probably are a little overwhelmed, because there’s so much to choose from. Pretty easy for me, because I’ve always used Titebond.

This is Titebond three, which is the ultimate wood glue. Perfect for interior or exterior projects. It’s very strong and it washes up with water, but it’s also waterproof. Great for any projects that you may be doing. Whether it’s a birdhouse or whether it’s a deck, it can help you make your project go a lot easier, stronger, and last a lot longer.

Hey, if you’re ambitious, like a lot of homeowners I’m hearing—starting to do a little work on your car here and there—why not use what the professionals are using, the brand new DeWalt line of mechanic’s tools. Now this is one of the larger ones that have 204 pieces.

And they’ve done such a good job with talking and working with professional mechanics to develop just an extremely high quality line of tools. This actually will last three times longer than comparable ratchets, and their open-end wrenches have a 400% better grip than something comparable like this.

This is 299 dollars, lifetime warranty, and available right now at Sears.


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