Easy Trash Disposal with the Bagster

If you’ve taken on a remodeling project around your home, you know that disposing of the waste can be a real hassle. Thanks to a great new product called The Bagster, that’s now a thing of the past. Here’s how it works.

Start by purchasing the Bagster bag at your local home center, then position it in your yard within 16’ of a driveway or street. The Bagster bag unfolds to 4×8 feet, perfect for full sheets of plywood or drywall, with 2½-foot tall sides. It can hold up to three cubic yards and 3,300 pounds of waste.

Once you’ve filled up the Bagster bag, simply go online or call the toll free phone number to schedule pick-up. A Waste Management truck will come to your home, load up the Bagster bag, and dispose of the contents. Now what could be easier than that!


  1. We used it recently to get rid of waste and debris from a few different DIY home reno projects which (A) the weekend curb side garbage collection would not take (e.g. dry wall, broken tiles, etc.) and (B) was taking up space in our basement, garage and outdoor shed.

    If people are curious to see how we used it, they can access our Bagster Review which we wrote with lots of pictures a short while ago.

    Great product.

  2. The video neglects to mention that the bagster goes directly to the landfill – bag and all. It is not recycled and it does not appear to be made of material that will break down easily. State and local governments are gonna ban grocery bags and this is OK?? Come on, we can do better.


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