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A watering can is an important item for every gardener, whether you’re an expert or just starting to develop your gardening abilities. Even if you use a garden hose or a more professional irrigation system, a decent watering can will help you cover those smaller-scale regions and offer you precise control over how much water to provide each plant. Watering cans assist you in maintaining your plants, particularly indoor plants. These cans exist in a variety of sizes and styles, with each unit being tailored to a certain purpose. As a result, finding the ideal can to meet your specific needs might be difficult. To assist you, we’ve put together a list of the best watering cans in 2023.

Best Watering Can Reviewed in Detail

Psukhai Watering Can

– Best Overall


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The Puskhai Watering Can is available in four colors. It’s composed of high-quality PP that’s long-lasting, anti-fall, and compression-resistant. It comes with a removable nozzle that can be used to alternate between the water column and shower irrigation.

Key Features

It includes a large water entrance for rapid and easy water injection and water outputs that are uniformly and neatly spaced for even water distribution. It has a lengthy sprout to reach difficult spots. This watering can have a capacity of 1.8 liters.


  • It is quite light
  • Composed of high-quality PP that’s long-lasting
  • Features a nozzle that may be removed


  • It’s possible that the sprout will leak

Metal Watering Can By Cesun

– Runner Up


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This Watering Can is composed of zinc-coated still with a wear-resistant finish. It works well with both indoor and outdoor plants. It has an adjustable grip for added comfort.

Key Features

This galvanized antique watering can is the ideal combination of beauty and practicality. Carrying a full can with superb balance for simple watering is pleasant.


  • It has a 1-gallon capacity
  • It is long-lasting
  • It may be used to grow plants both indoors and outdoors


  • Corrodes over time

Whalelife Watering Can

– Honorable Mention


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It features a fluid line design that gives it a stylish look. The lovely design allows you to reap the benefits of it. It has a thicker PS resin pot body with a clear pot design that is solid and sturdy.

Key Features

The water level is plainly visible, making it simple to manage the flow of water. The pot body has a high water storage capacity, reducing the need for regular irrigation and allowing the spout to be lengthened to simplify watering.


  • To fill the water easily, there is a wide opening at the top
  • Ideal for indoor usage because of its long spout and comfortable grip


  • Design causes leakage

Nobondo Watering Can

– Also Consider


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This can is composed of high-quality PP material and is extremely long-lasting. Its ergonomic grip design allows for easy and accurate control. It includes a removable sprinkler head that is simple to remove and replace, with two watering modes to select from a shower or a strong stream of water.

Key Features

The showerhead is waterproof and composed of high-grade metal. It includes openings on the top that make it simple to add fertilizers. This lovely watering can is available in two colors: green and beige.


  • It is long-lasting
  • Includes a detachable shower head with two watering settings to select from
  • Features a 1-gallon water storage capacity


  • The showerhead starts to leak

Best Watering Cans Buyer’s Guide

A watering can is one of the most crucial tools in every gardener’s kit; it is a simple and effective means of delivering a basic necessity to plants, water. Despite the fact that all watering cans have the same simple design, there are small variances between models that make some more suited to specific jobs than others. In this buying guide, we’ll go over these distinctions in order to help you figure out which models are ideal for you.

What Are the Factors To Consider While Buying a Watering Can?

Dimensions and capacity

When choosing a watering can, capacity is probably the most important thing to consider. If you choose a can that’s too small, you’ll have to make several journeys from the water supply to the plants and back before you’re finished.

A watering can that is excessively large, on the other hand, would be difficult to transport. As a result, you’ll need to select one that’s the right size for you. Consider how many plants you’ll be watering and how much weight you’re comfortable carrying at a time when deciding on the size of the watering can you’ll need.


Another vital factor to consider is the watering can’s material. Metal, plastic, and, less often, ceramics are used to make watering cans, with each material having its own set of properties. Watering cans made of plastic are generally lightweight and simple to transport. They are usually transparent as well, allowing you can see how much water is left within.

Watering cans made of metal, on the other side, are more durable and better suited to regular and heavy usage. On the other hand, metal may rust, so if you prefer metal watering pails, seek rust-resistant models.

Length and shape of the spout

Watering cans with lengthy spouts are preferable for some plants, notably those with dense foliage or those in difficult-to-reach locations. These allow you to easily reach locations that are typically difficult to reach, such as hanging baskets and provide you with more control over where the water is delivered.

Some watering cans also feature removable rose attachments on the spouts. When the rose is turned off, they let you select between two watering modes: a constant stream or a soft spray of water. These versions allow you more control over the watering process, but they tend to leak from the point of connection with time, especially if you disassemble and reassemble them frequently. To avoid this, always disassemble the unit when it is absolutely necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Having Watering Cans?

Pouring with more precision

It might be tough to find the time to water your plants on some days. Finding the time to mop up all of the spilled water afterward is even more challenging. A long spout on a watering can is designed to help you manage your pour and target it more accurately into the soil around your plant.

Reliable measuring

Consistency is important when it comes to nurturing a plant, whether it’s indoors or out. Maintaining a consistent level when you’re using whatever cup, pitcher, or bucket you can find is tough. You might know precisely how full to fill the can each time if you have a go-to watering can that you use for every watering session. You can also note down the water levels that each of your plants needs, making it simple to remain on track for each one.

Easier to get to your plants

Plants, as previously said, may be quite beneficial to your health. However, if you injure your back while watering those plants, you’ll be doing more harm than good. An easy approach is to use watering cans. Their large spouts allow you to aim and fully water your plants without having to lean over them.

What Are the Features To Look For in a Watering Can?

Color and design

Aesthetics, in addition to utility, is an essential factor when purchasing a watering can. Watering cans come in a variety of shapes and combinations; for the greatest experience, select one that matches your aesthetic tastes.

Handle placement

Before purchasing a watering can, you should be able to hold it in your hands to check that the handles are in a comfortable position. Whether you’re purchasing online, though, you won’t be able to do this, but you can still look at the location of the handle to see if it’ll be handy for you.

Attachments for sprinklers

On the end of some watering can’s spout, there will be a rosette or a rose. This determines the spray of water that comes out of the can. Some watering cans will be built to spray a thin, gentle mist that is ideal for delicate plants and saplings. Others will generate a considerably more forceful and concentrated water spray, which is exactly what larger plants want.

A more powerful spray also aids in the prevention of clogs. There are also detachable rose attachments, which allow the water to flow in a single stream rather than a spray. This is ideal for concentrating water in a specific region or watering bigger plants and trees.

What Are the Prices of Watering Cans?

The cost of a watering can is determined by its size and capacity and the material used in its construction, attachments, and other characteristics. Watering cans range in price from $4 for a cheap plastic-type to $200 for a high-end one.

Best Watering Cans FAQs

Q: Is it preferable to use metal or plastic watering cans?

A: Plastic is less expensive than metal cans. Metal is more durable and is better suited for frequent and heavy usage.

Q: Can a watering last for long?

A: The most durable choice is a watering that can be made of rust-resistant metal.

Q: How much water does a watering can need to hold?

A: Take into account how many flowers you have and how much load you can safely manage at any one time. A watering can with a capacity of up to 2 liters is suitable for the typical user.

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