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Are you finding it challenging to furnish a tiny space? Are you struggling to find suitable furniture with high prices and long wait times? If you relate to these inconveniences, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: a sofa bed mattress.

A sofa bed mattress is a type of mattress that is designed to fold or collapse into a couch or other furniture unit. These mattresses are great for those who don’t want to invest a fortune or commit to buying a stand-alone bed frame. They provide a good night’s rest at a fraction of the price compared to purchasing a full-sized bed. These beds are ideal for smaller spaces such as dorm rooms or guest bedrooms.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about unexpected guests, as they’ll have a place to sleep with your sofa bed mattress. Our list of the top-rated sofa bed mattresses will assist you in finding the appropriate mattress for your needs.

Finding Your Next Sofa Bed Mattress: A Buying Guide

The right kind of sofa bed mattress will not only help you sleep soundly, but it will also aid you in impressing your guests with its soft foam. Deciding on a single option amongst the countless available in the market can be challenging. You can start by researching sofa bed mattresses to familiarize yourself with their essential characteristics.

Researching and reading several buying guides will also assist you in selecting the most suitable mattress. If you’re still indecisive, do not panic; our thorough guide will help you find the most comfortable sofa bed mattress to sleep peacefully on.

What To Look For in a Sofa Bed Mattress

You should carefully analyze the following features before picking any sofa bed mattress:


A good mattress should withstand the stresses of the couch bed. Before purchasing a mattress, you should check the material carefully and opt for double-stitched inseams with reinforced tape edges to ensure they are not prone to tearing.

Purchasing a sofa bed mattress that is CertiPUR-US certified is also recommended, which guarantees high-quality manufacturing, promising a long lifespan. We advise adding an extra mattress covering if you’re worried about keeping the bed secure and clean.

Comfort level

Comfort is one of the most critical factors in choosing a good sofa bed mattress. An overly stiff mattress can put pressure on various parts of your body. Due to reduced blood flow, pinched nerves, and reduced circulation, you may need to shift positions regularly.

It is recommended to test a mattress before purchasing it by laying on it. You should always go for a quilted mattress as it will conform to your body shape and relax you by aligning your spine.


The ideal sofa bed mattress will have ventilation to regulate your body temperature. Make sure your sofa bed mattress helps to dissipate heat from your body as you sleep rather than trapping it inside its layers. Always choose a mattress with gel infusion, since it will have proper airflow and keep you cool in the summer.

Mattresses with breathable materials provide a cooler sleeping surface by increasing circulation. Your mattress should also be water-proof as it will absorb your sweat, ensuring that you do not wake up damp and irritated.

Types of Mattresses

There are different types of mattresses, each serving a distinct purpose.

Gel memory foam

The most common type of memory foam used in couches is gel-infused memory foam. They are padded and cushioned, providing maximum comfort. The feature that distinguishes them from their counterparts is the addition of gel.

This gel absorbs body heat, keeping you one to two degrees cooler while you sleep, ensuring that you do not wake up sweating in the middle of the night. The pressure-point relieving qualities of these sofa bed mattresses are why chiropractors and doctors recommend them.


We advise choosing a latex sofa bed mattress if you like a firmer mattress. These mattresses are also environmentally friendly, as they are made with a combination of soy and rubber trees.

When looking for a sofa bed mattress, ensure that the latex is mixed or natural rather than 100% synthetic, because the latter tends to degrade more quickly. Additionally, synthetic latex tarnishes in sun exposure, which is undesirable if your sofa is close to a window.


An inflatable mattress with coils in the base is called an air-over-coil sofa bed mattress. The advantage is that you can easily change the firmness of the mattress with a hand-held electric pump.

These mattresses extend to a depth of around ten inches when inflated, ensuring a supportive surface. The sole disadvantage is that if the electric inflator stops working, you won’t be able to use your mattress.

Size of the Mattress

It is crucial to measure the mattress size you need correctly so it fits your sofa perfectly, saving you from the hassle of returning the product.


Mattresses typically range in length from 68 to 74 inches while resting flat. Therefore, you should measure the metal frame of your sofa bed to get the estimated length. Apart from this, you should also round down the measurement to the nearest inch so the mattress stays firm and does not move, which can disturb your sleep.


As your body is stretched out while laying on the mattress, the standard widths might differ: Mattresses for twin beds should be between 24-38 inches, while 39 to 54 inches are required for full-size mattresses. For queen sofa beds, you should purchase a mattress of 55 to 60 inches. The width of super queen mattresses should be between 61 to 65 inches.

Detailing the Top Sofa Bed Mattress

DynastyMattress Sofa Bed Mattress

– Best Overall


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If you’re looking for a comfortable mattress to sleep upon, the DynastyMattress Sofa Bed Mattress has got your back. This pull-out sofa mattress bed features a unique design with gel memory foam to provide unrivaled comfort and quality at an affordable price. The high-quality gel-infused mattress foam is also breathable, ensuring that you stay cool throughout the night.

