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One of the best ways to liven up your outdoor space is to add an outdoor end table to the picture. The greens, beiges, and browns work perfectly in harmony to create an aesthetic lounging area.

While ideas for setting up a great outdoor space can be endless, you also need to factor in a lot of other considerations when you’re dealing with outdoor furniture. Things like the surface material, material, size, height, weight, coating, and more. With the right precautionary measures, your outdoor furniture can stay pretty and last way longer than it’s expected to.

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade or get some new outdoor furniture, we’ve compiled and reviewed some of the best outdoor end tables for you in the article below.

Here Are the Best Outdoor End Tables

Adams Manufacturing Outdoor End Table

– Best Overall


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This quick-fold table serves as the best accent table for poolside, patios, and lawns. This table can be used to hold laptops, books, and other everyday items. The table can be folded into a flat surface as well. You can easily store it away when not needed without it taking up much space. This portability also makes this table ideal to be taken along on road trips, camping, and fishing.

Moreover, this outdoor end table weighs only 3lbs but is capable of supporting 25lbs of weight. It is made up of a durable resin material that won’t peel, fade or rust away. The table is completely coated in a UV inhibitor that will allow all the colors to stay fresh and bright even after continuous exposure to sun.


  • Easy to clean, just use a damp cloth and wipe
  • Folds quickly and into a compact portable form
  • Can take up to 25lbs of weight easily


  • Not good for windy areas

Grand Patio Outdoor End Table

– Runner Up


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Grand patio brings you one of the best patio outdoor end tables with the ideal size, weight, and height. These tables will perfectly complement your chaise lounges, conversation chairs, and patio furniture. The colors and coatings will stay fresh and bright for years due to the UV protectant layer shielding them from the sun.

The steel frame structure is powder coated which means that it won’t rust, peel or rot over time from the harsh outdoor conditions. The heavy-duty steel used during the construction makes the table sturdy and capable of holding up to 50lbs of weight. the feet are covered in plastic bottom caps that save the floor below it from scratches and screeching. This outdoor end table will stand tall and sturdy during windy weather as well.


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Maintenance-free and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean and move


  • No manual for initial assembly of the table

POLYWOOD Outdoor End Table

– Honorable Mention


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Polywood accent table is the perfect companion for rocking chairs, dining chairs, and other furniture items. The table is made up of fade-resistant lumber that is fully recycled. The lumber has an outlook of pure painted wood except that you won’t have to deal with the requirements of wood for proper upkeep.

The end table is made from heavy-duty material that can withstand all kinds of harsh weather conditions. The coating will make sure that the table never splinters, cracks, rots, peels, or chips away. It’s also coated in a UV protectant that will not only protect it against harmful sunrays but will also prevent mold, stains, and rust from forming.


  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and store
  • Commercial grade stainless steel construction for stability
  • Recycled material used


  • Colors may fade away with time

Christopher Knight Home Outdoor End Table

– Also Consider


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The cast aluminum material end table is made to endure the worst of weather. This classic piece is the perfect addition to your garden and backyard. The table is finished with bronze that gives it a sleek look and protects it from mold, rust, cracks, and even scratches from everyday use.

The Christopher knight end table is quite easy to move around and is capable of withstanding impressive amounts of weight. You can use it to put laptops, trays, household items, plant pots, and much more on the table. All you have to do to set the table up or break it down by simply removing the top round tray. each leg comes with a rubber cap that makes sure there is no screeching or marking on the floors.


  • Excellent durability
  • Bronze finish for protection against elements of nature


  • Legs do not disassemble

Danpinera Outdoor End Table

– Another Option


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This outdoor end table comes with a removable tray. You can easily remove the tray and take it anywhere you like for food and refreshments. The tray also has a ring under it so there’s no fear of spillage or tipping over. This round-end table is made from a highly durable waterproof material that will prevent rust or molds from developing and ruining the table.

Moreover, the structure, on the whole, is highly stable due to four x-shaped welded rod legs. Each leg comes with a non-slip rubbed pad stuck at its bottom to make sure it’s not making extra noise when you move it or scratching the floor and leaving trails. The best end table for outdoor use perhaps, Danpinera ensures stability, movability, and multi-use for all its tables.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Durable metal in a simple design
  • Lightweight and capable of enduring 50lbs


  • The table is not foldable

Buying Guide for the Best Outdoor End Tables

There are lots of valuable considerations that you must keep in mind when you’re off to get a new outdoor patio table.

Things To Consider Before Buying an Outdoor End Table

Outdoor end tables are made with different materials and designs. Let’s take a look at how you can pick the best outdoor end table from your available options.


