Winter is a beautiful season, with people gathering over warm fires and snow tickling your skin as you walk among a blanket of frost. Or, at least, that’s what you hope winter is like – in reality, winter is often one of the most brutal of the four seasons, with the constant barrage of snow literally raining on your parade (or in this case, your car).

If you forgot to park the car in the garage last night or you just didn’t have time to prepare, then you may be annoyed by the large blanket of snow covering your windshield before you head out to work. You’ll need the best windshield snow covers to make it easier to get your car ready for travel.

Windshield snow covers are an ingenious invention that makes sure you never have to scrape away the snow from your windshield ever again. They cover the whole area from top to bottom, and all you have to do is pull the cover out, and voila – your car’s windshield is clear.

These are our favorite windshield snow covers that you should definitely try out for yourself.

Compare The Best Windshield Snow Cover

LADER Windshield Snow Cover

– Best Overall


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One of the minor problems with windshield snow covers is that while they can cover the entirety of your car’s windshield, they can’t also keep your side mirrors safe. There’s only so much space a single windshield snow cover can, well, cover, and even the largest of windshield snow covers won’t be able to cover even an inch of the side mirrors. That just means you have no choice but to remove the snow on your side mirrors manually.

Key Features

Or do you? This particular windshield snow cover comes with more than just a cover for your front window. It’s got a couple of side mirror snow covers to boot, and they’re designed to be just as effective as the windshield snow cover. It has luminous strips so that drivers can see and avoid them as necessary, and the design makes it thief-proof. We don’t know why thieves would steal side mirror snow covers of all things, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


  • Comes with side mirror snow covers
  • Anti-theft design


  • Fabric is a little thin compared to others

Motorup America Windshield Snow Cover

– Runner Up


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This windshield snow cover is great for both winter and summer, as while snow isn’t a problem on hot sunny days, the blistering temperature is, and you probably don’t want to get in the car while feeling like you’re being baked alive. The fabric is made out of a material that blocks any heat or UV rays from passing through, keeping anything inside safe from potential damage.

Key Features

The cover has two storage straps that can be used to either keep the cover in place when not in use or to hold the cover still when placed on top of your windshield. Like many other windshield snow covers, this one has an anti-theft design, so would-be thieves will end up a little embarrassed at the fact they can’t even remove a piece of cloth.


  • Can be used to protect the car from snow and sunshine
  • Storage straps for portability


  • Design is too bland

EcoNour Car Windshield Cover

– Honorable Mention


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Snow isn’t the only thing that finds its way on top of your windshield. During winter, snow may be the biggest offender, but dust can be a real problem during spring depending on where you live, and in autumn, leaves can pile up fairly quickly over your windshield if not dealt with. They may not be as annoying as piles of snow, but they’re great if you want to keep your windshield clean whenever you go out to drive.

Key Features

The fabric used for the snow cover is made of high-quality 600D oxford and weatherproof cloth. It’s soft enough on the inner layer that it won’t cause any scratches on your windshield, but tough enough on the outside to resist the elements without fail. Finally, the cover is waterproof, so should it come into contact with any rain, it should be completely fine, too.


  • Can cover windshield from dust, leaves, or snow
  • Soft inner layer


  • A little pricey

Cosyzone Windshield Snow Cover

– Also Consider


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This last windshield snow cover is perfect if you don’t think conventional windshield snow covers will be firmly planted for the coming snowstorm. You see, snowstorms and blizzards usually carry strong winds, and these winds can blow parts of the cover upwards. This can result in a few spots of the windshield getting covered in ice. One of the most likely spots for this to occur is in the bottom middle portion of the cover.

Key Features

To work around this, this particular snow cover has magnets to help keep the cover in place. With the magnets in place, as long as you tightly tuck in the window anti-theft flaps, there should be virtually no way for snow to enter the windshield unsuspectingly. The magnets may look a little strange, but they work, and that’s what matters in the end.


