How to Remove Fabric Awnings

Planning an exterior update to your home and want to remove your fabric awnings? Here’s how you can easily do it!

Most fabric awnings are wrapped around a rigid frame of metal. The best way to remove them is to detach the metal frame from the house.

Most of the time, the screws that are needed to be removed will be on each side and on top of the metal frame.

Remove the side screws first and then the top screws while supporting the weight of the awning. Simply remove the screws with a drill or a screwdriver.

Once you remove the screws, the awning should come off of the metal frame fairly easily, even if it is caulked to the exterior of your home.

If there is leftover caulk on the exterior, take a putty knife or another tool and gently begin to scrape it off.

An alternative is to take a heat gun and heat up the remaining caulk to soften it until it becomes a putty-like consistency. Then take a putty knife or other tool and scrape the remaining caulk off carefully.

Just be careful not to damage the brick!

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After the awning is off the house, wash off the area in case there’s leftover caulk or dirt build-up. This way, your home’s curb appeal goes up with no eyesore and you can tackle more exterior projects!

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