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Vintage rugs provide timeless character to an area. When buying this particular rug, you have to be aware of the difference between the ancient and vintage rug! Note that the vintage term will be used when rugs are made between the 1920 to 1970 timelines. However, if they are made before 1920, then those rugs are called ancient rugs. This helpful information will help you narrow down your research when looking for a particular style. If you want the best vintage bedroom rugs in 2023, consider the following options:

Compare The Best Vintage Bedroom Rug

Maples Distressed Tapestry Vintage Bedroom Rug

– Best Overall


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This vintage-style rug has neutral tones, which will look good with a variety of furniture. The timeless design is made using 100% nylon pile for maximum durability and to make it fade-resistance. Moreover, the height of the pile is 0.44 inch which makes it easy to place it anywhere.


  • It has a skid-resistant latex backing, which ends the need to have a rug pad
  • Distressed patterns provide subtle and neutral colors. Use it in heavy traffic areas without worry
  • You can have different sizes for your dining, living, and bedroom according to the need


  • You are not able to wash it in the washing machine

Ottomanson Vintage Bedroom Rug

– Vintage Design


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The Ottomanson Vintage Bedroom Rug is a fantastic and unique addition to a variety of spaces. Its size is ideal for many areas of the home, from living rooms to bedrooms and kitchens to dining rooms. The rug offers a thickness of 0.2 inches, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like entryways as it does not obstruct doorways.

The rug features an environmentally friendly construction made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester. This combination creates a soft, luxurious texture that will keep your feet warm and comfortable when you transition from cold floors. The flatweave design lends an understated yet stylish look that is certain to add visual interest to any space. The rug is also machine washable so you can easily keep it clean and looking great for years to come. Its wrinkle-free design also makes it convenient to maintain and its versatile style will easily suit any home décor. With its superior materials and construction, this rug provides a perfect combination of comfort and style.


  • Easy to clean and holds up well in the wash
  • Lightweight and non-slip
  • Soft and attractive


  • Not suitable for pet households

Maples Pelham Vintage Bedroom Rug

– Runner Up


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You will get different color options to match or contrast them with your furniture or the paint color of your room. Other sizes are available to place them as per the open space in your house. It has a dual-color design which provides you a luster-like sheen. It has a 100% nylon pile for excellent durability and fades resistance.


  • 0.44-inch pile height makes it low profile, and you can place it anywhere you want!
  • It also has a skid-resistant backing which eliminates the need for a rug pad
  • It is available in a rectangular shape and has a machine-made weave


  • It is thin, and some people might not like it

Bohemian Area Vintage Bedroom Rug

– Honorable Mention


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It is available in multiple colors and different sizes to pick as per the space available and the overall design of your area. You can easily wash it, and this rug will be perfect for heavy traffic areas. Choose any according to the space you have in your room. It has an abstract pattern that gives it a striking look. The shape of the rug is rectangular.


  • It is a 100% polypropylene machine-made rug with a jute backing
  • Suitable for different indoor spaces like living room, bedroom, entryways, and much more
  • It is soft to walk, and polypropylene pile fiber makes it ideal for extended use


  • As it is thin, it will not lay flat near the corners

nuLOOM Vintage Bedroom Rug

– Also Consider


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It is only available in black color, mostly complemented with your different furniture setting and room paint color. Various size options are also available; pick one which suits your needs. It has a rectangular shape and is made with polypropylene material. In addition to this, this rug has a machine-made weave.


  • Designed with resilience to withstand everyday wear and tear
  • 0.43 pile height makes it convenient to place it anywhere you want
  • It is easy to clean; use the vacuum regularly or spot treating mild stains using a carpet cleaner


  • Due to its lower thickness, it will not lay flat, especially near the corners

Nourison Vintage Bedroom Rug


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This vintage rug is available in a lovely shade known as ivory pink. After taking proper measurements, you should pick the different sizes according to the open space. It has a geometric pattern on it and has a rectangular shape. You can use rooms that have moderate foot traffic. More importantly, it is made with polypropylene materials for better durability and long time use.


  • Easy spot cleaning and stress-free maintenance
  • Made from easy-care fiber and have a latex backing to avoid slips while walking on the rug
  • It has a low pile construction which makes it convenient to place it anywhere


  • The quality is not very good

Buying Guide for the Best Vintage Bedroom Rugs

A vintage rug can bring life to any of your spaces. These are primarily rich in colors and come in a variety of patterns. Every house can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal with a beautiful antique rug. Are you going to purchase one for your home? The selection might be difficult for you if you are going to buy them for the first time. It will be better for you to be aware of some specific thing to get the best vintage rug for your bedroom. To help you out below is a detailed guide that will tell you about everything necessary when purchasing vintage style rugs for your bedroom or any other palace in your house:

What Are the Different Types of Vintage Rugs?

Firstly, we will look at the three different types of vintage rugs you can buy from the market. You should have proper knowledge about them so that the shopkeeper can’t scam you!


