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Paper towels are an essential household item that people use very frequently. They are convenient and individual sheets can be kept in your pocket for urgent usage. Paper towels were invented a century ago, and since then, there has been no going back. Whether you have to clean a place before sitting on it, or water is spilled on a surface, or you have to dry your hands, paper towels will help you in any scenario. There are many different types of paper towels on the market, which can make it difficult to choose the right one. We’ve reviewed and listed our favorite paper towels available just for you. Additionally, we have also created a buying guide that will point you in the right direction and answer any questions you might have when it comes to purchasing paper towels for your household.

Best Paper Towel Reviewed in Detail

Presto! Paper Towel

– Best Overall


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These paper towels include two packs of 6 rolls each, totaling 12 rolls. Each roll has 158 two-ply sheets, and these huge paper towel rolls last 2.5 times longer than a typical roll. These paper towels are 75 percent more absorbent and are best for cleaning any type of mess.

The paper towels are PEFC approved and are made up of sustainable forest wood pulp. These are highly durable and have excellent customer service because they offer a refund if the customer does not like the product.


  • Excellent for messy situations
  • The 12 huge rolls equal 30 regular rolls
  • Great customer service


  • These paper towels are costly

Brawny Paper Towel

– Runner Up


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The Brawny Paper Towels come in three different size sheets on the same roll, including quarter, half, and full-size sheets. The different sizes available allow you to use each paper towel for any purpose according to your needs.

The quarter-sized towels can be used for small tasks, while half and whole sizes can be used for medium or large messes. The two-ply double roll has 128 sheets and is equal to two regular rolls. These are highly strong and absorbent paper towels, making your everyday tasks easier. They are perfect for tough messes as well as simple, routine cleanups.


  • Come in three different sheet sizes
  • Ideal for cleaning windows, big spills, and meal preparation


  • Their quality has decreased a bit recently

Bounty Paper Towel

– Honorable Mention


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The Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels contain 80 more sheets of paper, or an extra 8 days of cleaning messes when compared to regular paper towels. The 16 total rolls included in this pack equal 40 regular rolls. They are made with high absorbency power and can absorb two times better than a typical paper towel. They are available in short and long sheets.

The short ones are perfect for small cleaning, while the large ones are great for cleaning a large surface area. These paper towels come in handy for quick cleanups because of their firmness and absorbency.


  • Last 50% longer than other paper towels
  • For every tree used in making these paper towels, the company grows another tree
  • Can absorb twice as much as a standard paper towel


  • The family size of the paper towels is not big enough for a whole family

Scott Paper Towel

– Also Consider


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The pack contains six mega rolls, which equals eleven regular rolls, with each roll having a total of 102 sheets. These paper towels are 11 inches by 5.9 inches and have strong ridges that clean any mess fast.

Scott Paper Towels are created with a blend of soft and hardwood pulp fibers and water. They’re an eco-friendly choice as they are made from sustainably managed forests and they comply with environmental standards to help lessen the environmental impact of these paper towels.


  • The firm ridges help to clean up spills quickly
  • Large enough to clean up any mess
  • ECOLOGO and The Forest Stewardship Council certified


  • These towels are somewhat thin

Sparkle Paper Towel


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These paper towels are highly affordable and give you a practical cleaning experience. You can choose between a pack of 2 rolls, 6 rolls, or 18 rolls, giving you the option to choose the number of rolls that would best fit your needs. Another thing to note is that each roll has 116 two-ply sheets. They are great for cleaning up messes and brightening up your home, whether it’s in the kitchen, garage, or bathroom.

These sheets are wide enough to cater to all the cleaning needs of its customers. These are best for cleaning the kitchen, household cleaning, cleaning while preparing food, and outdoor cleaning.


  • The multipurpose paper towels for all cleaning duties
  • These paper towels can also be used in the place of paper mats


  • Some customers have mentioned an odor from these paper towels

Buying Guide for Best Paper Towels

If you’re looking to buy some paper towels online, you’re in just the right place. There are a lot of different paper towels available on the market, and you don’t want to buy ones that are made of low-quality materials. You want paper towels that are functional, durable, and absorbent. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for paper towels; so with this buying guide, we’re going to help you make the perfect paper towel purchase to clean all of your messes.

