How to Easily Smooth Joint Compound

Patching drywall is not particularly difficult, but it can be really messy because once the joint compound dries you have to sand it with sandpaper — and that creates a lot of really super-fine dust that’s virtually impossible to collect.

Rather than use sandpaper to smooth the joint compound, try using a scouring sponge. This is much faster and it doesn’t create any dust.

Get the sponge, dip it into a bucket of warm water, and squeeze out the excess.

Next, use the scouring side of the sponge to smooth out the joint. Watch how quickly and easily it starts to dissolve the joint compound.

This is perfect when you’re patching a hole in drywall made by a doorknob or something like that; you wouldn’t want to do an entire wall with it, but it’s great for small patches.

After a few seconds, all the excess joint compound disappears and comes out perfectly smooth — with no dust!

Watch the video above to see Joe’s Simple Solution.


  1. This is a great idea! The little bit of wet from the sponge doesn’t take any time at all to dry and it’s ready to paint. On small things like a nail patch, I would just use a wet (very rung out) cloth, but I love the idea of the sponge for something a little bigger. It is a time saver!

  2. Joe,

    Great segment on using the scouring pads for sanding. Can you please advise of the size and brand you used. My wife and I have tried to find the same size and color you used to no avail.

    Thank you in advance,

    David and Bobbette Grabsky


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