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Most rooms in your home could benefit from a table lamp. They can help create a relaxing atmosphere and make your home feel more comfortable. In addition, they can assist you with studying, reading in bed, and creating the perfect mood for movie night.

The best table lamp should look stylish and provide an appropriate amount of light for your needs. There are plenty of other factors and features to consider when buying a table lamp, so we will go into detail about them all later in this article.

Before researching what to look for in a table lamp, check out the list of our favorite table lamps in 2023 and the buyer’s guide below. We have done plenty of research so you don’t have to!

The Best Table Lamps You Can Buy

COZOO Table Lamp

– Best Overall


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The base of this table and desk lamp has three USB ports and a two-outlet power strip enabling you to charge mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. The light will charge USB devices whether it is on or off.

The modern style of this lamp will look right at home in any contemporary office or home, and the featured fabric shade creates a cozy and warm glow anywhere you set up the lamp. This product also includes several great safety features, including a fireproof case, overload, and short-circuit protection, and an automatic current matching system.

This table lamp is small enough to fit comfortably on most bedside tables or desks. In addition, this product comes with a 5w light bulb, a 90-day money-back guarantee, and a worry-free 24-month warranty. What’s not to love?


  • Great USB and outlet count
  • Soft, contemporary style
  • Many safety features


  • Can’t charge too many devices simultaneously

BesLowe Table Lamp

– Runner Up


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This table lamp has a modern style with built-in sensors and can be adjusted to change to three levels of brightness. Simply tap on any part of the base or poles until you achieve the brightness level you desire.

If you have children, you know that sometimes flipping a loud switch in their bedroom can wake them while they sleep. The touch control on this lamp is completely silent, a very beneficial feature for those with kids or light sleepers in the house! There is also a dimmable and 60W-equivalent bulb included with this lamp, a helpful addition that will save you extra time and money trying to find a compatible lightbulb.

The base of the lamp is made of rust-proof metal, ensuring long-lasting durability. In addition, it has a weighted bottom, so the lamp remains stable during use. The dual metal poles also add to the lamp’s sturdiness.


  • Includes three levels of brightness
  • Very stable with silent activation
  • Charges up to three electronic devices


  • Brightness settings are cycled before turning off

HAITRAL Table Lamp

– Honorable Mention


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These HAITRAL dual bedside table lamps are perfect for any office desk, bedside table, or dresser. The set of two lamps is made from a sleek and durable black metal base, and the linen fabric lampshade features a simple style, bringing a touch of warmth to a room or hallway. Placing these twin lamps in corridors and other communal spaces will make your home feel cozier overall and light up the area evenly without drawing too much attention.

The cord and plug in this set are UL-listed and the brand is recognized nationally for its standard of safety. It is compatible with a variety of halogen, incandescent, CFL, or LED light bulbs. The company also has a 30-day return policy and a reputation for excellent customer service.


  • Comes in a set of two
  • Safe and non-attention-grabbing
  • Compatible with several types of bulbs
  • 30-day return policy


  • Very small size, double-check the measurements

HUGOAI Table Lamp

– Also Consider


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This table lamp has high-quality LED elements ensuring a reliable light source and a beautifully vibrant range of colors. This lamp gives you a choice of up to 16 million colors and has an adjustable dimness level when used on its white-light setting.

This lamp remembers the last setting it was on before you turned it off, so you don’t need to spend time finding your favorite setting every time you turn it on.

Once you switch the lamp to a warmer and softer color, it will automatically turn off in 30 minutes. This makes this the perfect lamp for bedtime reading. When the light turns off, it is time to sleep!


  • Up to 16 million color light range
  • Adjustable dimness and color-memory
  • Option for the timed turn-off


  • Unorthodox shape

Lifeholder Table Lamp

– Also Great Option


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This fabulous set of table lamps can be set to shine at low brightness, medium brightness, or high brightness. The dual set allows you to create different atmospheres across areas of your house, or even in the same room. Opt for low light when it is time to relax or full light when you need to wake yourself up.

Each lamp has two USB ports and two outlets. You can use these to charge your electronic devices with or without the light switched on. The stylish gray lampshade will make any room or work area look great without clashing any colors. We especially love these lampshades with green, purple, or pink accessories such as cushions or accompanying artwork.


  • Comes in a set of two
  • Can charge multiple USB devices
  • Several brightness settings
  • Looks very stylish and fits anywhere


  • Smaller than expected for some users

Buying Guide for the Best Table Lamps

What To Look For in Your Next Table Lamp


According to studies, people over 60 need up to 80% more light for reading than people in their 20s. Lumens are the measurement for how much light you get from a bulb. The more lumens a bulb has, the brighter the light.