Unarguably, the most important factor that you need to consider before buying an outdoor end table is the quality of the table. The quality means you will have to check the kind of materials used in the manufacturing of the table, the kind of screws or adhesive used, the finishing material, and the structure/design of the table.

A good quality table will have UV protectant finishing, a sturdy build with either metal or steel, and a robust assembly.


Choosing the right outdoor end table is all about picking the right size. Make sure you note the correct dimensions of your space, the furniture you already have, and the table you want to buy. It should be at a height that is not too high or too low from the sofa/couch. It should be easy to reach. You should also pay attention to the colors, texture, pattern, and design of the table so it “fits“ in the outdoor area.


Make sure that you’re weighing in all your options before making the final purchase. There is nothing wrong with getting a cheaper one if you think it’s not worth the investment. But you will have to take proper care of such inexpensive end tables for them to last.

Types of Outdoor End Tables

There are six types of end tables that you can choose from.

Nesting tables

Nesting tables are mostly made from iron and bronze with fine finishes. They come in trios or pairs with differing heights. A set of nesting tables is perfect for a small half-shade patio.You can push the tables together to achieve a unique look with layers.

Storage end tables

One of the best kinds of outdoor end tables is a storage one. This table is not very commonly used for outdoor spaces because of its mass and weight. They are usually heavier and bulkier than the other kinds.

These end tables have built-in drawers, sliding doors, or shelves.

Round-end tables

Outdoors round-end tables come with a circular top that perfectly balances and holds items placed on them. Some of them come in oval-shaped tops that soften the overall look of the space. Round-end tables look great with traditional as well as contemporary patio furniture designs.

Accent end tables

Accent outdoor end tables are rather a bold style item that will immediately uplift the complete look of your outdoors. These tables come in a variety of designs and details. It might not hold a lot of weight, but will surely work as a decorative

Antique end tables

These outdoor end tables come with a perfect vintage detailing top, antique cuts, and features like claw feet, iron drawer pulls, or distressed wood. This kind of looks perfect in a garden space with old heavy trees and wooden fences.

Chairside end tables

Almost all end tables can be used as chairside tables, but some are specially designed to make lounging more enjoyable and convenient. They are the right height and size to complement your seating arrangements and are not so heavy to move.

Tips for Using Outdoor End Tables

Proper and regular upkeep of outdoor furniture is necessary to make them live long and beautiful lives. Here’s how you can maintain an outdoor end table.

Cover it up!

Not every table is made from waterproof material or coated with it, you will have to cover them up from the rain. There are plenty of tailored covers available as well but you can also work with simple plastic sheets or furniture covers.

Get rid of puddles and spills

Most of the tabletops are water-resistant, not waterproof. Make sure that the table is not left out to grow mildew and mold when not in use. Shake the table or wipe away any excess rainwater that stays and puddles up.

Store it

When you’re off on a vacation, business trip, or getaway, make sure that you put all your outdoor furniture away. Weather forecasts cannot always be right. Most end tables fold into small compact designs, and you can easily store them inside.

Outdoor End Table Materials

End tables come in different types of materials. You will have to choose the right one for your space and according to your living conditions. Some materials are:


This is a decorative material that makes a perfect addition to outdoor sitting areas in farmhouses or Scandinavian boho rooms. They need a lot of maintenance and protection from water and moisture.


Wood end tables or accent tables are more practical and stylish. You can finish the wood with protective layers and place it outdoors for as long as you wish.


The most common and durable option for an outdoor end table is a table made of metal. Metal is sleek, versatile, and strong. You won’t have to worry about mold and mildew with this one. You can finish it with brass, silver, rose gold, or chrome touch.


Some of the best outdoor end tables with their pros, cons, considerations, and kinds have been discussed in the article, which hopefully will help you make the right decision.

No matter how durable and long-lasting items you place in your outdoor sitting areas, they are bound to wear out faster than your indoor furniture. They need consistent maintenance and care.

Outdoor End Table FAQ

Q: How tall are outdoor end tables? What is the ideal height for outdoor end tables?

A: Generally, the standard height for an outdoor end table is 15 to 19 inches. Outdoor end tables should be within two inches of the height of the sofa/couch’s arm.

Q: What is the best material for outdoor end tables?

A: The most durable and long-lasting material for outdoor furniture is wrought iron.

Q: Can you leave outdoor metal end tables out in winter?

A: While it might not be best for them, you can still leave aluminum or steel structures outside during winter. These materials are surprisingly resistant to precipitation and moisture in general.

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