  • Great insulation
  • Keeps cover in place with magnets


  • Magnets can look a little wonky

Best Windshield Snow Cover Buyer’s Guide

If you don’t want to deal with snow and ice covering your windshield every morning, you may want to get a windshield cover. This brief guide should give you a general idea of what windshields snow covers do and why they’re so effective.

What Is a Windshield Snow Cover?

A windshield snow cover is a type of cover that’s placed over a car windshield. The cover is designed to prevent any snow from coming into contact with the windshield, allowing you to easily remove the snow in front of your windshield before you head out to work. Windshield snow covers also have additional features that make them either more secure or easier to use.

Why Is It Important To Have Windshield Snow Covers?

It keeps the snow away

Imagine having to spend a few minutes every morning scraping off the snow and ice from the front of your car. It isn’t that difficult, sure, but it can be a pain to deal with if you’re heading off on an emergency. In situations where every second matters, having to spend time clearing up your windshield can prove to be a disaster.

Windshield snow covers remove all that extra effort. Simply put on the cover before you leave your vehicle and it’ll do the rest. If it ever snows throughout the evening, you can always just pull out the cover to reveal a clean and snowless windshield. It’s that simple.

It keeps other debris at bay

Snow isn’t the only substance that can find its way into your car. For example, during autumn, you’ll find plenty of leaves piling up on your windshield if you parked near or below a tree. They’re much easier to remove than snow, sure, but the nectar and dirt found in some leaves can end up on your car, making it pretty dirty.

Aside from leaves, there’s also dust. Dust isn’t as common of a problem in certain parts of the world, but in others, you can expect dust to cover up your windshield just as badly as snow. What’s worse is that you’ll have to wash your car if you want to get rid of any stains left behind the dirt and dust that gets onto your windshield. Windshield snow covers can help protect your windshield from the elements just as effectively as it can with snow.

It can block heat and UV rays from entering

If spring has dust, autumn has left, and winter has snow, then what does summer have? Heat. Even if it won’t dirty up or cover your windshield, the heat of the sun can seriously damage objects inside your car especially during the middle of the day. And if you do decide to enter your vehicle during this time, you’re basically entering a sauna because of all the trapped heat that managed to get through.

Windshield snow covers are also sometimes designed to block the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as heat during summer. This gives the cover more usage throughout the year, but more importantly, it also keeps your car slightly cooler while also making sure anything inside doesn’t melt or get damaged by the power of summer heat.

Things To Consider When Buying Windshield Snow Cover

Remember these tips when choosing your Windshield Snow Cover.


The size of the windshield snow cover is important to take note of as having a snow cover that’s too small will just leave you with too many open spots. Luckily, most windshield snow covers are designed to fit with most cars, SUVs, and even trucks. For larger vehicles, you’ll likely have to find a windshield snow cover designed specifically for that vehicle type.


Security in this sense can refer to two things. For one, it can refer to how secure the cover is when installed. Elastic wraps and magnets can help put the cover in place and prevent it from moving during high winds. Security can also mean how secure it is from theft – after all, some people will steal just about anything, even windshield snow covers. Luckily, most if not all windshield snow covers available today use a pair of window flaps to hold the windshield from the inside, essentially denying any would-be thief the chance to steal.

Windshield Snow Covers Price Range

Windshield snow covers are simply just large pieces of durable fabric, so they don’t cost all that much. You’ll be spending no more than $30 on a good windshield snow cover, though you can also easily get one for half the price with only slight diminishes in quality if you know where to look.

Best Windshield Snow Covers FAQs

Q: Can I use windshield snow covers in the summer?

A: Windshield snow covers are often made to be usable outside winter, and many can serve as a cover against the sun’s heat.

Q: Do I need a windshield snow cover?

A: If you ever park your vehicle outside at night, then you’ll want to have a windshield snow cover ready in the event of snowfall.

Q: How long does it take to set up a windshield snow cover?

A: If you’re experienced, it’ll take no more than a minute to set everything up.

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