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Are you relentless when it comes to dirty windows, cloudy mirrors, or dirt-spattered windshields? If yes, then this Best Mirror Cleaner’s buying guide will help you put your restless soul at peace. Mirrors can get blurred by continuous exposure to humidity, globs of toothpaste, coats of hairspray, and smears from fingerprints. That’s why your glass windows, mirrors, and screens need special treatment with specialized cleaning solutions. The best mirror cleaners can restore mirrors to their prime.

The glass cleaners wipe away water spots, smudges, and residues while leaving the mirrors with streak-free shine and flawless reflection. These mirror cleaners are technically safe products with a wide range from kid-safe and fragrance-free to all-natural and commercial-grade options.

What Is the Best Mirror Cleaner?

MiracleWipes Mirror Cleaner

– Best Overall


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These miracle wipes for cleaning the glass or mirror of your home are undoubtedly a miracle for everyone. A complete kit of 30 pre-moistened premium glass cleaning wipes of moderate size can be used on glass, mirrors, windows, cars, or screens of your electronics. You can remove the smudges, dirt, junk, or rust on your furniture too.

Miracle wipes have the ultimate tendency to clean up your mirror or glass with light and fresh scents left behind. An easy to dispose of the container is also provided with this package where the wipes can be disposed of after completing your glass or mirror cleaning tasks. Additionally, wipes are a good option for touch-ups or on-the-go cleaning of the glass quickly.


  • FDA approved
  • Protection against diseases
  • Removes streaks or lint


  • Bottle design is not ideal

Windex Mirror Cleaner

– Runner Up


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The second highly suggested product for cleaning washroom mirrors, glass doors, and windows is Windex, a glass cleaner spray bottle. The cleaner spray bottle is synthesized from recycled plastic, thus environmentally friendly. The spray present in the bottle is a thick, viscous liquid in ocean blue color. You only need a drop to clean your mirror or glass.

The cherishing scent of the mirror cleaner leaves a positive impact on the surroundings. You can clean your glass or mirror using this spray with no streaks or filters on your object. Moreover, it gives your glass screens or mirrors a flawless reflection and sparkling look. It tends to enhance the beauty of home glass, mirrors, or windows.


  • Good on all glasses
  • Works on black appliances, too
  • Easy to clean with no scratch


  • Trigger may loosen

Sprayway Mirror Cleaner

– Honorable Mention


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Moving forward to the next product in our review list of the top 7 best cleaners with the highly recommended five-star mirror cleaner launched by Sprayway. This aerosol spray package contains 2 bottles of mirror cleaner in large sizes available at such an affordable price. You will never regret having it at your home to clean your glass and mirror effectively and appropriately.

The lightweight of this spray bottle makes it convenient to pick up and use without any difficulty. You can even use this mirror cleaner on your old-fashioned furniture or rust and junk on any such glassy surface. The results will be more than you expected.


  • Doesn’t leave behind surface streaks
  • Can be used for car glass
  • Large size and quantity


  • More expensive than other options

Better Life Mirror Cleaner

– Also Consider


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Another hot pick in our best cleaner review list is glass cleaner by Better Life, which is a streak-free formula based on natural ingredients. You don’t have to worry about the chemicals like surfactants, petroleum, and VOCs, it is safely centered on plant extracts and natural products. Feel free to pick this cleaner for your cleaning needs because it does not contain a stingy smell like the other conventional mirror cleaners.

This glass cleaner not only gives a glow to your glass and mirrors but also works on stainless steel surfaces. This product is worth your money and has a bumper offer of two complete packings. In fact a great choice for removing any type of greasy material, rain spots, dirt, fingerprints, any smudges on your mirror and making it super shiny.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Smudge-proof
  • No foul odor
  • Chemical-free


  • Leaves behind a blueness
  • One sprayer head

Invisible Glass Mirror Cleaner


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Invisible Glass 92194-4PK also deserves a worthy place in our review list of the 7 best mirror cleaners due to its luminous cleaning of glassware and marvelous performance. The watery formula lets it evaporate more quickly and gives you a truly startling clean service behind. The packaging bottle is sturdy and super cool with a spray pump. The ammonia-free formula adds to its versatility, making it a multi-functional hero not just for glass but for stainless steel and vehicles as well.

Investing your money in invisible glass cleaners will make you an admirer customer. Plus, it gives you a money-back guarantee. Just give it a try to USA based invisible glass cleaner for getting crystal-clear vision from your mirror.


  • Zero streak
  • Easy to use
  • Soap and ammonia-free


  • Watery concentration

HOPE’S Mirror Cleaner


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The second last product in our product list has been rated as number one by leading consumer magazines during the last three years. It’s a glass cleaning spray by Hopes, a premium quality and well-known brand when it comes to performance. With just one spray and a wipe, it’s all done with a sparkling shine and flawless reflection.

To overcome the smokey results like other glass cleaners, it is peculiarly a no-residue formulation. This product is a multi-talented surface cleaner perfectly working for mirrors, cooktops, TV screens, windows, tabletops, mirrors, shower enclosures, and many more at your home and offices. An environmentally friendly and ammonium-free product that will make your glass screens shine like Gorilla Glass.


