How to Build a Custom TV Picture Frame

Custom picture frame mounted on TV set.
A custom picture frame mounted on a TV set.

Building a decorative wood frame around a wall mounted TV is a great way to improve the look of the set. Here’s how to go about it.

How to build a frame around a TV:

    1. Measure the size of the TV.
    1. Cut and assemble a box from 1×4 or 1×6 lumber with the inside dimensions 1/8” larger than the outside dimensions of the TV.
    1. Miter the corners of the decorative molding (we used door casing). Make the inside of the frame 1/4″ larger than the inside of the box (3/8” larger than the outside of the TV) to leave a 1/8” reveal around the box.
    1. Nail and glue the mitered frame to the edge of the box.
    1. Stain or paint the frame and box unit.
    1. Apply self-adhesive felt strips to the inside of the frame.
  1. Use screw eyes to attach elastic bands across the back of the box to hold the frame in place.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: A decorative frame for a wall-mounted, flat panel TV is essentially a picture frame for the electronic device. You begin creating it by measuring the dimensions of the television itself.

The structural frame is made from one-by stock. We’re using one-by-six but you can vary that depending on the depth of the TV and how much of it you want to cover. The box will have mitered corners with inside dimensions which are one-eighth inch larger than the outside dimensions of the TV, so be sure to make your measurements to the short point of the miter cuts. This box is assembled on a flat surface with glue and finish nails.

Next, cut the decorative molding which will be attached to the front edge of the frame. We’re leaving an eighth of an inch reveal where the molding overlaps the frame; so we’re adding twice that amount, or one quarter inch, to the dimensions we cut. These miter cuts are made on the flat side of the boards so that they create the picture frame look when they all go together.

Once the frame is complete, finish with whatever style best matches your décor. We chose a dry brush faux finish similar to the fireplace mantel near the TV.

After that apply self adhesive felt strips on the inside of the frame to protect the TV from scratches and elastic bands across the back to prevent the frame from sliding off the front of the set. The result is a TV that’s a decorative accessory, not just an electronic eyesore.


  1. Hi Danny,
    Very interested in creating this frame for our front room TV. Was looking for something quick and simple that I can pretty much make with spare wood left over from my Harvey recovery. I have one question: is there a weight consideration on the TV from the frame?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    • Hi, Norilda!
      The TV frame isn’t weight bearing, so as long as the frame isn’t too heavy, it should be fine.
      Check your TV mount and verify the weight it can hold. That will determine whether it can support both the TV and the frame.
      Merry Christmas, and good luck with the project!

  2. This is very helpful and money saving. We have this tv for years now from Decovue Framed TV and we want to change its frame but we are not on the budget to buy again a new frame from them so I’ll just do this then. Thank you!

  3. TV manufacturers require 4 inch of air space around the TV for proper ventilation. Would I loose warranty if I use that?

    • Hi, Terente,
      Warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so we recommend checking your TV’s documentation to see what is and isn’t covered.
      If this project would void your warranty, it’s best to not tackle this project.


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