Atlas Molded Products is a company that specializes in providing high-quality, innovative molded products made from polystyrene. Their products are used in a wide variety of applications across many different industries. 

Some of these applications include lost foam, cold-chain packaging, geofoam lightweight fill, OEM components, protective packaging, and roof, wall, and below grade insulation architectural uses. 

When it comes to polystyrene molding, Atlas Molded Products is the gold standard of excellence. They have more extensive and versatile polystyrene processing capabilities than any of their competitors when combining shape molding and block molding. 

They’re also known for providing a higher standard of excellence when it comes to customer service, products, and quality. 

Building Solutions

Atlas Molded Products offers building solutions in 4 different categories, flat roof insulation, wall insulation, below grade insulation, and geofoam lightweight fill. Their ThermalStar roof insulation is rigid, high-quality insulation that also provides enough flexibility to accommodate specific solutions for any roof.

Their ThermalStar wall sheathing products offer a continuous insulation solution that also possesses a long-term, stable R-value that protects structures for years to come. When it comes to below grade insulation they offer a ThermalStar insulation board that works as a high-density insulation solution for all under slab and below grade projects.

Atlas Geofoam is their lightweight fill product, renowned for its reliability and predictability. This product is suitable for not only lightweight fill applications but also for use in structural applications.

OEM Solutions

Atlas Molded Products offers both lost foam and engineered components as part of their OEM solutions line. Their engineered components can be modified to your precise specifications. They offer molded polystyrene products of both the fabricated and specified, “engineered-to-perform” variety. 

Their lost foam offers opportunities for consolidation and design flexibility. Customers can have multiple different castings consolidated into a single component for applications such as crankcases and engine blocks.

Protective Packaging

Protective packaging made from molded polystyrene is useful for protecting fragile components of all shapes and sizes. Atlas offers the highest quality protective packaging on the market, effectively protecting and cushioning products while they’re being shipped, handled, and stored. 

Where temperature-controlled packaging is required, Atlas also offers cold-chain packaging to cover all your temperature-sensitive shipping needs. Their DuraTherm cold-chain packaging made from molded polystyrene is the number one solution for keeping delicate materials safe during transit.

Atlas Molded Products is Number One in Many Industries

Customers of Atlas Molded Products come in many different varieties. They serve clients in construction, shipping, electronics, and many other industries as well. By reliably and quickly shipping their orders from coast to coast, they’ve established themselves as the premier source for high-quality molded polystyrene products. 

Atlas Molded Product is a branch of the Atlas company which provides not only molded polystyrene products, but web technologies, wall insulation, polyiso roof insulation, EPS foam, roofing underlayments, shingles, and more. 

With worldwide distribution capabilities and an ever-growing network of repeat customers, Atlas is quickly growing to become a premier source for high-quality products in a diverse market. They continue to see growth with each passing year and are likely to continue on the upswing for years to come. 

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