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Because sleep is critical for our health and well-being, having a pleasant and inviting bed to rest is undoubtedly beneficial. While selecting the appropriate mattress is an excellent place to start, bed frames must also be carefully considered. Metal bed frames have a long history and are regaining popularity, but why? To begin, metal is robust, durable, and inexpensive, which checks all of the major boxes for what people want in a quality bed. But with hundreds of options, finding the best metal bed frames may be daunting.

We’ve been hard and dedicated at work, compiling a list of the top metal frame beds now available on the market to assist you in your quest for better sleep.

Comparing the Best Metal Bed Frames

Yaheetech Bed Frame

– Best Overall


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The Yaheetech Bed Frame is the perfect combination of style and comfort for your sleeping space. It features a high headboard and footboard that will provide the perfect backdrop for propping up soft pillows. Its vintage industrial sensibility means that it has an adorned silhouette, dramatic high headboard, and thick tube framework, all with unique petal cast-work to give your bed some fun decorative flair.

This is not just for looks either; the Yaheetech Bed Frame is incredibly durable thanks to its powder-coated steel framework, solid slats, and multiple sturdy legs. It is designed to hold up to 450 pounds and provides reliable stability while eliminating any pesky or squeaky noises. The package includes all of the necessary hardware and tools needed for assembly, as well as a straightforward instruction manual and a more direct assembly video. With this best overall bed frame, you can be sure that you’ll always have a good night’s sleep.


  • Incredibly durable
  • Beautiful design
  • Provides reliable stability


  • Bed size runs small

ZINUS Metal Bed Frame

– Best Design


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This sturdy metal bed frame has vertical as well as horizontal steel slats to provide ultimate support to your mattress. The steel slats have an intricate pattern having 10.66 inches of space in-between to be your go-to option without the need of a box spring, having the capacity to hold 1500 lbs.

The under-bed space is more than a foot, and you can sneak your bags, shoes, extra odds, or even storage bins without any hassle. You will also find multiple solid legs for squeak- and wobble-free use. Moreover, the legs also come with plastic caps at the end to ensure that your flooring won’t get scratched. This bed frame is a win-win with a swift assembly that doesn’t need any tools or extra hands and a 5-year worry-free warranty.


  • Made with premium-quality and heavy steel to last longer
  • Legs’ ends have plastic caps to protect your floors
  • Quick tool-free assembly


  • The plastic leg caps crack after a few months

Amazon Basics Metal Bed Frame

– Affordable Choice


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As this metal bed frame has 3 rows of 3 legs each (9 in total), you get the peace of mind of having a sturdy and stable base for your mattress. You can get it in multiple sizes, depending on your needs and the space available. The center bar offers enhanced strength, making it a long-lasting option.

Because of the lock-together system, each support bar fits perfectly within seconds and you don’t need any tools to assemble it. After setting the frame up, you get about 7 inches of space underneath to place any odd items.


  • Made of durable steel with a smooth black finish
  • Convenient tool-free assembly
  • Extra legs for better stability


  • Not a sturdy option for heavyweight people

COMASACH Metal Bed Frame

– Honorable Mention


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This bed frame is made of reinforced sturdy steel to last years of use. It features 9 durable legs to withstand a maximum weight of 3500 lbs without shaking or wobbling. The frame fits a similar-sized mattress perfectly without needing extra box springs to make you fall asleep instantly. The smooth slats increase the life of your mattress as there are no sharp ends to damage it.

The 16-inches high bed frame offers you enough space to store your belongings underneath and clutters the space around. The minimalist and modern design blends well with any type of room.


  • Smooth black slats to protect your luxury mattress
  • Comes with all needed hardware and tools for quick assembly
  • Premium package quality prevents transportation damage


  • Needs two persons to assemble it

Olee Sleep Metal Bed Frame

– Also Consider


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A height of 13 inches offers a reasonable amount of storage space underneath while providing sufficient support to the mattress. The pattern of steel slats ensures decent airflow to provide sound sleep.

