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Setting up your bedroom can be a tedious task. From deciding what design fits your aesthetic best to worrying about your budget, it can get too much. But one thing that is always a hit is vintage furniture. No matter what style you have, something vintage can fit your aesthetic perfectly; whether it’s a farmhouse, contemporary, or even mid-century modern, vintage pieces are pretty diverse and have it all!

You might be wondering, is there such a thing as modern vintage pieces? Well, you might be confusing vintage with antique, and while both mean old, there is a distinct difference between the two. Antique furniture is well over 100 years old, while vintage furniture is more of a design without necessarily having been made years and years ago. So keeping that in mind, a piece of furniture can have a vintage look while having a modern design.

But to buy a piece perfect for your bedroom, the best idea would be to scour the market to find what designs are available. So first, let’s check out our favorite vintage bedroom dressers of 2023! This way, you can decide the layout of your bedroom accordingly.

Buying Guide for Vintage Bedroom Dressers

Once you know what kind of dressers are available on the market, it is time to decide your needs and requirements. There are many types of drawers you can find, but it ultimately depends on you and your personal preference.

Dresser vs. Chest of Drawers

Many people tend to simply confuse that a dresser and a chest of drawers are the same things. So when you go to buy your vintage bedroom dresser, it is important to know the difference between the two.

Since both pieces are traditionally used to store clothing and other items, it is common to be confused. However, the most distinct difference is that a dresser is usually wide and short, while a chest of drawers is found to be narrow and tall. With dressers, you have space where you can dress in front. People usually put a mirror above it, making it somewhat of vanity, as well. However, as we said before, a chest of drawers is narrow and tall, aiming to save floor space while providing maximum storage.

Types of Dressers

The kind of dresser you want depends on the types available. Go through this list and see what suits your requirements best.

Horizontal dresser

This is also known as a standard dresser, consisting of usually two to three rows of long and wide drawers. They might also sometimes include a top row of multiple smaller drawers. With a horizontal dresser, you can get plenty of tabletop space for storage or display a few decorative items, a perfect solution if you want a dresser and vanity combo. Since this is a fairly standard design, most models even come with an included mirror to match the style of the dresser.

Double dresser

This double dresser is a wide piece made up of double-column drawers that are wide and spacious. This is the ideal solution if your bedroom is shared with your partner as it provides ample storage for both people. It can even sport a mirror on top, which can look great with some designs. However, one crucial thing you should keep in mind is the space you have before trying a double dresser. Since these are wide pieces, it can get overwhelming in small spaces, so make sure you’re okay with the size before bringing a large piece to your bedroom.

Combo dresser

A combo dresser is a hybrid model of everything. Although it looks like a standard dresser with a couple of cabinets attached either to the side or center, it is quite different from a standard dresser. These drawers include both the standard dresser drawers and cabinet doors that open to shelves or even a small space to hang your clothes.

If you need to use your dresser for more than just clothes, a combo model would be ideal. It caters to all sorts of items, even bulky ones like bags, scarves, hats, belts, and shoes, that can easily be accommodated inside the dresser’s tall doors.

How Can You Find the Right Dresser For Your Bedroom?

In order to have the best vintage bedroom dresser, there are two main things you need to look at:


This is an important factor to take into consideration since bedrooms are not usually big. Before you invest in a large piece of furniture, you need to consider how much space you can free up for it. If you opt for a double dresser in a small room, it might make your bedroom seem clustered and wouldn’t give off the peaceful vibes that you need from your room. With that said, you can’t opt for the smallest piece, hoping to have ample space in your room, as your furniture needs to look cohesive and well put together.


Another important thing to note is the drawers, precisely how large and the number of drawers you’re getting in your model. Of course, the bigger, the better when it comes to storage. Because if you skimp out on the number of drawers, you’ll have to stuff everything up, which can lead to wrinkles in your clothes and is overall not a good solution.

Finest Vintage Bedroom Dressers Reviewed in Detail

SONGMICS Vintage Bedroom Dresser

– Best Overall


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This first entry is a gorgeous rustic drawer dresser combo by SONGMICS, a perfect example of a piece being vintage and modern simultaneously. The rustic wooden look of the dresser brings the vintage element to your bedroom, making it a classy and peaceful place to relax. The modern handles and industrial sides assure you that you’re still in 2021. But what pulls the look together is the everlasting combination of a calming and beautiful brown and black. And, of course, the functionality of the dresser is impeccable as well. With six spacious drawers to store all your belongings, you can say goodbye to an untidy bedroom.


