Who doesn’t have a can of WD-40 around the house? But if you’re using it just to stop squeaks and cut through rust, you’re missing out on a lot of other good uses including cutting through grease.

Try spraying a greasy tool with a little WD-40 — you don’t need much, just a little bit — and then wipe it off. What you’ll find is it’ll cut right through that grease, no problem at all.

Got some grease on your hands? Same thing — spray a little WD-40; it’s a pretty mild solvent, but it’ll cut through a lot. It doesn’t harm your hands at all.

WD-40 is also great for many other common uses. You can use it to remove tar and bugs that are stuck to your car — it won’t harm the paint at all.

If you have kids who have drawn on the walls with crayons, spray a little WD-40 and wipe it with a soft cloth. Don’t worry about it harming or dissolving the paint.

Also, if you have a sticky residue when you peel off a sticker from a surface, and it always leaves some of that glue behind, spray it with some WD-40 and wipe it. You’ll see it comes right off!

So next time you grab a can of WD-40, remember it’s good for a lot more than squeaky hinges.

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