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No one enjoys spending all their free time scrubbing and organizing, but nobody also likes to be surrounded by dirt and disorder, either. Well, there are a few useful techniques that will give your living room the pristine and cozy feel you want without sacrificing too much of your free time.

After all, it might be difficult to find extra money to pay for a professional cleaner, so if you can do ityourself in a short time and for free, would it not be great to do it yourself? Yes, we think so too. So, let’s get started with those cleaning tips.


Keep things away from flat surfaces

Magazines, papers, pens, remote controls, and other smaller things may quickly make flat surfaces cluttered. Ensure that every item in your living room has a designated spot for when it is not in use, and make it a practice to return each item to its proper location after usage. If you have remotes for different appliances in your living room, opt for a remote organizer. Also, if there are documents everywhere, you should add some file or magazine holders for your documents and magazines and some pen holders or even coffee mugs for your pens. If you enjoy DIY projects, it’s simple to discover storage solutions that double as decor. You can also get creative with this type of storage option.

Think about multifunctional items

If you’re serious about giving everything a home, it is advisable to choose multifunctional furniture that may also serve as extra storage. Your coffee table, for instance, should have a space beneath for storing the TV remotes, drink coasters, and other items you frequently use while sitting at the table. If your living room is somewhat smaller, then you might also use sofas and armchairs with storage underneath.

Make it a little brighter and fresher

Darker places naturally appear less clean, so ensure your home is well-lit, as it will be much cleaner. Stack your light sources and open your windows as much as possible to let in natural light and ensure no area is left in the dark. Additionally, consider purchasing an air purifierif you smoke or if your visitors frequently smoke in your living room. Getting one would clear the air of cigarette odors and make the space feel much cleaner overall. Additionally, this type of purifier can be particularly helpful in the winter when it’s just too cold to open the windows, making it a necessity.

Use the vertical space

Adding some vertical storage is another great approach to maximize the available square footage. You wouldn’t be wasting any room this way, and you wouldn’t have to cram too many horizontal storage options into the available area, too. It will undoubtedly be useful whether you keep ornaments, literature, or plants on the upper shelves.

Add a wastebasket

Most people don’t keep trash cans in the living room. But if you have kids who like to eat in front of the TV, if you have paper scraps lying around, or if you have pets that sometimes make a mess in the living room, you might want to add a wastebasket.

Tidy up in the morning

The organization has a lot to do with the arrangement of your living room, but it also involves your personal habits. No matter how much storage space you have, if you are not accustomed to tidying your living area, clutter will eventually accumulate. Make a habit of spending 10 to 15 minutes each morning tidying up a little, putting everything where they belong.


It’s important to put some thought into the living room’s decor, as that’s where you and your visitors will spend most of your time. Also, people will form impressions of you based on how neat your home is. You can avoid dealing with clutter or dust again if you implement the tips mentioned above.

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