The flexible foam will conform to the shape of your body and give you a good night’s sleep by reducing the pressure on your spine and aligning it. This versatile mattress fits and folds in all types of sofas, allowing you to place it wherever you want to. The mattress can be easily assembled for convenience, saving you from the hassle of calling a professional. The bed even has a washable zipper cover, making cleaning a breeze. The feasibility and softness of this sofa bed mattress make it the top option on this list.


  • Gel-infused foam for improved airflow
  • Contours body shape to provide comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • You can fold it into any sofa


  • Has a small width

Milliard Sofa Bed Mattress

– Most Economical


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If you’re seeking a budget-friendly way to prepare for unexpected guests, then the Milliard Sofa Bed Mattress offers the solution to your problem. Along with being inexpensive, the ventilated mattress will ensure that you remain sweat-free during the night. The bi-layered mattress combines a rigid polyurethane foundation with a soft memory foam topper that will contour your body shape, ensuring that you sleep soundly.

This sofa bed mattress provides proper support and is suitable for most folding couch bed frames, accommodating a variety of users. The high-quality bed is even CertiPUR-US certified, promising a long lifespan. The zippable cover is removable, so you can wash it to remove any dirt or germs.


  • Ventilation makes it sweat-proof
  • Maximum comfort by conforming to body shape
  • Suitable for most couches
  • Premium quality promises longevity


  • Takes time to be inflated

Classic Brands Sofa Bed Mattress

– Easiest to Assemble


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Assembling a foldable mattress can be challenging, especially if you’ve got back problems. But do not worry, as the Classic Brands Sofa Bed Mattress takes minutes to be inflated, saving you from the inconvenience of hiring a professional. The universal bed mattress fits most couches and promises to attain its original form quickly after unfolding.

This exceptionally durable sofa bed mattress features premium foam to ensure a long lifespan. This mattress also uses a unique cooling technology with gel-infused memory foam to regulate body temperature by improving ventilation. If all of this wasn’t enough, the manufacturer even offers a three-year warranty to ensure you won’t be stuck with a defective product.


  • Easy to assemble and quickly inflates
  • Cooling technology regulates body temperature
  • Good customer service
  • High-quality foam makes it durable


  • May be too thin for some

Sleep Philosophy Sofa Bed Mattress

– Most Durable


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Next on our list is this Sleep Philosophy Sofa Bed Mattress which will surprise you with its high durability. The mattress is made out of pure polyester and promises longevity, saving you money in the long run. Besides being sturdy, the moisture-proof foam is water-resistant, keeping your mattress clean from any stains. The hypoallergenic filling makes it ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.

This quilted sofa bed mattress features extra padding, making it soft and comfortable to sleep on. This extra-cushioned mattress comes with an elastic to keep it from moving around, making sure that there are no distractions overnight. You can also wash this easy-to-clean mattress in your machine to eliminate the tiring handwashing process.


  • High-quality material ensures durability
  • Moisture-absorbing technology makes it water-proof
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Extra elastic increases the mattress’ grip


  • Waterproof backing creates a rubbing noise

Fashion Bed Group Sofa Bed Mattress

– Most Comfortable


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Are you sick of tossing and turning all night long? If yes, you should consider the Fashion Bed Group Sofa Bed Mattress. This safe bed includes a hypoallergenic foam to ensure that it does not cause any adverse allergic reactions. It also has a soft surface without any bumps or lumps to provide a peaceful sleep.

This convenient sofa bed mattress features a built-in air-over-coil technology that makes it easy to inflate with a handheld electric pump. This will help you quickly inflate the mattress in case of an emergency. The sturdy bed is long-lasting to save you money. If you’re still not amazed, you will be pleased to know that the manufacturer offers a three-year warranty in case you run into any issues.


  • Hypoallergenic foam for sensitive skin
  • Flat surface provides maximum comfort
  • Easy inflation with an electric pump
  • Three-year warranty saves money


  • It may deflate on its own

People Also Asked

Q: Which sofa bed mattress is ideal for motion transfer?

A: Mattresses made of memory foam often have the finest motion transmission. The phrase “motion transfer” refers to how the bed smothers movements. Many people ignore this aspect, but it’s crucial, especially for partners or individuals with kids or dogs that have to get in and out of beds.

Q: How do I clean my sofa bed mattress?

A: Use a clean towel soaked in cold water to wipe any stains on your mattress. Avoid getting the mattress too wet, especially if it is made of memory foam or polyfoam. Rub baking soda on your mattress after it has dried to absorb any odors that may still be there. Allow it to permeate for a few hours before wiping it with a damp towel.

Q: What are the different types of sofa beds?

A: There are two types of sofa beds: pull-out and fold-down. A pullout sofa bed has a mechanism that allows the bed to slide out from under the sofa. This makes it easier to access the bed without moving the entire sofa. On the other hand, a fold-down sofa bed does not require moving the couch at all. Instead, the bed folds away into the sofa.

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