  • Sturdy and durable wood
  • Lightweight due to the industrial add-ins
  • Adjustable feet
  • Easy assembling process


  • Not as big as imagined

South Shore Vintage Bedroom Dresser

– Runner Up


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While the style of this piece is quite traditional, the black and grey combination has quite a modern look. A stark comparison from our previous entry, this is more vertical and spacious enough to fit all your clothes and even makeup and hair tools if necessary. It comes with 5 drawers with beveled edges, a curved kickboard, and straight black metal handles. It is the perfect combination of being a statement piece in any room.


  • Multi-functional as it can store everything from accessories, makeup, garments, linen, and other things
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing from certified environmentally preferred laminated particle panels
  • It comes with a 5-year limited warranty


  • Because of its tall size, it might not be the best place to store a TV

Sauder Vintage Bedroom Dresser

– Honorable Mention


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Made from recycled material, the Sauder county line dresser is a piece that all your friends will want in their bedrooms. It is the most stable of all the options on our list, significantly reducing tip-over accidents. It features six spacious drawers with a metal runner handle, safety stop features, and easy assembly due to the patented T-slot assembly system. However, the best part is the diversity of the drawers, with the four lower ones being extra deep to store heavier and bulkier items like sweaters, blankets, and linen. And the rustic country style of the dresser meets all your vintage requirements.


  • Underwriters Laboratories certified after being thoroughly tested
  • Meets the Safety Specification for Clothing Storage Units to reduce hazards to children 5 and under


  • It can be prone to easy chipping and damage

Prepac Vintage Bedroom Dresser

– Contender


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Our personal favorite from the list is this Prepac Mid Century Modern Dresser, the perfect combination of vintage and modern. Made from engineered wood with a laminated finish in a drifted gray color, this dresser has a distinct look that separates it from all others. It comes with six spacious drawers, large enough to keep all your stuff in so your bedroom never has to look cluttered. The tapered 8“ high solid wood legs and the contrasting brass finished knobs add a beautiful finish to this mid-century modern piece.


  • Lightweight, sturdy, and durable
  • Easily assembled
  • Removable legs


  • The pieces of the drawers don’t come labeled which can be time-consuming and frustrating

YITAHOME Vintage Bedroom Dresser

– Another Option


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This tall storage tower is the perfect organizer unit to keep all your clothes, linen, blankets, and garments away from your bedroom. It is made from a sturdy steel frame, giving it a rustic industrial look with a wooden top. In addition, it has eight easy pullable spacious bins that are lightweight and easy to assemble. These foldable drawers have wooden pulls that bring sturdiness to this vintage piece of furniture. It also comes with four adjustable plastic feet that help protect your floor from scratches.


  • Easy to assemble with detailed instructions and installation video for a hassle-free installation process
  • A modern style that is universally matched to all kinds of furniture
  • High capacity with lots of storage choice


  • The fabric can become flimsy over time

People Also Asked

Q: How do I assemble my bedroom dresser?

A: Dressers aren’t as big as beds and are fairly easy to assemble. They typically come with an instructions manual. Some brands even give you a detailed video on how to assemble the dresser.

Q: How much should I plan to spend on a bedroom dresser?

A: You should determine the budget for your bedroom’s furniture before shopping. No matter what the style of your bedroom furniture is or the size of the bedroom, you will have a vast selection of dressers. However, deciding how much you need to be spending on your dresser depends on how many pieces of furniture you are getting for your room. If you are getting several items like a complete bedroom set, you might have to divide the funds. However, do keep in mind that vintage pieces cost a lot more.

Q: What type of material should my dresser be made of?

A: Bedroom furniture is made from various materials. Each material determines the piece’s quality, which will help you figure out how much you should be paying for it. So it depends on your needs and what material you should be going for. If you’re using the dresser as a vanity table, you can get away with something lightweight. But if you plan on putting a TV on your dresser, you might want to opt for something a little more sturdy, like wood.

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