Great Innovative Products for Your Home

Check out these three great innovative products for your home:Genie TriloG 1500 Garage Door Opener: This screw drive garage door opener from Genie provides smooth, quiet operation. It also features a close confirm feature on the remote, battery backup, and a wireless, wall mounted keypad.

Stanley TwinTec Adjustable Ratcheting Wrench: This innovative, adjustable, ratcheting wrench can replace 27 different sockets and works on both metric, standard, and other size nuts and bolts. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

NuTone College Pride Doorbell: Let everyone know which college team you support with a doorbell that carries the logo of your favorite team and plays the team fight song, or other sounds and songs, when pressed.

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Danny Lipford: Hi, I’m Danny Lipford. I’ve got a couple of great garage innovations I’d like to share with you. And this family was suffering from a very loud, obnoxious garage door opener—you may have one at your house. But we solved that problem by replacing it with a state-of-the-art Genie screw drive opener.

Now Genie is top of the game in terms of garage door openers, and you can see and hear how quiet that is. It’s powered by a 140-volt DC power, which makes it very easy to handle just about any size door—very smooth operation, very quiet. It also has the soft start and soft close, so that you don’t have to have that jerky motion that can be a little alarming on a garage door.

It also has a great feature—a close confirm feature on the remote itself. You see the green light? That means everything was successful in the door closing. But if this was a red light when you’re heading out, out on the town or out to work, and it was red and had an alarm on it; that means you need to circle back around, something prevented the door from closing—great safety feature.

Speaking of safety, if you have a power outage, you also can get in and out of your garage door because it has a battery backup. It can open and close the door up to 50 times.

And, also, this one has a wireless keypad right on the outside. So you don’t even need the remote if you’re walking up or you’re working in the yard and you want to open up the door. You can just punch the code in and open right up.

Genie’s done a great job in being very innovative and solving a lot of the problems that homeowners have with their garages.

Now another trend that I’m seeing in hand tools, where a lot of companies are making tools that will replace multiple other tools. Now, almost everybody has a set of sockets like this with a ratchet. But this particular tool from Stanley, called the TwinTec, will actually replace 27 different sockets and ratchet by being adjustable—it’s an adjustable ratcheting wrench.

Very, very easy to use and has a limited lifetime warranty on it. But what’s cool about it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s metric or standard or some kind of other odd shaped bolt. All you have to do, set it right over the top of it like that, tighten it up, and you’re ready to go. Just like any other quality ratchet to do all those repairs around the house.

So very innovative, and it saves you a lot of time, because you’re not fumbling around looking for any of the sockets that you might need. Which probably, the one you need, you probably lost a few weeks ago.

So this is a great idea for any kind of person that needs a little handy gift, and it’s only 29.95 from Stanley. That’s a great idea.

Now, if you want to have a little fun, and you have a college football fan on your list, or maybe you have your favorite college team. You can customize your doorbell because of this unique idea here.

Now, I have two girls that go to Auburn University, so I have to have the Auburn University logo here, but there’s 36 other universities that you can get from NuTone on the College Pride Collection. Now, here’s how it works.

You have the doorbell, which is wireless or a wired system that you can hook right up to your existing doorbell. Or you can really step up and go with this. Now it looks like just a regular door chime, an attractive one, that you would hang in your hallway. But this is actually a customizable mp3 player that you can put up to 40 songs or sounds that you can control by downloading from your computer.

Now, again, with having the Auburn button, of course what kind of song would you play? The Auburn fight song. And you can put anything that you want on yours.

And it’s just a really neat idea, whether it’s a gift or a gift for yourself. And again, 37 different colleges available, and you can buy these separately or together. They’re only 109.95.


  1. I’m glad that you talked about good innovative products for home, like ratcheting wrench that can replace different sockets and works with size nuts and bolts. You’re right in saying that this wrench can do the function of multiple other tools. I’m considering of getting something like this wrench for our home, as it’s time-saving and cost-efficient. Thanks for the advice!


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