You can assemble the frame quickly with all the tools and hardware that come along. It encloses different types of mattresses to prevent squeaking and slipping. Topping out of 44.3 pounds, this sturdy yet lightweight bed frame is easy to move from room to room.


  • No box spring needed
  • Hold mattress not to slide on bed frame
  • Compatible with headboards


  • The self-foldable mechanism results in unwanted snaps, sometimes

TUSEER Metal Bed Frame


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The sturdy bed structure features heavy-duty steel slabs and nine supporting legs that contact the floor to accommodate up to 660 lbs. The classic modern design makes it a perfect choice for any room. The ergonomically designed metal bed frame is easy to put together, giving you a place to unwind and relax.

It also offers you 13 inches of storage space underneath to put out-of-the-season clothes and other items. The package includes steel bed rails, support legs, sidebars, an instruction manual, screws, and Allen keys.


  • Made of top-quality steel for strength and safety
  • Accords with ergonomic design for relaxed nights
  • Ample storage space to keep quilts, shoes, blankets, etc.


  • Steel legs can scratch the floor

Buying Guide for the Best Metal Bed Frames

Now that you’re aware of many of the market’s top items, how precisely do you select the best one out then? That is where the purchasing guide will come in handy. This guide will provide you with some type of grading standards for your selection. You can at least determine which one meets your requirements using the criteria. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best metal bed frames for your bedroom, the following brief guide might assist you:

What Are Some Key Considerations for Buying Metal Bed Frames?


To begin, you must evaluate the mattress’s size. You can get metal frames in different sizes to match the size of your mattress. If you have a queen-size mattress, for example, there are queen-size frames available. Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that certain bed frames are not twin-sized on their own but may be linked to other same-sized beds to create a queen- or king-sized bed.

This is the more inexpensive sort of bed frame, particularly if you move your belongings frequently and there are a variety of sizes. That being stated, always examine the size first to ensure that your mattress can be readily transferred to the frame.


Platform beds and box spring beds are two common types of bed frames that you will come across. Platform beds are slightly lower yet more affordable. However, the box spring kind will provide more elevation and support for the mattress.

The choice ultimately comes down to personal desire, although the most popular are the platform kinds, as they are the most comfortable option. While some are compatible with box springs, the majority do not require them to offer adequate support or leverage for the mattress.


Nowadays, bed frames are constructed from a variety of metals. You may get a brass bed frame, a stainless-steel bed frame, or an iron bed frame, depending on your own style choices. Whichever one you choose will truly rely on which one has the most appropriate look for your space.

Additionally, you may wish to consider wear and tear. While iron and brass rust readily, stainless can withstand more wear and tear and doesn’t rust quickly. Take notice that the majority of the goods listed above are made of steel, as steel is one of the strongest metals and has the longest life.


This aspect is mainly aimed at individuals who are unfamiliar with or dislike assembling bed frames. Because the majority of bed frames are not built when they arrive in the box, you will need to assemble all of the components after you receive your goods. However, others are foldable and need minimal construction.

If you dislike putting things together, you should go for one that is foldable, as these do not require assembly. Simply unfold the frame, place it anywhere you wish, and place your mattress on top.

If you don’t mind a little assembly, you may get the kind that isn’t already assembled. The advantage is that you’ll be familiar with each component of the bed frame and can properly tighten each screw to ensure it won’t fall apart.


Additionally, you must examine the bed’s style and design. You’d like the overall look of your metal bed frame to complement your home design. The metal bed frame should complement your room’s decor.

For instance, if your bedroom is rustic or Victorian in style, black metal or brass metal bed frames appear best, whereas iron and stainless-steel bed frames look best in more modern settings. You may use your imagination to choose which style is best.

Which Styles of Metal Bed Frames Are Worth Your Selection?

