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Times are hard, and not everyone is privileged enough to be a homeowner. But, even if you’ve just moved out to a cozy little rental, there’s no reason not to personalize it according to your liking. Sure, you can’t make any permanent changes like painting the walls or something since you don’t own the place, but there are plenty of other ways to introduce some color to your happy little space!

After all, moving into a new place is a whole new chapter in your life, and it should look a bit more special than just white walls all around, right? Here are five ways you can instantly uplift the interior of your rental apartment without violating the terms and conditions of the agreement, so keep reading!

Introduce Some Accents to the Interior Decor

Painting the walls isn’t the only way to fill your home with your favorite colors and shades. You can also do so by bringing in some thoughtfully-picked pieces of furniture, accent pillows, and an attention-grabbing statement piece like a red couch! You can also spice things up with some classy wall art or a frame of your favorite quote to keep you inspired. Basically, anything that makes the “house“ transform into “your home“ is an awesome first step!

Wallpapers and Stickers

Having a rental space doesn’t mean being stuck with boring, plain walls! You can still install gorgeous wallpapers on your living room or bedroom wall(s). It’ll instantly make the space come alive, and the best part is that you can remove it in seconds and take it with you whenever you’re off to your next destination!

With so many colors, patterns and unique designs to choose from, you can make your personality shine in your apartment with your choice of wallpaper.

Go Green

When you’re giving deliberate thought to your interior design, you can never go wrong with some indoor plants! It adds that lovely nature-y vibe to the place and makes it feels a hundred times more homely! Plus, did you know that live plants can boost your productivity, bring down your stress levels and purify the air inside your home? If you’d ask us, adding plants to your rental space is a complete no-brainer in our books!

You don’t have to go through the effort of trailing it up a wall. Even a vase of tastefully picked, colorful flowers goes a long way!

Lighting Is Everything

No matter how dead an interior looks, good lighting can make anything come alive, just like that! Invest in some fairy lights or something like a salt lamp to add a warm, endearing feel inside your space, making it feel just a bit safer and cozier!

Use Your Space Smartly

When it comes to furnishing a rental space, less is always more, especially since there’s usually very little space to work with. Having a cramped place to live is the last thing you need, so put some honest thought into organizing things better to save space. Get rid of any furniture that you don’t like. Honestly, if it doesn’t appeal to you, it’s not worth the space it takes up inside your home.

Also, declutter your cupboards, and get multi-purpose items of furniture to be as smart as possible with your storage and space. A bench with inside storage, for example, is a great idea! You can also get a bathroom closet organizer to free up some more space inside your bedroom – the possibilities are endless!

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