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Have you ever stopped while chucking out an old wine bottle into the recycle bin, and thought about how you could upcycle it? If you’re a crafter or a DIYer, you can easily turn the used bottle into a vase for flowers, a storage vessel to keep your props, a DIY charcuterie board, or a bird feeder. After coloring and making a cartoon character on the bottle and wine cork holder, you can also give it as a present to your loved ones. You can also add to your home decor by making a pendant or hanging a light from an empty bottle. We’ve listed some DIY wine bottle ideas that will inspire your thrifty side and help you spice up any space in a flash.


Trio of vases

You must have heard the phrase saying beautiful things come in a set of three, and you can transform three empty wine bottles into a tied trio of flower vases. If you want to repurpose celebration bottles into unique centerpiece options, this DIY craft idea should be on top of the list. You just need to put three wine bottles of the same size together and bind them into a single unit with some thread. Thistrio is a tried-and-true decoration that looks great any time of year when youfill itwithfresh flowers.

DIY tiki torches

Do you want to add more lighting to your backyard? You can brighten up the space with empty wine bottles. Take the wine cork holder out and paint the bottle white and decorate it in whatever design you choose, from tropical to nautical, to fit in with your yard’s theme. This DIY craft not only adds to the curb appeal of your home but also doubles as tiki torches to ignite your space. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor party or remodeling your outdoor space to make it more inviting, these DIY tiki torches work as a wonderful accent.

DIY wine bottle lamp

An excellent option for repurposing your old wine bottles is to turn them into lamps. Because these bottles have a strong bottom and slight curves, they work as a great lamp base. You can paint the bottle from the inside by putting in some paint, and swirling the bottle around to cover it completely with the paint. Then, get a lamp shade, electric wire, and a lamp bulb from any local hardware store to assemble this reimagined bottle. It also makes an amazing personalized gift for friends or partners who consider themselves wine connoisseurs.

Bird feeder

If you’re a bird lover and often feed flocks of birds, you can transform your old wine bottles into bird feeders. To make a birdfeeder, you need a wooden board with a base of three to five inches wide to support the bottle and dispense the bird food. Fill the bottle with bird seeds, turn itupside down, and gravity will keep the trough full to ensure that birds never leave your yard on empty stomachs. When you need to stop the seeds from coming out of the bottle, you can just insert the wine cork holder.

Dish soap bottle

You can make an adorable dish soap holder with a little bit of glass etching work. When your dishwashing supplies are attractive and stylish, even doing the dishes becomes a fun task. All you need to do is add a pump to your empty wine bottle and fill it with dishwashing soap. This repurposed dish soap dispenser looks appealing, so you can display it on the counter instead of hiding it under the sink.

A Christmas tree candle ornament

You can make a candle ornament for the Christmas tree with the empty glass bottle and wine cork holders. It’s a pretty easy and affordable DIY idea that only requires a few things available at home. Just put a candle inside the empty wine bottle, and ignite it to give a unique touch to your Christmas tree.


What do you do with the wine bottles after the last pour? If you’ve been throwing them in the recycle bin, try these ingenious ideas for interior decoration, such as vases and table displays, tumblers, and presents for special people all made from your empty wine bottles and wine cork holders.

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