Tip for Arranging Accessories on a Table

According to interior designer Marisa Smith, when arranging accessories on a table, it’s important to position the items so they provide a contrast to the background behind them. For example, a plant would look better with a wall behind it, rather than framed against a window where it would be lost in the greenery outside.

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Marisa Smith: Well, when you’re accessorizing a table, for instance, you don’t want to look just at the table, but you want to look at the surroundings. For example, here they have a plant, but when you look through the window, you’re seeing just another plant. And over here, with just the brown wooden box, you have the plain wall behind it. And simply by switching these two, and placing the plant here. So now you look through the plant to the wall, and then you look through their treasured boxes at the greenery out the window. And you see what a difference just that makes.


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