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A wreath is a go-to household decoration to make your home feel warm and inviting throughout the entire winter holiday season. It’s extremely simple to set up and doesn’t take up a lot of space. As soon as the holidays are over, you will need to remove the wreath from your door and store it somewhere safe, someplace where it doesn’t get damaged or collect dust. Don’t settle for an old plastic bag or cardboard box. The best way to keep your decorations protected is to invest in a wreath storage bag. In order to assist you with the decision, we’ve narrowed down some of the best wreath storage in 2023.

Best Wreath Storage Buyer’s Guide

Wreath storage can appear in many size options and various colors. So, how can you find the most appropriate option for your demands? In this specific buyer’s guide, we will be explaining some of the most critical features you should be thinking about when shopping for your brand-new wreath storage.

How Can You Find the Most Suitable Wreath Storage Options?

Size dimensions

The central factor you should consider is the size and dimension of the wreath storage you’re planning to buy. Typically, wreath storage can appear in many size options, including 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, and even 48 inches.

So, in order to get the perfect fit, make sure that you measure the diagonal of the wreath and compare the dimensions with the ones provided by the manufacturer.


The wreath storage can be manufactured of all kinds of materials. Ensure that the specific model you’re currently looking at is fabricated out of first-grade materials and will last for an extended period with no issues.


Last, the wreath storages are accessible in multiple color designs. So, if you have over one wreath, be sure that you select different color designs for every one of them. This way, you can quickly recognize the wreath bags.

How Much Does Wreath Storage Cost?

Normally, most specialty storage options will cost you from around $6 and all up to $20, which most people can afford. The price range will vary depending on the number of containers included in the packaging, the size of the model, the quality of the material, and the company that stands behind the product.

Comparing the Top Wreath Storage Options

Clutter Armour Wreath Storage

– Best Overall


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Want to stay organized and protect your holiday wreaths? Look no further than the Clutter Armour Wreath Storage. It’s made of 600D Oxford fabric that will protect your wreaths from insects, rodents, moisture, and more. The dual zippers make it easy for you to access your wreath whenever you need it.

Additionally, there’s a strap on the inside that helps secure the wreath in place and two handles on the top of the bag, and an additional handle loop on the backside that allows you to easily carry or hang them wherever you want. With a generous internal capacity, this wreath storage bag can easily accommodate a large wreath and even a few smaller ones. The bag can be folded up for easy storage when not in use.


  • This wreath storage is made using water-resistant materials to last longer.
  • It’s equipped with durable and heavy-duty handles for easy portability.
  • It’s easy to store and comes with a dual zipper for extra safety.


  • Some may find the ziipper a bit stiff.

Handy Laundry Wreath Storage

– Most Compatible


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The Handy Laundry Christmas Wreath Storage will shield your wreath and protect it from dust and dirt. Open the case using the sturdy zipper, place the wreath inside, and zip it shut – it’s as simple as that. Anybody can take advantage of this specially designed wreath storage case.

The Handy Laundry Christmas Wreath Storage is manufactured from first-tier materials, so you will be able to reuse the case from year to year. Also, the wreath storage is designed in a holiday red color, making it easily recognizable from all your other storage bags. The entire wreath storage case measures 24-inches in width and 7-inches in height, which means that it can handle most of the wreaths without any kind of problem. If you happen to have any other questions related to this specific Christmas wreath storage, we strongly advise that you contact the company support group. They can answer requests in a short period of time. What more can you request from a wreath storage bag? Get the Handy Laundry Christmas Wreath Storage right now.


  • The case will protect the wreath from dust and dirt particles throughout the whole year
  • The customer support team is extremely kind and will help out with all your request


  • The wreath storage bag won’t hold a nice firm shape when empty

Whitmor Wreath Storage

– Honorable Mention


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With the assistance of Whitmor Clear Wreath Storage Bags, you will be able to safely keep your wreath in perfect condition throughout the entire year. This particular storage bag is mainly intended for wreaths (it’s capable of holding two 30-inch wreaths without a problem). But you can even use it for your garland, holiday linen, greenery, seasonal stuff, etc.

The Whitmor Clear Wreath Storage Bag also features a transparent design. This way, you will be capable of quickly seeing which wreath is being stored in the case – the Fourth of July, Easter, Fall, or Christmas wreath. Plus, the overall craftsmanship of this bag is astonishing, so you can expect it to last for a prolonged time without revealing any signs of tear and wear. On top of this, the Whitmor Clear Wreath Storage Bag comes with two durable handles for an easier transportation experience for each user. Whitmor is highly dedicated to its customers. So, if you have any type of problems with the whole delivery process or you’re simply not pleased with the general quality of the product, then you will get a full refund issued by the manufacturer.


