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Summertime is right around the block, which means that you will be passing most of your time outside in the yard. Whether you own a patio, deck, or just a balcony, your outdoor space is just as important as your house rooms, and it deserves some refreshments on the overall appearance. However, buying new furniture each season can be quite expensive, and not a lot of people have the money to afford it. So, a simple and inexpensive way that you can refresh the look of your outdoor area is by getting brand-new outdoor pillows. Besides serving for decorating purposes, the outdoor cushions will offer you a comfortable place to lay your head down when you need it the most. We rounded up the best outdoor pillows available. Let’s start the review process with the number 1 position and work our way down to the buyer’s guide section of this article. Read on!

Best Outdoor Pillows Reviewed in Detail

MIULEE Outdoor Pillow

– Top Pick


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In the first position, we have Amazon’s best-selling outdoor square pillow covers from MIULEE. Sold as a pack of two, these outdoor pillows appear in 6 different sizes and 21 lively colors so that you will be able to easily match the design of your outdoor area. They are manufactured out of canvas polyester with a PU finish which is highly breathable and lightweight. To add up to the appearance, they also feature hidden zippers that match the color of the pillow. MIULEE is always dedicated to assisting its customers in improving their furniture.


  • They are made out of breathable canvas polyester
  • It is the best selling product in the “Outdoor Pillows“ section


  • Some of the consumers argued that the pillows aren’t entirely waterproof

Top Finel Outdoor Pillow

– Runner Up


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If you’re on the look for some gorgeous pillows that will definitely enhance the look of your backyard, then don’t overlook the Top Finel Outdoor Cushion Covers. They come in a set of 6 pillows and are made out of A-grade canvas, which is much softer and durable than the regular fabric. You will be able to purchase them in 9 colorful designs, including Navy, Yellow, Black, Burgundy, Orange, Teal, Light Yellow, Grey, and Red. Furthermore, these luxury outdoor pillowcases are fade-resistant and stain-resistant, which means that you will be able to throw them at the washing machine without any worries.


  • These outdoor pillows are machine washable
  • They don’t have any bad chemical smells


  • The design pattern of these pillows is just on one side

4TH Emotion Outdoor Pillow

– Honorable Mention


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The 4TH Emotion Outdoor Waterproof Pillow Covers are excellent if you want to re-decorate your garden area in a fashionable but budget way. The pillows are made out of waterproof polyester cotton; therefore, they can withstand even the toughest weather conditions with ease. They are also available in 4 different sizes, including 12×20 inches, 16×20 inches, 18×20 inches, and 20×20 inches. To ensure a precise fit, they manufacture all pillow covers somewhat smaller (approximately 1 inch smaller) than the insert size. Thanks to the zippers, the pillow covers can be immediately removed for cleaning purposes when needed.


  • Made out of waterproof polyester
  • They have a pretty classic but attractive look


  • The color will fade away if they’re constantly exposed to water

Phantoscope Outdoor Pillow

– Also Consider


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The unique textile manufacturing is what makes the Phantoscope Outdoor Pillows Set better than many others. They arrive in a pack of 2 and highlight a 100% polyester fiber material with a water-resistant coating. With the square design and various colors, these outdoor pillows are suitable for your yard, patio, tent, balcony, etc. Also, the invisible zipper enhances the overall look of the pillow and allows an easy removing experience.


  • These outdoor pillows highlight an invisible zipper
  • They are fitting for all your outdoor areas


  • The fabric of this pillow is too thin

WEYON Outdoor Pillow

– Also Great Option


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The creative design of the WEYON Geometric Outdoor Pillow Covers will provide a simple but modern feel to any place. You will be capable of picking 8 different patterns, including Christmas Animals, Christmas Gifts, Blue Geometric, Navy Geometric, Geometric, Marine Life Blue, Navy Blue Geometric, and Black Geometric. They are manufactured out of 100% high-quality linen cotton, which offers you a relaxing rest time after a hard day at work.


  • They are available in 8 different patterns
  • You will receive 4 pillow covers


  • Some of the users said that the colors of the pillows are the same in real life

Buying Guide for the Best Outdoor Pillows

There are hundreds of pillows available that have different shapes, sizes, and patterns, so how will you know which is the most fitting one for your backyard? In this buying guide, we will be viewing the most important things that you need to take into account, the average price you should expect to pay, the most important features to look after, and see the most asked questions on the internet about outdoor pillows. We strongly suggest that you read until the end so that you won’t miss out on anything.

What Should You Consider When Buying Outdoor Pillows?

Size and shape

If you’re on the hunt for new outdoor pillows, then the first key factor that you will need to put into consideration is the size and the shape. Usually, the most common shapes of the pillows are squares and rectangles, but you will be able to find other forms as well. Choosing the size of the outdoor pillow will mainly depend on your preference and the amount of space you have. There are various sizes available, most of the square pillows range from 14-inch² to 24-inch², and the rectangular ones can range from 12-inch x 20-inch and all up to 20-inch x 26-inch.


