Prosoco was founded in 1939. Throughout their eighty-year long history, they’ve evolved and grown into a company that isn’t easily defined. In the simplest terms, Prosoco is a manufacturer of specialty construction products for protecting, cleaning, and maintaining masonry and concrete. 

What does this mean exactly? Prosoco blends years of chemistry and chemical testing to help buildings maintain and improve their performance, appearance, sustainability, and energy-efficiency. They’ve been incredibly successful and have been called on for several high-profile projects. 

Their products were involved in restoring the U.S. Capitol building, the restoration of the Library of Congress, the cleaning of the Empire State Building, and they even developed a specialty cleaning product to help in the restoration of the Pentagon after the attacks on September 11th. 

Who is this company? What makes their products so effective and distinctive? Let’s take a deep dive into Prosoco’s long history of innovation and adaptation. 

Prosoco Products 

Prosoco offers a full range of products, including: 

  • Cleaners
  • Protective Treatments 
  • Densifiers
  • Hardeners
  • Stains and Polishes for Concrete Floors 
  • Water and Air Barriers That Passed Rigorous Blower Door Testing
  • And More

They break their products up into the following categories: hard surface care, air and water barriers, polished concrete floor, and anchors. Within these categories, they have four different brands that are recognizable to construction industry veterans. 

Their four brands include: 

  • R-Guard – Water and air barrier system created to thwart air, water, and energy leakage through a building’s envelope. 
  • Consolideck – A flooring system that includes concrete cleaners, dyes, and densifiers
  • Sure Klean – A product line that contains masonry sealers, restoration treatments, and cleaners for buildings.  
  • Anchoring Systems – Masonry anchors and ties that secure and stabilize wall assemblies, which helps elongate the life of buildings and increase the longevity of new buildings. 

Prosoco spends an excessive amount of time on research and development to create products that are effective and safe. The problem with most companies who make competing products is that there are zero emphases on chemical reactions and ramifications. In other words, many of the competitors simply create the harshest chemicals to get the job done. 

Prosoco has an entirely different philosophy. They aim to do no harm, and that extends into the chemical composition of their products. Their goal has always been to rethink what’s possible. They’re continually innovating safer chemicals that are just as effective as the harsher alternatives. 

It’s not the most straightforward path, but it’s the path that makes Prosoco different, and it’s part of why they’ve been an industry leader for the last eighty years. 

The Prosoco Difference 

Aside from their unique philosophy on products and their commitment to innovation and quality, Prosoco offers a broad array of additional benefits that make them stand out in their industry. 

For one, Prosoco is family-owned and has been since 1939. They promote a collaborative environment for their employees, which is why their average employee tenure is around ten years. 

They’re located in Lawrence, Kansas, and all of their products are manufactured in the United States. This distinction is something that truly sets them apart from competitors in the sector. 

Additionally, customer service is their leading priority. They offer twenty-four-hour field and phone support and free on the job training for their partners. Also, Prosoco prides itself on giving back to the community at large. 

Their trove of educational resources is extensive, too. There’s truly no stone unturned for Prosoco. 

Prosoco – An Innovate Industry Leader 

It’s no wonder Prosoco has maintained a steady foothold in the specialty construction products area. Their commitment to innovation, safety, and quality is something worth admiring. 

Their long history of involvement in high-profile projects and their upward success trajectory is proof that Prosoco is an industry leader and will likely be one for years to come.

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