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Have you ever woken up feeling more tired than you did before you went to sleep? Or had so much discomfort sleeping due to profuse sweating or terrible itching? We’ve all experienced it at some point. While these can be due to several factors, your duvet cover choice can also be a major culprit. The best linen duvet covers offer superior comfort and value for your money. Don’t settle for less!

Duvet covers serve both a protective and decorating purpose in your bedroom. It is pretty easy to switch out a duvet cover to accommodate a season, change of style, or to address a few sleep troubles. When choosing a duvet cover, dimensions, material, and construction must be considered. No need to go through the hassle as we’ve reviewed the top linen duvet cover for your perusal.

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The Best Linen Duvet Cover Models in Detail

DAPU Linen Duvet Cover

– Best Overall


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There are few duvet covers out there that provide comfort, safety, and a good night’s sleep. The DAPU pure linen duvet cover set is one of them. The stone-washed bedding is super durable, glossy, and soft to the touch since it is made exclusively from high-quality French flax from Normandy. Produced using OEKO-TEX Standard 100 materials, the duvet cover is eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. Due to its self-cleaning capability, it does not require frequent washing. You will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to the linen’s ability to absorb moisture up to 20% of its weight without feeling wet. Hot sleepers will love this set.

Key Features

  • The cover is made of natural French linen
  • The package comes with free pillowcases
  • Its high-quality fabric is soft and durable
  • It comes in a 90“ x 90“ king/queen size

Simple & Opulence Linen Duvet Cover

– Runner Up


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How nice is it to have bedding that gets softer after every wash? That’s pretty cool, right? We think so, too. The material is highly effective at dispersing moisture and regulating airflow. It is also conductive of heat and does not sweat close to the body. The Soft & opulence duvet cover has a soft, generous color and light texture. The linen fabric has a unique wrinkled texture that makes it more natural and textured. It can be machine-washed at 60°C with similar colors. Dry cleaning is not recommended. In addition, avoid using whitener or bleach in the detergent.

Key Features

  • The cover is made of all-natural washed linen
  • Its stone-wash feature makes it easy to maintain
  • It comes in a 68“ x 68“ twin size and 20“ x 26“ pillow sham
  • The cover fabric offers moisture-dissipation features

Bedsure Linen Duvet Cover

– Honorable Mention


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Made from a fusion of premium cotton and linen, the Bedsure linen cotton duvet cover set leaves the perfect combination of soft, smooth, and rich texture. This cotton and linen comforter cover set hugs your body like a soft cloud with its distinctive features. You sleep healthier with cotton linen bedding because it’s made from natural fibers. Unlike a down comforter that requires professional washing care, the removable duvet cover is easier to clean.

Is it hot outside? Don’t worry! You can easily remove the soft duvet cover to use as a thin blanket to ensure a comfortable night’s rest.

Key Features

  • The cover is made from a superior fabric combo
  • It measures 90“x90“ Queen size
  • It comes in an exquisite design for a luxury setting

PHF Linen Duvet Cover

– Also Consider


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If you have ever had difficulty finding a standard fit duvet cover, then PHF Linen Duvet Cover has come to the rescue! The linen duvet cover set is made from French flax fiber, out of the best long staple linen fibers in the world. With these superior linens, you will enjoy soft, breathable, moisture-absorbing, and durable bedding. This linen bedding set is designed for all-year comfort, making you feel warm on chilly nights and cool on warm nights, thanks to its high air permeability and wicking capability.

Key Features

  • It comes in a 90“x92“ Queen size
  • The package includes two 20“ by 26“ pillow shams
  • It is made from French flax fiber

Buying Guide for the Best Linen Duvet Covers

Knowing your options is the first step to choosing the right duvet cover. Read on to learn more details about duvet covers.

What Is the Best Sizing for a Linen Duvet Cover?

Duvet covers need to fit duvets, so their size is crucial. Duvet covers should wrap snugly around duvets, leaving little room for them to move around. There are different duvet sizes and thicknesses for different types of beds. As a rule of thumb, a twin duvet measures 68“ x 86“, and a twin extra-long duvet measures about 68“ x 90“. A full duvet can measure 78″ x 86″ to 86″ x 86″. Queen-size duvets measure 90″ x 90″, and king-size duvets measure 92″ x 104″.

There should be a space between the duvet cover and the duvet. Duvet covers of queen size, for example, measure 90“ by 93“. For king-size duvets, the cover measures about 93“ x 108“. Usually, duvet covers come in a three-piece set with two pillowcases. A king-size set’s shams measure 20“ wide and 37“ long, while a queen-size set’s shams measure 20“ wide and 27“ long. In a duvet cover set, the shams usually come with decorative flanged hems, which add a nice touch to the bed. An insert does not usually accompany duvet cover sets.

What Material To Choose for a Duvet Cover

Fabric and fibers have the most impact on your bed linens. The feel and characteristics of each fabric are different.