The number of lumens you require depends on the task you need to complete. For example, a lamp with a 450 lumens rating (40 watts) is suitable for daily reading and writing. However, if you use your lamp for more intricate tasks such as working with small mechanical pieces or building models, you will require a brighter light of 800 to 1100 lumens (60-75 watts).

Color temperature range

The quality of the light you use is important. This quality can be judged by the color temperature range of your lamp. Look for a desk lamp that has a color temperature range between 2500 and 4900. These provide a pleasing and clear light at all times of the day. Halogen or LED lights are perfect for this, as most fall right into that range.


Lamps with adjustable heads or necks are often great purchases and provide some helpful versatility. An adjustable structure can be helpful to make the lamp presentable and effective in all areas of the house. Many lamps also allow you to lengthen or shorten the neck using a joint.

Look for a lamp that has a swiveling head, gooseneck arms, or swing booms. These types of lamps allow you to place the light at better angles and minimize glare.


Choose a lamp size that is compatible with your desk size. For a small desk, you should choose a lamp with a small base. However, you still need to be confident that the lamp is stable and does not wobble.

You may prefer a lamp with extra reach for large desks, like a lamp with a swing arm or an architect design. You can adjust your lamp to provide complete light coverage of your table surface and the room around it if necessary.

On/off switch

Look for a lamp you can easily turn on and off. You may prefer a switch on the base of the lamp rather than halfway down its wire, as you will need to bend over to reach a switch in a bad location. You may prefer a pull chain or touch-operated lamp, depending on your noise tolerance and style preferences.

USB ports

Some lamps have built-in USB ports so you can charge your phone or tablet without leaving your desk. Occasionally, some desk lamps will struggle when trying to charge more than two devices at once, but this does not apply to all lamps.

Customer reviews

When you find a lamp you like, read the accompanying customer reviews. This will provide certain pieces of helpful information that the company selling it or the manufacturer may not want you to know about. Reviews could detail any common faults with the product or poor customer service from the company.


As with any electrical appliance, you should consider products with a lengthy warranty. If a company is confident with the performance and durability of its product, it will provide a decent warranty and help ease any worry about needing repairs or replacements.

Price range

You can purchase a table lamp for as little as $7 or pay as much as $360. Unfortunately, an increased price often does not always signal better performance, instead of signaling a more intricate design or more recognizable brand name.

Our Favorite Desk Lamp Styles

Banker piano lamps

Banker piano lamps are perfect for those who want to bring a classic early 1900s style to their study. The lamp has an oblong metal or glass shade that can be turned upwards to focus the light where you need it. In addition, they usually have a pull chain, which adds to their traditional charm.

Organizer desk lamp

Organizer desk lamps have storage for pens and other desk items. Some even have small drawers for notepads and whatever trinkets you wish to keep in them. These are great if you lack storage or enjoy having your writing equipment on display.

Magnifying desk lamp

Buy a magnifying desk lamp if you solely use your desk for intricate arts and crafts. A magnifying desk lamp features a ring of light with a magnifying glass in the center. This type of lamp will help enlarge and illuminate your projects and are often easily adjustable.

If you have a particularly small desk, you might want to consider purchasing a clip-on version. This type of lamp clips onto the edge of your desk and does not take up any desk space.

Tiffany style

An actual tiffany lamp will cost a fortune. However, there are plenty of affordable and beautiful lamps made in the style of a tiffany lamp. These lamps have colorful glass shades that look stunning in any room, especially rooms filled with subdued colors and natural themes.

Contemporary style

A contemporary style has neutral colors and often incorporates chrome into its design. It includes geometric shapes and clean lines and often looks like a device from the future. Some contemporary industrial styles use more heavy metal material, exposed wires, and bulbs. It may even incorporate concrete into its design in some cases. These can look great in minimalist homes or modern apartments as they provide rustic authenticity with harsher materials.

People Also Asked

Q: Where should I place my desk lamp?

A: Look for spots in the room or on your desk that are accessible and provide good light coverage. If you are right-handed, place your desk lamp on the left side of your desk and if you are left-handed, place the lamp on the right side of your desk.

Q: Can low-energy bulbs be dimmed?

A: Most low-energy bulbs are not suitable for dimmer switches. For a dimmer desk lamp, you should buy an LED light bulb. They have a long life span, take up little energy when powered, and produce very little heat.

Q: Is it more energy-efficient to use a lamp or a ceiling light?

A: A lamp and a ceiling light can take up similar amounts of energy. The energy used depends on the bulb wattage. You could have the same wattage bulb in a lamp and on the ceiling, but a desk lamp usually takes less effort and time to install properly.

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