What To Look for When Purchasing Paper Towels


Sturdiness is one thing that must be present in every product that you buy. Some paper towels are made of cheap materials that break down into pieces while being used, making them essentially useless. As paper towels are used for various spillages, they need to be strong enough to withstand water or dirt.

Absorbing extent

The absorption power of the paper towel is what makes it fab or drab. If the absorption of the towel is excellent, then it is a great purchase. On the other hand, if the absorption is not so great, buying that paper towel would just be a waste of your money.


Affordability is another factor that must be kept in mind while purchasing paper towels. Some paper towels are being sold at a high price, and some are being sold at less expensive rates. You can choose between the two, but we would recommend you buy the ones that are priced somewhere in the middle. This is because a paper towel should not be heavy on your pocket as it is an everyday use product and not a luxury, but you still want decent quality materials.


Softness determines the quality of the paper towel. The soft and robust towels are an ideal buy as they are light on the surface. These paper towels provide excellent results as they are not extraordinarily harsh and still perform the work properly.

Sheet size

The size of the sheet is one feature that should be paid attention to. The size should depend on the work that you have to perform using these towels. If you have to clean a small surface, then smaller-sized sheets should be bought. If you want to use them in the kitchen, medium-sized paper towel sheets will do the work. Lastly, if you’re going to use a towel outdoors, you should buy paper towels with large-sized sheets to maximize the cleaning while minimizing the number of sheets you use.

Environmental certifications

You must buy the paper towels of the companies that have proof of the environmental certifications. As paper towels are made from forests, the manufacturing company must prove to the world that they have been certified to make these towels. Moreover, the certifications also show that the company is working towards a sustainable environment.

Ply count

Ply count means the layers that are present in a paper roll. The more layers indicated the more paper is present in that specific roll. Make sure to check the count of ply before purchasing a paper towel. This way, you will know precisely how much paper you are getting at the price you are paying.


Some paper towels have a fetid odor, and most buyers do not like those rolls. A majority of people love to have paper towels that are odorless, as they can’t stand any towel odor. So, ensure that the paper towels you are planning to buy are odorless.

What Are the Benefits of Paper Towels?


Paper towels are multi-use as they can be used for cleaning in many instances. If juice spills on the floor accidentally, or if you need to clean something in the kitchen while preparing the food, or if you want to clean the dirt on the window; you can use paper towels in many ways.

High absorption

Paper towels offer high absorption as compared to other typical tissue papers. They can clean places extremely well in comparison to thin tissues. Some high-quality paper towels even absorb the liquid when they are wet themselves, making the product highly beneficial.


Paper towels are highly economical. These are not expensive, so anybody can buy them. You don’t need to keep a massive budget before buying this product every month.


Paper towels are convenient to use as you can use them anywhere you want. They are extremely handy and individual sheets can be kept in a purse or pocket with ease.

Maintains hygiene

You can maintain hygiene with paper towels. You can use them while drying your hands or while cleaning the surrounding of your table. Paper towels are a great option for people who like to stay clean and keep their environment tidy.

What Is the Price Range of the Paper Towels?

You can buy paper towels for as low as $5 to around $30. This considerable price difference is because the expensive ones offer many sets of paper towel rolls. The less expensive ones typically have a small amount of paper. The other factors that decide the price include quality of the paper, durability, number of plies, absorption, and odor.

Paper Towel FAQ

Q: Are paper towels reusable?

A: No, the paper towels are not reusable. You should use one towel for one use.

Q: Are paper towels durable?

A: Yes, most paper towels are durable. This is due to the fact that they are made of durable materials, which increases their efficiency and durability.

Q: Are soft paper towels sturdy?

A: The soft paper towels may not be very sturdy. The softness provides great cleaning, but sometimes the delicate paper rolls don’t function appropriately and will break into pieces in the wet areas. You should go for the soft one that is made of solid components, which would make it sturdy.

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