The outdoor pillows can be manufactured out of a variety of fabrics. Some of the in-demand materials for pillows are vinyl, cotton, and textile.

Vinyl – It is one of the least expensive options out there but also the less durable one. Even though it has a stylish look and it’s extremely easy to clean, the vinyl cushion fabrics don’t work very well when exposed to the sun. If you leave them in the sun for too long, their color can actually fade away.

Polyester – This is one of the most used fabrics for outdoor pillows, and for a good reason. Polyester is pretty comfortable to lay on, it’s resistant to stretching, and it’s completely waterproof – literally, everything you could wish for in an outdoor material.

Textile – Textile is a mesh woven material that is made out of polyester yarns and vinyl. They are a lot more durable than vinyl and are also water-resistant.

Cotton – Another pretty standard material when it comes to outdoor pillows is cotton. This fabric is economical, stylish, and relatively long-lasting. The main drawback of cotton is the fact that it doesn’t handle water very well.

Number of pillows

The last thing that you want to keep an eye on is the number of pillows included in the set. Be sure to evaluate your needs and see how many pillows you need before making a purchase. Rather than buying them separately, a set of pillows will provide you with a more balanced look and will often cost you less. Mainly, you will be capable of finding them in a pack of two, four, or even six outdoor pillows.

How Much Do Outdoor Pillows Cost?

The price range of the outdoor pillows can vary depending on the size, brand, fabric, and a number of pillows included in the set. If you’re looking forward to spending from $4 and up to $19, then you can find various two-pack outdoor pillows that are mainly made out of vinyl or cotton. If you plan to spend between $20 and all up to $70, you can find better-quality pillows made out of polyester and waterproof. Be sure to consider your budget before going shopping; this will help you eliminate many choices.

How Did We Select the Best Outdoor Pillows?

Choosing the best cushions for your backyard can be a challenging task, especially if this is your first time. That is why we took our time to research the entire market and select the best outdoor pillows available.


Buyers from all over the world have given their honest ratings and opinions. We advanced through many reviews and managed to find the best quality outdoor pillows out there.


Some of the most reputable brands will always try to offer their loyal consumers the best quality possible and will never disappoint them. So thanks to this factor, we were capable of eliminating a lot of low-quality outdoor pillows.


We deeply understand that each person has a specific budget, so we made sure that we included one for each individual out there.

What Are the Most Important Features for Outdoor Pillows?


Some of the outdoor pillows available are completely waterproof. These types of pillowcases are mostly made out of polyester and polyurethane. They are ideal for people who don’t want to bother removing them if it unexpectedly starts raining.


As we mentioned, there are numerous designs available, so picking a matching appearance with your outdoor furniture will be a piece of cake. For example, if you’re into classic and luxurious vibes, you should stick with a basic design and a solid color. On the other hand, if you enjoy a more colorful experience, then you can get playful patterns and bright colors.

Invisible zippers

The zippers are truly an essential accessory of every pillow; it makes the whole replacement process a lot easier. Some of the outdoor pillows also have invisible zippers that will give them a stylish and elegant look.

Machine washable

If you don’t fancy washing by hand, you can search for a fully machine-washable model. We advise that you carefully read the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. Most of the time, you will be able to locate the instructions in the product description or in a separate manual that will come with the outdoor pillows.


In this review, we’ve highlighted the top 5 outdoor pillows for your backyard, as well as providing you with a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you with the decision. We truly hope that you will be able to find the most fitting outdoor pillows. Good Luck!

People Also Asked

Q: How to keep the outdoor pillows from sliding off?

A: The pillows can easily slip off your outdoor furniture in windier conditions. In order to keep them in place, you should look for pillows made out of a non-slip fabric or connect the pillows with the furniture using industrial hook-and-loop tape.

Q: What is the best material for an outdoor pillow?

A: If you are looking for the best fabric for your pillows, you should stick with polyester and polypropylene. These types of outdoor pillows are UV-resistant, provide great comfort, are entirely weather-resistant, and you can purchase them at a pretty reasonable price.

Q: How can you clean outdoor pillows by hand?

A: Firstly, you will need to unlock the zipper and take away the inserts from the pillowcase. Then, get a bowl and mix some warm water with some dish detergent. Soak in the pillowcase and start scrubbing them until they’re entirely clean. After you’re done, just put them out in the sun and let them dry.

Q: When should you replace the outdoor pillows?

A: Most recent studies have suggested that you should be switching your outdoor pillows every 6 to 12 months. By doing this, you will ensure that they will be free of allergens, clean, and comfortable. However, since these types of pillows are mainly exposed to all kinds of outside factors, we even suggest that you change your pillows each summer season.

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