Braided wire is a top choice for hanging pictures because it’s so much stronger than a single piece of wire. But that strength comes at a hefty price.

Joe Truini knew he could make his own picture wire with the galvanized wire he had on hand.

Do you want to make picture wire at a fraction of the cost? If so, just follow these steps:

  1. Cut the wire two times longer than the distance between the picture frame’s D hooks.
  2. Fold the wire in half
  3. Use pliers to bend a 4d finishing nail into a hook
  4. Attach the bent nail to a power drill, with the bent end facing outward
  5. Hook the wire onto the bent nail
  6. Grab the other end of the wire with a pair of pliers
  7. Squeeze the power drill’s trigger and watch the pieces of wire twist!
  8. Twist the finished wire several times around each D hook

That’s it! You have a more economical solution to braided picture wire.

Watch the video above to see Joe’s Simple Solution.

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