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Cotton is the most chosen fabric for making bed sheets in different forms like white sheets, printed bed linen, sateen bed sheets, and many more. These forms are categorized based on either embroidery style or weaving pattern of the cotton fibers. One popular type of bedsheet weaving style is the percale. Here, the weaves are in a tight form, which is why the sheets feel smooth. Moreover, due to the high breathability of the bedsheets, you will feel more relaxed. Due to the increasing demand for bedsheets, we have created a list of the coziest percale sheets.

These percale bed sheets have various features and are usually available in light colors like white, sky blue, soft pink, and so on, making it difficult for you to choose the best one for your bedroom. That’s why we have also discussed the types and several factors you need to consider to choose a top-quality bed sheet with a percale weave pattern.

Best Percale Sheet Reviewed in Detail

Sleep Mantra Percale Sheet

– Top Pick


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You should always choose bed sheets that will be healthier for your skin. For this reason, our first pick is a percale weave bedcover from Sleep Mantra. It is made from organic cotton fibers so as to reduce the chances of skin infections and other health problems. Since the bedsheet is not treated with chemicals or any other substances, it won’t give off any bad smell. Besides, the bedsheet is perfect for mattresses with increased thickness, all thanks to the full-length elastic border that will help you to fit the mattress’s corners into the deep bed cover pockets with ease.


  • It helps in keeping the bed’s surface cooler as compared to the room temperature.
  • It can be easily washed in the machine without manual effort
  • It will not cause any allergic reaction on the skin even after sleeping in the same position
  • Thanks to the elastic border, the sheet wouldn’t move from its position


  • Lower depth of the bedsheet’s corner pockets

Linen Home Percale Sheet

– Runner Up


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Cotton fibers are pretty delicate, and that’s the reason why they suffer wear and tear at such a high rate. But if you want a durable bed sheet having the percale weave pattern, you can put your faith in this product from Linen Home. The bedcover corners have pockets with a 15³ depth that can fit mattresses with a maximum thickness of 18³. Thanks to the elastic borders at the bed sheet edges, the linen wouldn’t slide away from its position. To maintain the crispiness of the percale sheet, the thread count is limited to 200. And yet, the product has high breathability to keep the bed’s surface soothing.


  • No fabric shrinkage will happen after the first wash due to the long cotton fiber length
  • It is completely safe for the skin with no harmful effects
  • Z-hemline has enhanced the durability of the flat sheet and pillow covers
  • It’s highly durable and will last for a longer time without losing its softness


  • It has a plain, white color which can get stained easily

Feather & Stitch Percale Sheet

– Honorable Mention


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If you want to get a bedsheet made from cotton fabric with the percale weave type, this is the best product in the market with an amazing design. With colorful diamond prints on the surface, this percale sheet will look unique and quite graceful. Its edges have a full-length, thick elastic border with which you can use the linen for mattresses with a height of 16“. Moreover, extra deep pockets on the four corners of this bed sheet will help you fit the cover around the mattress with ease. It also has a thread count of around 300, which makes it highly breathable.


  • It helps in keeping the surface cool and odorless
  • It can be used to cover any mattress with varying thickness
  • It is more durable as compared to other bed sheet materials
  • It will never give off a bad odor, thanks to the perfect Thread Count value of 300


  • It might feel a little heavy on soaking in water

Comfort Spaces Percale Sheet

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The final product that we have picked for you is Comfort Spaces Percale Sheets, which are known for their extra softness. Just run your hand over these bedsheets, and you can feel how smooth and crisp the surface feels. Moreover, thanks to the all-around stretchable and elastic build, these sheets can fit different mattresses up to 16³ in height. The deep-pocket design will help you quickly wrap the sheet around the mattress without causing any damage to the fabric. In addition, the thread count of the bed covers is so high that their breathability rate has increased by tenfold.


  • They can easily fit around any mattress with a maximum height of 16.“
  • They have a beautiful printed look with blue and white chrome shades
  • You do not need to wash these bedsheets with your hands
  • They are safe for babies due to the ultra-softness of the percale bed cover


  • They can’t be ironed to make the surface feel smooth

Buying Guide for the Best Percale Sheets

We have described the five best percale sheets that are sought-after in the market presently. Each product comes with a varying range of features like deep pockets, full-length elastic borders, printed fabric, and many more. So, with so many different characteristics and their impeccable benefits, choosing the right percale bed cover is not a piece of cake. That’s why we have explained some of the factors that usually affect a bedsheet having a percale weave type.

What Are the Types of Percale Sheets Available in the Market?

Before moving onwards with the buying guide, you should know the different types of percale bed sheets available in the market in detail. Usually, the categorization of the bed linen is based on the length of the cotton fiber length used in manufacturing. According to this attribute, there are three main types of percale sheets described below.

