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Are you tired of never having the right tool on hand when you need to complete a spur-of-the-moment odd job around the house? Or, are you annoyed with your overstuffed junk drawer that seems to swallow up every tool that enters it? If you can relate, then you should consider purchasing a multi-tool, so that you always have the right tool on hand to complete household tasks.

A multi-tool will ensure you have easy access to your most essential tools. This makes everyday tasks like cutting, prying, and screwing things extremely convenient. Not to mention, you don’t have to buy separate tools for each task. So, while the number of tools that the kit offers will vary from product to product, what you are guaranteed is convenience.

We also have an included amazing buyer’s guide, which will guide you through the entire buying process and also equip you with some killer tips and tricks to finding the ultimate multi-purpose tool. Without further ado, let’s dive right in! Here are the premium multi-tools of 2023!

Buying Guide to Finding a Multi-Tool

Now that you know all about the best multi-tool kits currently available on Amazon, how about we teach you how to go about buying one for yourself? This comprehensive buyer’s guide will do just that, and take you through a complete 101 of finding the best multi-tools money can buy.

Factors To Consider When Buying Multi-Tools

Let’s start things off by listing two factors that you must consider when buying a new multi-tool:


This one’s rather simple. You must choose a multi-tool that has all the tools that you’ll be needing. So, let’s say you drink often. In this case, it would be wise to buy a multi-tool that comes with a can or bottle opener. If you hike or fish often, you should purchase a multi-tool with at least a knife, plier, and scissor extension to keep with the rest of your gear.

Size & weight

The size of your multi-tool is also an important consideration that you must keep in mind. While compact tools are easier to hold and carry in your pockets, their tool extensions will also be small and sometimes not good enough.

So, you must weigh your options and opt for one that suits your requirements. Speaking of weight, your multi-tool’s weight will also affect its portability and usage. Lighter multi-tools will usually not have plier or hammer attachments but will be easier to carry than their heavier counterparts.

Buying Tips for the Best Multi-Tools

Here are two expert tips that will help you make a more informed decision when in the market for a new multi-tool kit:

Carrying case

While your multi-tool’s weight and size will affect its portability, you can easily knock all those worries out of the park with a good carrying pouch. We recommend opting for tools that come with one. You can simply tuck it in and throw the pouch in your bag when leaving the house. The pouch can also be used to store the multi-tool when you’re at home.


The best multi-tools, like the ones in our best-of list, ensure your safety by being equipped with adequate measures. A sheath goes a long way in preventing cutting accidents. Some gadgets, like the POHAKU Multi-Tool Knife, come equipped with lock mechanisms that ensure the blade is never opened accidentally.

How Much Do Multi-Tools Really Cost?

It’s good to know the typical price range of an item before you buy it, so you can ensure that you are not getting scammed or ripped off. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to upwards of $100 for a multi-tool gadget.

A low price point will get you all the essential tools in a mediocre-built product. This should be sufficient if you already have other tools in the house and only need a multi-tool to bring with you on the go occasionally.

However, if you are a frequent fisher, hiker, or would simply like to substitute your entire toolbox with a multi-tool, we recommend buying one that is built well and is sure to last you decades. Along with enhanced durability, a higher price tag also brings along features like ergonomic hilts, textured blades, and a larger number of tool extensions.

Branding also plays an important role when selecting a multi-tool. So, you can expect to see a premium brand name like LEATHERMAN printed on the tool when you venture into multi-tools in the three-figure price range.

How We Chose the Best Multi-Tools

Remember that best-of list that we took you through? Well, our team looked at these two factors when shortlisting those products:


When it comes down to it, a multi-tool that is difficult to use is rather useless, no matter how many tool extensions it offers, right? So, we made sure that all our top picks boasted ergonomic handles and spring-loaded grips for less fatigue during use.


We also checked out the various reviews on the product page and only considered tools that had a premium build quality to them. Durable steel that resists corrosion was prioritized. We also ensured that the multi-tool had fade-resistant coloring and some sort of warranty coverage on it.

Comparing the Unparalleled Multi-Tool of 2023

RoverTac Multi-Tool

– Best Overall


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This multitool kit offers you 14 different tools integrated into one compact gadget. Hammer, screwdriver, wrench, bottle opener; you name it, and this product has got it! All of the included tools are made from the most premium steel that is resistant to rust and has been oxidized for enhanced longevity. This multi-tool comes in a nylon pouch for easy carrying and storage. Additionally, this tool comes in two bright attractive colors: a sophisticated red, and a neon green, so it is sure to catch your eye when you are searching through a drawer or toolbox for your trusted multi-tool.


