Now you can definitively deal with drafts, noise pollution, or inefficient energy consumption in your homes with the custom-made interior window inserts made by Indow Windows. The company makes it easier than ever for you to install fool-proof windows with inserts that work with your existing frames, helping you cut back on costs.

Indow Windows Products

They use proprietary software that allows them unprecedented accuracy in size. Customers installing these windows don’t need to use mounting hardware. Once you fit the window replacement inserts, their high quality and low profile make them virtually disappear.

Draft-Reducing Window Inserts

Drafty windows allow the cold from outside to permeate into your house and waste all the money you put towards heating in the winter. They also put extra load on your air conditioner in the summer. In short, drafty windows lead to high energy bills, no matter what time of the year it is.

Indow’s draft-reducing, insulated window inserts for your house help you enjoy energy savings and comfort. You can fit them with historic windows and preserve your home’s value or add them to new windows to enhance their performance. The custom-fit enables Indow window inserts to winterize old windows and provide the extra insulation your home needs, cutting the cooling and heating bills by up to 20%.

Soundproof Window Inserts

Many people struggle to work or sleep when there’s too much noise outside caused by traffic, neighbors, or construction. Indow’s magnetic acrylic soundproof window inserts are easy to install and a simple solution to reduce noise. You can press your Indow inserts into the existing window frame without the help of a mounting bracket—and then enjoy the silence.

Indow’s window inserts contain an acrylic glazing they use to edge their patented compression tubing. The silicone tubing and acrylic create a compact seal and give rise to a dead air space between your window and the insert. Indow offers customers maximum soundproofing through their laser measuring technology that custom-sizes a snug fit for each window you have.

No matter which grade of Indow window inserts you install over your single-pane windows, you’ll notice at least a 50% reduction in outside noise. Acoustic Grade inserts block 70% of outside noise and are ideal for double-pane windows. Not only do you get to keep traffic and other external noise outside, but now you don’t have to worry about having loud parties because these noise reducing window inserts will keep the noise from going outside and bothering your neighbors.

Light Blocking Inserts

Indow offers three light-blocking window panels for better privacy, sleep, and reduced cooling bills. Indow’s custom-made privacy and sun protection options are ideal for any customer who wants a permanent solution without the hassle of replacing windows or adding blinds or soundproof curtains.

The three light-blocking options are:

  • Sleep Panels that block out all light coming through your window to give you complete darkness. These also offer customers a 50% reduction in noise. Since these panels are fit snugly, you don’t have to worry about light creeping in through the edges. They’re made of medium-density fiberboard, which enables them to control the room’s temperature.
  • Museum Grade Inserts block 98% of UV rays and increase your house’s energy efficiency through temperature control. UV light protection is essential in homes and commercial sites that house furniture, wood flooring, or artwork. Museum-grade inserts prevent these valuable items from fading, thereby enabling you to enjoy your investments.
  • Privacy Grade Inserts diffuse light but don’t block it, thereby enabling you to enjoy your privacy. You can get your daily fix of natural light through these translucent window inserts. The compression seal reduces condensation for easy cleaning, thereby making these inserts ideal for bathrooms.

All these inserts have the same noise reduction and temperature control capabilities.

Indow Windows—The Smart Choice

Indow Windows’ Standard, Premium, and Commercial inserts are the smart choice for any home or office. Their custom sizing enables you to protect your house from drafts and harmful light while helping you enjoy noise reduction.

Their patented compression tubing technology lets you easily remove or install inserts without using a mounting bracket that may damage your windows. They also offer free estimates for customers interested in their noise-reducing, draft-eliminating, energy-efficient solutions.

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