Cotton bed linen

Sheets and bed linen are usually made from cotton. In addition to being natural, breathable, and biodegradable, cotton is also very soft on the skin. There are numerous options when looking for cotton. Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton are two of the most popular kinds of cotton. In all of the world, Egyptian cotton bed linen is regarded as the finest. It is soft, strong, and breathable. The key advantage of Egyptian cotton is that it becomes more comfortable with every wash.

Its superior qualities are due to the fact that Egyptian cotton is grown on a different plant (Gossypium Barbadense) than regular cotton. Egyptian cotton has long fibers that produce thin and smaller yarns and threads. It is also stronger than other cotton because of its extra-long filaments. It is, therefore, possible to weave these threads into a luxurious, durable fabric that is unlike any other cotton.

Conversely, US cotton producer Pima or Supima competes with Egypt’s cotton. As with Egyptian cotton, it comes from a long staple fiber, which gives it a premium feel.


Cotton and polyester are blended to make polycotton sheets. Generally, polycotton bed linen is inexpensive and easy to maintain. The material dries quickly and requires little ironing. Natural fibers like cotton and linen are usually more breathable than polyester. Those who sweat at night or sleep hot may find it unsuitable.


The flax plant is known for its natural hollow fibers used in making linen. European countries are the major producers of flax, with the finest options produced in France and Belgium. Since linen is naturally breathable and has excellent insulation properties, it provides excellent temperature regulation all year long. Since linen bedding is made of very strong and durable fabric, it will last a long time.


Take it from us; nothing feels smoother to sleep on than silk sheets. Silk bedding is created by spinning silkworm cocoons. Silk, like other natural fibers, is breathable and helps you stay cool while sleeping by wicking moisture away from your skin. It is antibacterial as well.

There are many benefits of silk. In addition to its natural protein content, silk contains oils that protect your skin. Cotton can wick moisture away from the skin quickly, but silk doesn’t have such a feature. As a result of its smooth texture, you will sleep with very little friction pulling at your skin and hair. Therefore, the skin will be brighter, and the hair will be less tangled.

What Is the Linen Thread Count?

The thread count of one square inch of the fabric indicates how many threads there are. It affects both vertically woven threads – known as the warp – and horizontally woven threads – known as the weft. Duvet covers, pillowcases and bed sheets can appear softer to the touch when made from fine, high-quality thread and different weave types. As a result, we consider 200 to 600 thread count to be the ideal number. You can achieve fabulous quality and feel with 100% cotton. Longer yarns are considered to be of better quality. If you look at anything below 200, you will see that it feels rougher, looks less expensive, and can be seen where the fabric is woven.

How Significant Is the Weave of Your Bed Linen?

Besides fabric, the weave of your bed linen fabric will also affect how it feels. Yarns and threads are woven together to create fabric. To change the feel of your sheets, you can get them woven in different ways. For the finest quality cotton bed linen, sateen and percale weaves are the preferred options.

Sheets made with a sateen weave are soft, slightly silky, and luxuriously smooth, so you often find this weave on luxury bed linen. Satin sheets have a softer feel than percale sheets. In contrast, percale sheets are tightly woven, so they tend to feel cozy and crisp. Pure cotton or cotton-polyester blends are the two most common types of fabric.

Other Types of Weaves Include:


It creates a diagonal pattern with a textured appearance similar to herringbone. It is known that twill bed linen is supple and drapes well.


Joseph Jacquard invented this weaving technique in 1804. The pattern is woven directly onto the fabric with a special loom.


A honeycomb grid structure is formed by weaving together yarns that form recessed squares. In turn, this creates a highly textured and three-dimensional fabric.


Although satin sheets can be made from silk, they are generally made from synthetic fibers that are tightly woven together. Silky and smooth, this kind of fabric is reasonably priced. However, this option is not the most durable on the list; it snugs and is not ideal for sweaty or hot sleepers.

Linen Duvet Cover FAQ

Q: What is the right way to choose bed linen?

A: You should consider the feel, fabric, weave, and thread count of bed linens, such as sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases, along with sizes, styles, and accreditations. The packaging and care are other noteworthy factors.

Q: Which bedding is most comfortable?

A: It’s a no-brainer that the bed linens that give you the most restful sleep are the most suitable bed linens for you. Select your preferred bedding type: warm and comfortable, cool and crisp, or soft and silky. This information can help you decide on the best weave and fabric for your bed linen.

Q: What is the most suitable type of bed linen?

A: Bed linen that meets the highest quality standards is made from the highest quality natural materials. Egyptian cotton stands out among all of them. Bed linen made from Egyptian cotton is breathable, strong, and lightweight, and they feel better over time. Cotton fibers are naturally breathable and feel comfortable next to the skin, making them the most popular choice for bed linen and sheets. Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets remain the most desired options.

Q: Is linen good for sensitive skin?

A: Because it is hypoallergenic, linen is good for sensitive skin or acne-prone skin.

Q: Is linen good for your hair?

A: Linen is an anti-static material that won’t cause frizz so it is great for the hair while sleeping.

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