  • Extremely comfortable to hold
  • Comes with a well-stitch nylon pouch and sheath for the ax
  • Offers 14 tools in one compact kit for extreme versatility


  • A little heavy but easy to carry in the pouch that it comes with

Gerber Gear Multi-Tool

– Runner Up


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With a weight of a mere 0.4 pounds, the Gerber Gear Suspension-NXT Multi-Tool is extremely lightweight. It’s also extremely slim, with a thickness of just 1 inch. So, what do you get in this light and slim package? Well, you get 15 tools, ranging from scissors and files to drivers and cutters, plus more.

An extra feature of this product comes in its handy pocket clip extension, which keeps this multi-tool secure in your pocket. The front end of the tool is in the shape of a plier which, thanks to its spring-loaded mechanism, is extremely ergonomic. While the overall build isn’t very attractive, you can’t possibly ask for more from this simple piece at such a low price point!


  • Super slim and lightweight
  • The very low price point
  • 15 tools with ergonomic plier extensions


  • Not very sturdy but great value for money


– Honorable Mention


Buy on Amazon

Would an article about multi-tools even be complete without the mention of the LEATHERMAN tool? Definitely not! The LEATHERMAN Wave Plus Multi-Tool enters the multi-tool market with a bang and offers a staggering 18 tools in its slim build. This also includes the new wire cutter attachment that fans had been asking for, for years.

This multitool comes in two color options, although if you ask us, we’d definitely recommend going for the elegant black color. A great feature that the LEATHERMAN Wave Plus Multi-Tool boasts is its one-handed design. This means that you can easily open the tool with just one hand, as well as use it with just one hand. Overall, the LEATHERMAN multi-tool is one of our all-time favorites.


  • Extremely well-made and sturdy
  • Backed by a 25-year warranty
  • 18 tools for various tasks
  • Comes with a sheath for safe handling


  • The scissors could be a bit larger

Pohaku Multi-Tool

– Also Consider


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The POHAKU Multi-Tool Knife also features a convenient one-handed opening design. Available in two colors of black and silver, this multitool kit gives you access to 13 tools that range from different types of screwdrivers to pliers and knives.

POHAKU claims that the knife attachment’s 3-inch blade provides enhanced grip and cutting power. To protect you and your loved ones from getting hurt from this premium cutting power, the tool also boasts a handy locking system. You simply press the button on the design to lock and unlock the blade.


  • Made from anti-corrosive steel that is very long-lasting
  • Comes in a ballistic pouch made from military-grade nylon
  • Phenomenal price-to-performance ratio
  • A handy locking system to prevent accidents


  • Handle gets a bit greasy after continuous usage

Desuccus Multi-Tool

– Contender


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As its name suggests, the Desuccus Snowflake Multi-Tool is shaped like a snowflake with various tools protruding from each edge. There are 18 tools in total, ranging from different types of knives, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Besides giving it a unique look, the snowflake design also makes this multitool super easy to carry in your pocket.

The product also comes with a keychain, which you can use to hang the tool from a backpack or set of keys. On the flip side of things, this multitool isn’t made from stainless steel, as Desuccus claims. In fact, it is made from cast steel which, although durable, gives a hefty weight to it.


  • 18 tools for enhanced convenience
  • Amazing price point
  • Durable steel construction


  • A bit bulky

People Also Asked

Q: What is a multi-tool?

A: A multi-tool is a handy device that incorporates plenty of tools in one integrated design. Its size depends on the types of tools that it extends into. The smallest multi-tools can be small enough to fit onto a keychain.

Q: Which is the best multi-tool?

A: The best multi-tool, without a doubt, is the RoverTac Outdoor Multi-Tool. This tool has 14 attachments. So, you’ll get a hammer, pair of scissors, pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, and more, all for a super low price point. Also, the low price point doesn’t compromise the tool’s build quality – which is ultra-premium and is backed by a life-long guarantee.

Q: What should I look for in a multi-tool?

A: We recommend only opting for multi-tools that are made from premium materials and are long-lasting. You must also consider the type of application that you need the device for, and then buy one accordingly. Ergonomics and portability should also come into play in your buying decision. You should only opt for multi-tools that are easy to carry and have some sort of safety element to them. This can be in the form of a sheath or locking mechanism for the blade. Lastly, you can even take the overall aesthetics and design of the multi-tool into consideration and buy one that matches your style.

Q: Are multi-tools worth it?

A: Yes, multi-tools are definitely worth it! The best ones, like the products in the above article, can effectively substitute the stand-alone tools and can serve as your go-to for hundreds of everyday household tasks.

Q: Is carrying a multi-tool illegal?

A: A multi-tool is legal to carry in most states and countries. Still, it is wise to look through the knife legislation of your place. Some places will only let you carry one for a valid reason. If you’d like to travel with your multi-tool, make sure that it is TSA-compliant. Although, we’ve heard some airplane staff do not let you carry on multi-tools that are even TSA compliant, so to be on the safe side, it’s better not to take one with you on a plane.

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