The first type is the Moroccan rug, and it is further divided into the three types known as Beni Ourin, Cactus silk, and Berber. If you pick Moroccan rugs, then you will mostly see Berber and Beni Ourain types in the market. Note that the Beni Ourain and Berber are made with wool, which comes from different tribes. In Morocco, seventeen tribes create the Beni Ourain rugs, known for their neutral colors and simple pattern.


These are also known as Kilim Rugs. The rugs are handwoven and dyed with the help of natural dyes. This type is popular due to its intricate and bold pattern designs. Note that these are made with a single knot technique and have an elegant, oriental, and round design with a medallion present in the center.


This type is similar to Persian rugs and is woven using the double knot technique. Most of the rugs made in turkey are woven using the straight geometric design, representing tribal and meaningful motifs.

What Things To Look at When Buying a Vintage Rug?

Many vintage rugs have different designs, styles, and patterns. To select the best rugs for your bedroom or any place, keep the following points in your mind:


The vintage-style rugs have different patterns, which make them look different in comparison to other rugs. The mats which provide you the traditional feel have floral motifs, scrollwork, and even medallions on them. Moreover, you can also consider the tapestry style of rugs coming from the far east as they provide classic style in a master bedroom, medieval castle, and on a floor. Don’t go with the geometric, sharp, or abstract pattern; they will not provide you with the authentic vintage vibe.


A good color scheme for your vintage rug is also vital. It would be best if you mostly lean toward neutral and earthy tones. Some of the traditional colors schemes include green, indigo, deep browns, russet, gold colors. You will not find bright and bold hues like neon yellow and lime green in the vintage rug design. If you want something for your sitting, powder, or closet room, consider picking the heavy-floral-themed vintage-style rug with pink or purple motifs and gray or greenery accents.

Shape and size

If you are in search of the classic shape, then round-shaped rugs should be your choice! But note that the large rectangular rugs are also in demand and gaining popularity among designers and DIY decorators. Round rugs will make traditional-style architecture more prominent, like vintage bay windows and round pedestal tables.

In terms of size, always bigger is not the right choice! As vintage rugs are timeless and have beautiful patterns, they will act as statement pieces instead of a runner accent. It would be best for you to choose rugs that have circular or rectangular shapes. The size of the rug should be medium or smallest-scale runners to use the classic rug in any space you want!


An authentic vintage vibe will be available in hand-loomed wool or knotted wool. This old material is lovely; it also has some cons. Wool is not easy to clean, is susceptible to carpet mites, and will degrade over time. Instead, it would be best to go with polypropylene material to get a vintage-style rug that is easy to clean and maintain.

What Are Some Tips To Buy the Right Vintage Rug?

Now, we will be looking at some of the essential tips by the experts to buy the right vintage rug for your bedroom, living room, or any other area:

Buy directly

If you plan your trip to Turkey or Morocco and want to buy vintage rugs, don’t visit the bazaar. It will be best to research before arriving in the country and directly visit the shops outside the tourist market to purchase the rugs. Depending on the guide, they might take you to scam dealers, and you might buy rugs at high prices.

Check edge of rug

If the rug’s edges are already frayed, then this is not the product you should consider buying. This area is most costly to repair, so investing in such rugs is not a good idea!

Check for sign that rug is handmade

Want a handmade rug for your house? To ensure that a particular rug is not made with the machine, you should check the rug’s backside. If both sides are identical, then this is proof that this rug is handmade.

Ensure rug is not painted

To ensure that the rug is not dyed, you should take a slightly damp cloth and gently rub it on the rug’s surface. If there will be any dye used, you will see color on the fabric.

How Have We Chosen the Product for You?

One of the vital questions that circulate in our reader’s minds is how we pick the best product or items for our readers. Well, the answer to this question is hidden in three crucial points as below:

Customer reviews

It is a common practice that most people try to give their reviews when they use certain products. Many of the online retail stores like Amazon and many others have a separate section of customer reviews. When picking the product for our audience, we also go through such reviews to know about the pros and cons and people’s experiences regarding a particular product.

Brand reputation

Brand name and its reputation among the customers are also essential to consider when selecting the product. We always pick the products from those brands with years of experience and provide the best quality to their customers.


We also keep a budget in our mind. It is best to pay the price according to the value you will get in return. You should always compare a product offered by two or three companies to pick one which provides better value within your budget.

Vintage Bedroom Rug FAQ

Q: How to tell if a rug is vintage or not?

A: The old rugs give a sandy, gritty, or even smooth feel on the back. A fine carpet looks tightly woven and feels loose or flexible. Moreover, the color and dye quality can also tell you how old a rug is!

Q: What makes a rug vintage?

A: If a rug is 25 to 100 years old, then it will be called Vintage. If the rug is more than 100 years old, then it is called Ancient.

Q: Why do people like vintage rugs?

A: The new rugs made of wool or any other material will soon shed and show signs of wear or tear. The vintage rugs are soft, durable enough for everyday use, available in different patterns, colors, sizes, and more warmth. These features make them a favorable choice for the majority of the people.

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