The phrase ‘bed frame’ refers to any self-contained framework that independently supports a mattress and foundation. The specific structure of a bed frame, as well as the usual profile (or height) of the bed, will vary. Not all bed frames are acceptable for use with a box spring, and while not all mattresses require one, keeping this in mind if you like to use one is a good idea.

Some common metal bed styles are:


A canopy bed’s four supports are attached to an overhead frame (or canopy) from which curtains, draperies, or other decorative items can be hung to give additional seclusion for sleeping. While traditional canopy beds are frequently ornately constructed, contemporary canopy beds are typically thinner and more minimalist in appearance.


Also called box spring beds, panel beds are made of flat hardwood panels for the headboard and footboard. Unlike platform beds, they also include side rails to support both the mattress and the base and are often higher than other bed kinds.


A platform bed is composed of uniformly spaced or latticed metal or wood slats capable of supporting a mattress in the absence of a base/foundation. Queen, King, and California King size sometimes require reinforced center support bars.

Poster bed

A poster bed is made up of four posts that are not linked by an above canopy. The most popular form of bed is the four-poster bed, which has four higher posts; low-poster beds have lower posts, and half-poster beds have taller head and foot posts. The posts may be rounded or pointed (referred to as ‘pencil posts’).


Sleigh beds are so named because their curving headboard and footboard mimic the structure of wooden sleighs. These beds are more conducive to sitting up (due to the rounded surface). Although sleigh beds are often constructed of wood, metallic versions are also available.

Storage platform

Storage beds are platform bed types that have drawers on one or both sides. They’re great for users who want a bed but want to free up some more bedroom space. You can store your odd or off-season belongings without being worried about having the under-bed area all messed up.

When Should You Think of Replacing Your Bed Frame?

As one of the most frequently used things in the home, your bed frame will inevitably show signs of wear and tear over time. It’s critical to ensure that your bed frame is still functional since a broken bed frame might result in a restless night’s sleep or even injury. Several indicators of replacing your bed frame include the following:

  1. Despite changing the mattress, you do not receive the necessary support during sleep.
  2. You regularly feel drained and achy when you awake.
  3. You recently slept better on a new bed.
  4. The bed’s base is uneven or sinking, causing the mattress to sink.
  5. When you move, it produces cracking or crunching noises.
  6. You notice any damaged or broken slats in the bed.
  7. There are splits or cracks in the wood, most noticeable on the slats or beneath the frame. This might be a sign that your bed is about to collapse.
  8. You see that the frame’s fasteners are bent, missing, loose, or twisted.
  9. The bed’s look is used and worn.
  10. You’ve purchased a new mattress that is too large for your existing bed.

How Much Does a Metal Bed Frame Cost?

When purchasing a bed frame, you’ll want to get the best deal possible. Fortunately, all of the metal bed frames on our list are affordable without sacrificing quality. Because all of the brands are very well-known, you won’t have to worry about their quality. Therefore, while creating a budget, you can consider the price ranges of the goods on our list of high-quality metal bed frames as a guide.

You can get high-quality metal bed frames in the range of $40 to $150. These frames are made of high-quality material and are designed to withstand wear and tear.

Metal Bed Frame FAQ

Q: Can I install a headboard to metal frames?

A: Yes, the majority of metal bed frames come pre-drilled with holes for the support of a headboard. Alternatively, if your metal bed frame does not have this option, you may utilize a stand-alone headboard.

Q: How can I determine whether or not my mattress will fit within the frame?

A: To ensure that your mattress will fit within your new metal bed frame, inquire about the frame’s inner frame measurements. This will provide the precise mattress size necessary to use the frame without the usage of box springs.

Q: What can I do to prevent my bed from squeaking?

A: To prevent your bed from squeaking, ensure that all components of your metal bed frame are properly fastened and nothing is loose. Additionally, all screws should be tightened. If feasible, oil the places from where the noise originates to help eliminate noise.

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