  • You will be able to store two 30-inch wreaths in this storage compartment
  • Fully transparent design, so you can easily recognize what kind of wreath is inside


  • The plastic is relatively thin

ZOBER Wreath Storage

– Also Consider


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Moving down the list, we have ZOBER Christmas Wreath Storage Bags – a simple solution to provide your wreath decor the cover they need. Both of the storage bags are manufactured from top-notch oxford polyester that will last through numerous holiday seasons. There is no specific assembly required, just quickly unfold the storage bag, and you’re good to go. Also, the entire compartment of this wreath bag opens pretty wide. So, you will be capable of effortlessly placing the Christmas wreath inside the bag without damaging any of the delicate branches or decorations. And, if you want extra protection, you can use the two velcro straps to firmly secure the wreath in place and prevent it from slipping and sliding inside the bag.

The ZOBER Christmas Wreath Storage Bags is available in four beautiful Christmas colors, including pure red, rich green, basic gray, and black. Of course, the ultimate selection will specifically depend on your individual preferences. Moreover, you can also use the card slot with the included notecard to write what’s inside the bag. This is explicitly important if you have more than one wreath in your storage area. Lastly, the wreath storage bags arrive in cute packaging, which makes it a great gift opportunity for any of your family members and friends.


  • Choose between 4 different festive colors
  • The compartment of this wreath storage bag is easily accessible
  • Arrives in a fantastic packaging box, which makes it the ideal gift for the Christmas season


  • The wreath storage bags might have a pretty bad smell once they first arrive

ProPik Wreath Storage


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If you’re on the quest to discover the most inexpensive option on the internet, then you should certainly take a quick look at the Pro Pik Wreath Storage Bag. Apart from its price tag, there isn’t anything cheap about this product. The quality of the manufacturing materials is out of the roof. And, speaking of manufacturing, the entire craftsmanship process of this storage bag is absolutely astonishing. The bag also features a foldable and flexible design. So, whenever you’re not using it, just fold it 2 or 3 times and store it away – it will only take 1 inch of space.

The Pro Pik Wreath Storage Bag is available in three different size options, including 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches. Be sure to carefully measure the dimensions of your wreath and select the most appropriate option depending on the measurements. Additionally, the Pro Pik Wreath Storage Bag comes with a 100% money-return policy. So, if you aren’t really delighted with your purchase, contact the company, and they will repay the money to your original payment method. There’s nothing to lose – get the wreath storage bag today!


  • 3 different size options
  • Flexible design for a more convenient storing experience
  • Easy returns if it doesn’t meet your needs


  • Some of the buyers are unhappy about the quality of the zipper

Primode Wreath Storage


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In the last place of our best list, we have a convenient storage bag that’s designed and produced by a top manufacturer – Primode. Throughout the years, they have made massive traction and gained thousands of customers from around the globe. The two main reasons why consumers decided to go with this brand are affordable pricing and reliability. And, with a lightweight design, sturdy handles, and dual zippers, this particular Christmas storage case is no exception – it will definitely surpass your expectations

The Primode Basic Christmas Storage Bag is manufactured from highly durable 600D oxford polyester material and is available in 5 different size options. You will be able to use this storage bag for all your Christmas decorations, including wreaths, garlands, candles, candy canes, bells, and many more. Plus, this storage bag is extremely easy to clean and doesn’t require any serious washing requirements. Remember to wash it occasionally so that both your bag and decoration stay clean.


  • A top manufacturer and brand
  • Easy to clean in just a few simple steps


  • The bag doesn’t have any interior straps, so the items inside might move around

People Also Asked

Q: What is the best way to store a wreath?

A: The best and most reliable way to store your wreath is by using a wreath storage bag. Not only will it keep the wreath safe from any damage, but it will also protect it from any dust, insects, and moisture. Plus, the wreath storage bags come at a somewhat rational price tag as well. So, anyone can afford to purchase them.

Q: How can I wash wreath storage bags?

A: The entire cleaning process of the wreath storage is fairly easy. Firstly, place the storage bag in a can full of water and liquid soap or washing detergent. Then scrub it using your hands (preferably in circular movements). Lastly, take it outside the sun and let it dry out – you’re done.

Q: What kind of stuff can I store in a wreath storage bag?

A: Even though the wreath storage bag is mainly intended for all your wreaths, you will be able to store all your other Christmas (stocking, garland, candy, snow globes, ribbons, tree ornaments, roping) or Easter (bunny cracker, glass basket, dinner plates, stem straws) decorations as well.

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