Since 1978, BELCO has been setting the standard when it comes to preservative-treated exterior millwork for use in commercial and residential construction. Based out of Shelton, Washington, this company utilizes a trained workforce of high-quality employees to create top-notch millwork for soffit, interior paneling, porch ceilings, exterior posts, exterior window trim, and some of the best frieze board on the market. They pride themselves on not only offering the best natural wood products in their industry, but doing so at a competitive price point that rivals what you’ll find for other non-wood alternatives.

Their workplace atmosphere is one of focused, attentive dedication, with each employee feeling like they have just as much responsibility for the company’s success as the CEO does. 

    BELCO currently offers three different products:

    Their XT Trim is insect & rot-resistant, moisture-resistant, features a 20-year warranty, and is available in multiple sizes. You can purchase XT Trim in thickness levels of 1”, 5/4”, and 2”. Widths are available from 2” to 12”, and length is available from 8’ all the way to 20’. XT Trim is also available in combed, surfaced, and resawn face variations. 

    XT Post is a fully laminated, solid wood post that comes primed and ready to be installed. Like XT Trim, it is moisture-resistant, insect & rot-resistant, and available in multiple sizes for a variety of porch pillar ideas. Woodgrain is a prefinished T & G paneling that is richly grained and has great durability against mold and UV rays. It’s available in distinctive charcoal, Java Bean, Western Brown, and Chocolate. It’s also available in sizes of 16, 14, 12, and 10 feet. 

    Belco ensures that all their XT products are kiln-dried to achieve a moisture content ranging from 13% to 18%. They also use Wolman AG by Lonza as a preservative treatment, in order to ensure that your wood is safe from insects and fungus. They also put all their products through an intensive grading process, allowing only the best natural wood fiber to advance through the manufacturing process. Their acrylic latex primer is lathered on in a strong but even coat for additional protection against the elements as well. 
    BELCO forest products has established itself as a leader in the exterior trim and paneling industry, with many thousands of customers purchasing and utilizing their products for both residential and commercial purposes. They have made a name for themselves as one of the premier companies in their industry and have even been featured on the renowned construction show, Manufacturing Marvels.

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