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For most, a bathroom or bedroom vanity is an integral part of a daily beauty routine. Ease of access to products and the ability to keep expensive jewelry and makeup safe are just two reasons to invest in a vanity. But how does one choose the perfect vanity? In this guide, we’re picking our favorite vanities out there, and we will show you all you need to know.

Best Vanity Table Reviewed in Detail

Flairwood Decor Bathroom Vanity

– Best Overall


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This sleek vanity can be mounted to a wall and set up to function with a faucet. Unlike similar products, this design comes fully assembled, so you won’t have to deal with complicated instructions and risk damaging the product. The cabinets are made with plywood, composite wood, and textured laminate for a sleek, light finish. The faucet pairs nicely in matte black. The two drawers are deep and come with removable organizers. If you’re looking to uplift your bathroom on a budget and with low maintenance, we recommend this vanity.


  • Soft closing drawers
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • High-grade finishes


  • Other vanities on this list do not involve plumbing, but we think a working faucet is worth it

GentProd Vanity Table

– High-Quality Choice


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The GentProd Vanity Table is the perfect addition to any home. It has a sleek, modern design that will fit in with any cor, and its seven drawers provide ample storage for all of your cosmetics and beauty tools. The mirror has custom dimmable lights that allow you to get ready in any lighting condition you desire, and the built-in power strip with two outlets and two USB ports lets you charge your devices at the same time.

This vanity desk is made from durable materials, so it is sure to stand the test of time. The smooth surface is easy to clean, and tools are included to make it easy to assemble. The lights provide bright, clear lighting for your beauty routine, and you can easily adjust their brightness as needed. This high-quality vanity table will give you a luxurious look while providing a convenient spot to get ready in the morning or get ready for a night out.


  • High-quality materials
  • Elegant design
  • Custom dimmable lights


  • High price tag

GreenForest Vanity Table

– Another Top Pick


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GreenForest’s perfectly crafted vanity desk is a blend of function, class, and aesthetics. This desk gives your room a luxurious touch making it the perfect gift for your daughter, girlfriend, or wife. It comes to design, making it easy to match just about any decoration style. Also, it has two drawers and a tabletop, thus creating more space to store your items while keeping your table organized.

The table can also be used as a computer wring desk or a console table, and it can slot perfectly in your study room or living room. With the sturdy and stable design, you no longer have to worry about your table not lasting long.


  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • The structure is sturdy
  • Comes with an adjustable footpad for protecting your carpet or floor
  • It is elegant and beautiful


  • The drawers did not line up well

Tribesigns Vanity Table

– Honorable Mention


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If you are looking for a combined touch of style, glamour, and beauty with a touch of function, the Tribesigns Vanity table is your best pick. This table is crafted to slot easily into any décor type. It is designed with extra-large mirrors and nine soft light bulbs, which help apply your makeup to a bright and full view. Also, this table boasts enough space with two large sliding drawers, which give you enough room to store your core beauty materials.


  • Comes with a spacious desktop which can be used as a writing desk
  • Elegant and classy design
  • Designed with enough space for your essentials
  • Durable and aesthetic


  • The drawers are a bit hard to put together

BELLEZE Vanity Table

– Also Consider


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Whether you are in search of a designed cabinet to give your kitchen a decoration uplift or you are looking for a desk to serve you in the office, the BELLEZE Modern makeup vanity dressing table is the right pick. This desk has a sleek white wooden surface alongside dual drawers to store documents, books, and the likes. You will find this helpful table in your bedroom, study room, and office.

The most significant advantage of this table is that it is perfect for small spaces making you enjoy more convenience at home. Finally, this desk can perfectly carry weights of up to 88 lbs.


  • Comes with a classic design
  • Easy to assemble
  • The drawers align perfectly


  • Easily scratches when being assembled

Roundhill Furniture Vanity Table

– Also Consider


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This unique vanity table is made with an adjustable swivel mirror and three storage drawers making it very functional. The Roundhill Furniture Moniya vanity table is perfect for storing jewelry, while the smooth tabletop gives enough room for beauty supplies and cosmetics. Additionally, it comes with a matching wooden stool along with padded upholstered seats. With these features and more, you will surely get optimum value for your money.


  • Comes with an adjustable oval wooden frame with a mirror
  • The table is sturdy and stable
  • Large enough space to carry your essentials


  • The screws don’t remain tightened for long

Mecor Vanity Table


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Our final pick is the Mecor Vanity table set. This wooden dressing table comes with four storage drawers, an oval rotating mirror, and a cushioned stool. The mirror can be 360 degrees spun and adjusted to your needs, and the top part is made to be detachable and used as a writing table. If you are concerned about durability, this table is made using hardwood and MDF, which means you get needed support for an extended period.


  • The 360 degrees function makes it possible to adjust to your taste
  • Enough space to accommodate your essentials
  • Durable legs providing enough support
  • Easy to assemble


  • If the bolts are too tight in the back holding piece, it causes an uneven effect.

Buying Guide for the Best Vanity Tables

Before you buy any of the best vanity tables out there, we have written this comprehensive buying guide to help you make the right decisions.

What Is a Vanity Table?

