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Platinum Health Sliding Transfer Bench is a professional-grade, padded bath and shower chair with pivoting arms. The space-saving design features a swivel seat that makes it far less intrusive than traditional transfer benches, and the robust armrests can be used as leverage points to help users get in and out of the chair. The padded seat, back, and armrests provide comfortable slip-resistant padding that is easy to clean and disinfect. It features a hi-view blue color which helps visually impaired and dementia-afflicted users by distinguishing the chair from its surroundings and significantly reducing slips, trips, and falls. With ample support from the armrests, this shower chair makes an ideal solution for anyone seeking an extra layer of safety and comfort in their bathing routine. Optional leg extension kits and horizontal travel extension kits are also available for customization.

From the Manufacturer

Platinum Health Sliding Transfer Bench is a professional-grade bath and shower chair that offers unbeatable convenience, safety, comfort, and quality. It is also designed with quick toolless assembly in less than 5 minutes, making it one of the most hassle-free options for efficient setup and disassembly. It is an ideal option for anyone looking for a reliable bathroom aid at an affordable cost.

Customer Review

A buyer who purchased the transfer bench for their grandmother considers it great and reviewed the product by giving 5 stars and further elaborating, “This really helped out with giving my grandmother a bath. She was using plastic in the shower seat and it was so uncomfortable for her. This product was easy to assemble and after 3 months of using it my grandmother and family found it so easy to get her in and out of the bath. This was a life saver as giving baths had become harder over the previous months. My grandmother says that the seat is soft and the handle adjustment is so easy for her to get in and out. The slide seat makes it easy for those days she can not stand. Advice–make sure you measure the width of the tub and where your sink may be to get the best benefit of this product. I failed to do this and this product is in the middle of our tub because the sink and tub are so close together. But with that aside I would have still ordered this product.“


  • Provides independence and safety while bathing
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Swivels and slides easily
  • Simple assembly with no tools required
  • Easily adjustable levers and buttons


  • The sliding seat does not go all the way into the tub

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Platinum Health Sliding Transfer Bench: Buying Guide

The Platinum Health Sliding Transfer Bench is a must-have for anyone who needs assistance getting in and out of the bath or shower. It provides extra support for the user and helps prevent the risk of falls when getting in and out of the tub. It can be used over a standard bathtub or a freestanding bath, making it an ideal solution for all types of bathrooms. When shopping for ashower transfer bench, several important factors must be considered. This Buyers Guide will help you navigate the many product features available when selecting the perfect transfer bench for your needs.


The comfort and safety of the user should be taken into account when considering the size of the seat. Measure your bathtub or shower stall to determine the available space, and select a seat width, height, and depth that fit within those measurements. Depending on the user’s body size, you may need to select a deeper or broader seat to accommodate their body comfortably.

Weight Capacity

Check the weight capacity of the shower transfer bench you are considering purchasing. Selecting one that meets the user’s weight will ensure safe use and avoid potential injury from a breakdown in materials due to overloading.

Anti-Slip Features

Look for a shower transfer bench with an anti-slip surface or rubber grips on all contact points, such as feet and seat, to help prevent slips and falls. These features help ensure that a secure grip is maintained between surfaces upon contact with water, even when wet.

Adjustable Height

Being able to adjust your shower transfer bench up or down can be helpful for users of various heights or disabilities. Look for a model allowing height adjustments to meet the user’s needs.

Ease of Assembly

Many shower transfer benches come partially assembled but require additional assembly before use. Make sure you read all instructions carefully and select one that is easy to assemble and install.


If you want greater stability, opt for a model with low-profile legs. It helps ensure a more secure connection between stool and ground than taller legs can provide, reducing the chances of slips and falls during transfers.


Ensure that the shower transfer bench is lightweight and durable enough to withstand regular immersion in water. Plastic or stainless steel construction typically provides extra durability due to resistance against rusting or corrosion over time caused by exposure to water or moisture in a humid environment. So opting for these materials may be wise if you want longevity from your purchase.


Having an adjustable handle on your shower transfer bench can make transferring much easier, giving you better control over how you move from one surface to another safely and securely. Selecting one with an adjustable handle will give you peace of mind knowing that it can offer extra safety during transfers while still providing comfort and support where needed most during use.


Look for models that come with removable pieces like arms, legs, cushions, etc., which makes it easier for cleaning purposes and makes it more compact for storage when not in use. It can also save you plenty of space when storing your shower transfer bench when not in use.

Drain Pan

While not essential, an integral drain pan prevents water spillage during transfers. It helps avoid unnecessary mess within bathrooms, which can become slippery surfaces if left unchecked.

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