Standard cotton sheets

In the standard cotton bed covers, the cotton fibers have a length of 1.125“ maximum. Usually, most manufacturers prefer to have shorter cotton fibers to design bedsheets with percale weave patterns. Even though these sheets are cheaper, they can quickly lose their shine and softness due to wear and tear. Moreover, they have a high pilling rate which further reduces their lifetime.

Long-staple cotton sheets

To increase the durability of these percale cotton sheets, manufacturers use long-staple fibers, which usually come with a length of 1.25³. The increase in cotton fibers’ length makes them durable against wear and tear, softer, and smoother. That’s why you won’t have any difficulty sleeping on these percale cotton bedding covers.

Extra-long cotton staple sheets

If you choose the extra-long-staple cotton bedsheets, you will have two further options – the Egyptian ELS sheets and the Pima bed covers. In these bedding products, the cotton fibers used have a maximum length of 2³ but greater than 1.25³. That’s why they are the softest and also have the ability to withstand wear and tear for the longest time.

What Are the Factors You Need To Consider To Choose the Best Percale Sheet?

Depth of the corner pockets

The first factor on which your choice of the percale bed sheet will depend is the depth of the corner pockets. To prevent sliding of the bedcover from its position, manufacturers make pockets on the four corners, which will help fitting it around the mattress. Besides, the deeper the pockets, the better will be the bedsheet’s fitness around the mattress. For example, a percale sheet with 14³ deep pockets can be used for mattresses having thickness up to 17³.

The elasticity of the edges

As you will be covering the corners of the mattress entirely with the bedsheet, the edges must have elastic bands. Due to the elasticity, the bed cover will sit on the surface of the mattress without forming creases and folds due to movements on top. In addition, you need to make sure that the sheet comes with full-length elastic borders.

Fabric durability

No matter what, you need to make sure that the percale sheets are highly durable so that you can use them for the longest time. If you are not worried about the price, you can choose the long or extra-long-staple sheets where the cotton fibers are long enough to make the bed covers highly durable and long-lasting. Besides, you should choose a bed sheet with a higher thread count because it also increases its durability.

Feel and texture

The next factor you need to consider while choosing the best percale sheet is the feel of the fabric. Usually, the percale weave pattern makes the sheets crisp, which later becomes softer after repeated washing.

Also, make sure that the bed cover is highly breathable to maintain the surface temperature of the bed. It will allow air circulation with high breathability, thereby lowering the surface temperature during warmer days.

Design and color shades

Lastly, you need to check the designs on the bedsheets. Usually, the percale sheets are available in solid but softer color shades like white, off-white, cream, light blue, and so on. But in some cases, you will find printed bedsheets with different patterns. They look magnificent as the color shades are quite soothing for the eyes.

What Are the Features of a Percale Sheet?

  • Percale bed sheets are usually heavier than the traditional cotton bed sheets due to the weave pattern.
  • The thread count of the percale bed covers usually varies between 200 to 800. However, in certain products, you can find the thread count to be more than 1000 or 1500. Therefore, if you want softer sheets, you need to choose a higher TC value product.
  • Percale weave imparts a crisp feel to the bedsheets, making them look amazing. Also, they are pretty soft, which will help you have a peaceful sleep during the nighttime.

How To Take Care of a Percale Bed Sheet?

  1. Do not wash the percale sheets with your hand unless mentioned in the product manual explicitly.
  2. Always use proper detergent to wash them so that no damage comes to the fibers.
  3. There is no need to use fabric softener as the cotton sheets will become softer on their own after a few washes.

Percale Sheet FAQ

Q: Can the percale sheet absorb body sweats?

A: Yes, the percale bedsheets can absorb the sweats if you feel hot in the middle of the night. Due to the high breathability rate of the sheets, the sweat can get absorbed quickly, thereby making you feel more comfortable during sleep.

Q: What type of percale sheet should I buy to maintain my budget limit?

A: If you have a tight budget, it’s best to get the standard staple bedsheets. In these products, the cotton fiber length has a maximum value of 1.125, and hence, the sheets are cheaper than other types.

Q: Can I get embroidered percale bed sheets in the market?

A: Embroidered percale bed sheets are not quite common in the market. But yes, if you want to add an accent look in your bedroom, you can choose the printed percale sheets with bold color combinations.

Q: What is special about percale sheets?

A: Percale sheets have crisp and airy structure because they are made from a material that features tightly woven threads. Percale sheets offer a lot of breathability.

Q: Are percale sheets scratchy?

A: Percale sheets might seem stiff or scratchy when you first purchase them, but as you wash them, they become softer each time.

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