Vanity tables are used to organize and store your makeup-related products. You can store perfumes, cosmetics, and other makeup-related products in a safe and secure place with them. Usually, these tables come with many storage spaces and drawers. Also, it has a flat surface which is perfect for keeping small items used regularly for makeup. With regards to modern fashion style, most makeup tables come with large drawers these days.

The space may be divided using small boxes as you deem fit, and you may also have non-slip mats on the surface, which gives it a better grip for makeup pencils and brushes. Many of the reputable vanity table manufacturers produce theirs with a mirror as an integral component. Another critical aspect of the vanity table is that it comes with a matching chair or stool, which may be pushed underneath the table.

Why Should You Use a Vanity Table?

The added storage space associated with vanity makeup tables helps declutter your bathroom by removing the need for cupboards and drawers. Also, this makeup table assists in organizing personal products and cosmetics. Additionally, it ranks as a more private way to keep personal products and care products. The benefits extend to bathrooms that are shared with flatmates and whole families. For instance, if you reside in a house with just one bathroom, you may need to keep your vanity table in a separate room. This way, other house members will find it easy to use the bath while you get dressed.

What Are the Types of Vanity Tables?

Knowing the different types and styles of the best vanity tables out there should help you make better decisions. The first type is the Poudreuse table which came into existence back in the 17th century. However, you can get this variant along with an integrated mirror found in the center of the cover plate and can be raised. Unlike what is obtainable with regular tables, the vanity table comes with at least one drawer used for storage. The storage space is vital for organizing and keeping your products.

You will also find vanity makeup tables that come with reading or writing tables. Also, there is the baroque style which is popular for its nostalgic look and intricate details. On the other hand, the country house style is characterized by its beautiful carvings and rustic wood.

Factors To Consider Before You Buy the Best Vanity Tables

Before you purchase the best vanity tables out there, there are a few things you should be conscious of.


Color should be the first thing you should consider as far as the world is concerned. Therefore, when scouting for a makeup table, have a color preference in mind. Such a color preference should match your bathroom or bedroom or any other place you want to place.

Table design

The table design is the second factor you should consider when buying a vanity makeup table. There are several varieties and designs out there in the market. You will find different classic, vintage, and modern designs out there.

Table features

Just as it is with automobiles, homes, or smartphones, you need to pay close attention to the feature variation of the products. Due to the nature of this type of furniture, most of the dressing tables come with at least one bench and mirror, but some do not. Your choices will now be heavily dependent on your style and taste. Also, the number of drawers varies from one product to the other, thus making some designs more versatile.

Table size

In the same way, the features may vary to accommodate different tastes, the size may also vary. Ensure you have a good idea of the available space in your home where you intend to accommodate the stand. Take into cognizance that buying online can be a bit confusing, especially with size. Have a rough idea of the dimension of the table you want to buy and only make purchases in accordance with this.


The material from which the vanity dressing table is made should play a massive role in the selection process. Usually, furniture items are made using wood to give them a certain look or finish. But with the new design movements being developed and furniture construction and design evolving, you need to know which one works best with you.


As far as buying a makeup table set is concerned, the budget should be your primary focus. Note that the best quality tables are pretty expensive, which is why you need to have a working budget and only make purchases based on your budget. You don’t need to worry about getting one that suits your budget as there are several very affordable makeup table sets out there with good quality.

Weight and use

The ideal vanity table should not be overweight, making it difficult to set and move the makeup vanity. It is therefore advisable that you buy one that is either a medium weight or lightweight. Additionally, it would help if you thought about the usability of the table set, especially about assemblage. Also, find out if it can be used for multiple purposes.


Location is one factor you can never ignore when dealing with decoration. The good thing about dressing tables is that they are well-designed and clean, effortlessly blending in a dedicated dressing room or a larger bathroom. You will even find some designs that are so restrained that they will look natural within a family room, living room, or a small home office.

Brand reputation

The reputation of the manufacturer of the table will give you a fair idea of what to expect when buying. Ensure you go through reviews from past buyers to have a feel of what to expect. Also, you might want to check for product warranty and responsiveness to queries.

Maintenance Tips for Your Vanity Table

If you want your vanity table to stand the test of time in good condition, you need to take good care of it. You may use a feather duster or soft microfiber cloth to achieve this. Depending on the surface, you may use a slightly wet cloth to remove stains or residues. If you are using natural wood, you should oil the table minimum of twice per annum.

Vanity Table FAQ

Q: What differentiates a vanity table from others?

A: The classic vanity table is made up of a mirror, but the modern ones come with more. Also, vanity tables are made up of refined drawers used for storing and organizing things in the right way. Also, vanity tables are usually narrower making them suitable for rooms or bedrooms that are smaller.

Q: What can I keep on my vanity table?

A: Most of the things found in a vanity table include cosmetics and makeup. Larger ones may contain hair styling products such as curler, hairdryer, or straighter.

Q: Where can I place my vanity table?

A: Vanity tables are primarily made for the bedroom. These days, this is the place where many people would instead place their vanity makeup table. But if you have an open window seat, you should place your vanity table there. Note that you need to have enough room to sit down to apply your makeup with ease.

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