  • Effortless wiping
  • Swift working
  • No smear


  • Leaves occasional smudges

The Laundress Mirror Cleaner


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The last but equally efficient product in our review list of the 7 best mirror cleaners is by laundress. A highly concentrated formulation that comes in a compact design spray bottle. Well ranked for its exclusive quality and superior working option at such an affordable price. With it, there is no need to worry about the safety concerns of your family and pets because it is based on plant derivatives and lacks harsh chemicals such as petroleum, ammonia, dye, and chlorine.

Don’t be skeptical about its crystal-clear shine on the glass, mirrors, and other surfaces, it will kick off all the dust and dirt. Surely a trustworthy and best glass cleaner supported by hundreds of positive reviews.


  • Non-toxic
  • Mild fragrance
  • Efficient and speedy drying


  • Not good for the outdoors

Buying Guide for the Best Mirror Cleaners

Well, we all are well- aware of the fact that multiple varieties and ranges of mirror glass cleaners have been introduced in the market yet with several unique features and characteristics. It is not an easy task to choose one out of many.

But, here in this mirror cleaner buying guide, we are going to discuss some of the key features you need to keep in mind while selecting your desired product.

What To Look For in the Best Glass Cleaner:

Usage specification

Always be focused while buying a glass cleaner, whether you are picking a true glass cleaner or a simple cleaner. Simple cleaners aren’t able to clean your glass or mirror. However, the specified glass cleaners contain ultra-powerful liquid to clean your glass, mirror, or window without any streak or filter on the mirror cleaner.


Every glass cleaner is composed of a variety of different solvents or surfactants to clean your glass or mirror properly like water, ammonia, or hydro-propanolamine. No doubt, these solvents have the ultimate ability to clean mirrors or glass more quickly and effectively, but at the same time, these solvents, like ammonia, may harm your health with itching or irritation.


Not all glass cleaners leave the cool and cherishing scent in the home after cleaning. But this scent matters a lot as it leaves a refreshing effect on your mind and you will feel more relieved after smelling it. Hence, we suggest you all prefer a glass cleaner that facilitates you and your room with a cool scent and fragrance in itself.

When Should You Use a Glass Cleaner?

To be honest, everyone’s main objective is not only to clean the glass or mirror but to disinfect the glass or mirror from all kinds of germs too. For this purpose, the above-described products have used different chemicals to kill germs including bacteria. Ammonia and isopropyl are the best choices of chemicals you can have for your glass cleaners.

There are other chemicals also available in the glass cleaners, but they have a pungent smell and toxic allergic or irritating reactions to the user. Thus, those chemical-carrying mirror glass cleaners are recommended to be used in low quantities.

Tips for Using Glass Cleaners:

To use the glass cleaners safely and to limit your exposure to chemical glass cleaners, some rules are being set that need to be kept in mind while using glass cleaners:

  1. While using a glass cleaner, increase the ventilation of the room by turning on the fans and opening the windows.
  2. You must not use these glass cleaners on kitchen appliances or children’s toys as it is dangerous to use over there.
  3. Do not use glass cleaner near heat or flame, as it contains chemicals that can burn.
  4. Keep your glass cleaner away from the children.
  5. If you find anything abnormal in yourself, consult any medical specialist.

Important Features to Consider:

Some other important features you should remember while buying glass cleaner are as follows:


Always look upon the quantity of the glass cleaner the manufacturers are offering. As we all know, not all glass cleaners suit all types of glass, so it’s better to check first. If you are using a glass cleaner for the first time, it is suggested to choose a smaller quantity first. When you are satisfied with the glass cleaner after use, you can also have it in a larger amount.


Price range is another key feature, you should keep in mind while buying glass cleaner. Some products are cheap, but their quantity is comparatively less, while the other expensive glass cleaners are provided in larger quantities. The packaging of the glass cleaner also varies with changing price ranges.


Odor is the “must“ feature you should consider for your glass cleaner. Smell your glass cleaner before buying it. Always check whether the smell of glass cleaner is normal, good, or pungent. If the smell of glass cleaner is invasive, it may affect your cleaning mood or, in some cases, cause itching or irritation reactions. So be aware of your choice.

Final Verdict

Though all-purpose cleaners are good for cleansing most surfaces, when it comes to glass surfaces and washroom mirrors, they fail to give a complete, invisible, streak-free finish. On the contrary, the specialized glass cleaners will make your windows, mirrors, and glass doors shine gleamingly, leaving no streaks in sight. Please make sure to read the instructions and protocol carefully to avoid any unpleasant event. We have put all the minor and major details in our buying guide, including the review list of the top 7 mirror cleaners to help you select the one with maximum cleaning efficiency.

People Also Asked

Q: What causes streaks on glass or mirrors?

A: If you clean your glass or mirror on a hot summer day, the mirror cleaner will dry so rapidly that will cause streaks on your mirror or glass. These streaks affect the natural shine and brightness of your glass.

Q: What is the best way to clean glass with no scratch or filter?

A: For cleaning your glass protectively, you must spray the glass cleaner on the glass or mirror and use the towel to wipe off all the spots, junk, or rust on the mirror or glass. At last, dry the surface with a newspaper or dried towel.

Q: Which glass cleaner is more effective in cleaning glass?

A: Well, all the products have their own merits and demerits, but according to the ratings and reviews, Sprayway Glass Cleaner Aerosol Spray is most effective in cleaning your glass or mirror with no scratches or streaks on the glass or mirror.

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