SInce 2016, Geopolymer Solutions, otherwise known as GPS in the cement industry, has been providing clients with the absolute highest quality cement/concrete materials, and spray-applied fireproofing on the market. 

Their innovative products have been designed by a team of professionals with over 200 years of combined experience and they are able to make claims about the durability and overall effectiveness of their materials that no other company in existence can make.

The Proof is in the Pudding

GPS doesn’t claim to offer anything drastically different than what our Roman ancestors were using many years ago to build their incredible structures, they’ve just worked out all the kinks. 

There are a few common problems with your basic concrete/cement products and spray-applied fireproofing such as low strength, shrinkage, caustic behaviors, and time of set. These problems have combined to create a standard of low-quality concrete and cement that the industry has shockingly accepted as a way of life.

But, as proven by reputable agencies like Underwriter Laboratories LLC, the durability and fireproof capabilities of GPS’s products is totally unmatched. The scientists at their facility were even shocked to see their products stand up against flames and heat that normally melted away other concrete products like a popsicle in the sun. 

Materials for all Purposes

GPS doesn’t just specialize in fireproof concrete/cement and spray applied fireproofing, they also offer an array of durable cement and concrete products like acid-resistant concrete of all types, cold fusion concrete, acid-resistant mortar, and corrosion inhibitor. 

They do not use any Portland Cement in their mixtures, an inferior product commonly found in other cement and concrete products. They also refuse to add any unsafe liquid or dry chemicals to their products and as a result, have created a line of products so effective and safe it’s hardly believable. 

GPS is unique in that their claims have been met with much undeserved skepticism, just as most truly innovative companies and products are. The difference between the average snake oil salesman and GPS, however, is that every claim they make is backed up by a litany of scientific tests. 

For this reason, they are poised to make a huge impact on the acid-proof and fireproof cement industry and are likely to land more than one lucrative contract for their services in the near future. 

Safe and Eco-Friendly

In case you weren’t already sold on the potential that GPS has to make a positive impact on a global scale, their products are also more environmentally-friendly than most similar products on the market. In fact, implementation of their materials can lead to a 90% reduction in carbon footprint compared to regular cement. 

This commitment to sustainability, eco-friendliness, and high-performance has stunned their competitors and left them grasping for straws, while raving reviews about the impressive line of products that GPS has to offer continue to flow in. In a world where a premium is placed on eco-friendliness above all else, it can be hard to innovate and make performance a priority as well, but somehow, Geopolymer has managed to do just that. 

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