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While you can almost make something resembling a waffle on a griddle pan, nothing beats the taste of a fresh, golden, soft, yet crunchy waffle made in a waffle machine. If you’re used to eating them regularly, a waffle maker will help you save good money in the long run.

The best part of making waffles at home? They’ll be a hit at breakfast, brunch, or tea time. So if you’re planning on buying one, consider the following key points to choose an appropriate waffle machine.

Types of Waffle Makers

When you’re planning to buy a waffle maker, the first thing you need to consider is the type of waffle you like the most. The three most famous types are Belgian waffles and American and Scandi-style waffles. Make sure your waffle maker lets you make your desired type.

1. Belgian waffles

They’re prepared with a light batter and are soft, big, and fluffy. Initially, yeast was a part of the recipe but now they’re often made with baking powder.

2. American waffles

They’re thinner and denser than Belgian waffles and made from a batter leavened with baking powder. They may be square, rectangular, or round in shape.

3. Scandi-style waffles

Scandinavian-style waffles are usually heart-shaped and famous throughout Scandinavia. They’re thin and crisp and taste like a dream when paired up with the right fruits and sweet syrups.

Is Buying a Waffle Maker Worth It?

If you’re fond of waffles and spend a good amount on them dining outside, spending money on a waffle maker will be a worthwhile investment. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy waffles whenever you want to. We’ve put together a few benefits and drawbacks of owning a waffle maker so you can make a better decision.

Benefits of a waffle maker

  • You can enjoy waffles with your own delicious recipes while being sure of the ingredients
  • Most waffle makers are non-stick, so you don’t have to worry about putting grease on them like other pans and appliances
  • Waffle makers aren’t messy – you don’t have to worry about them causing untidiness as other cooking equipment does
  • You won’t have to order waffles from cafes anymore, helping you save money
  • You’d be able to enjoy waffles whenever you get a craving

Drawbacks of a waffle maker

There are two types of waffle machines based on the heat source – electric and stove-top. When it comes to stovetop waffle makers, the probability of burning some batter onto the iron is high. Secondly, if it does burn, the cleaning part will be a pain, and you’ll have to go through multiple rounds of washing and scrubbing to get the burnt batter off.

What Else Can You Cook in a Waffle Maker?

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually do a lot more with your waffle maker than just make waffles.


Everybody loves a strip of delicious bacon, but the cleanup process afterward is a pain. If you only need to make a few strips, just use your waffle maker to reduce cleanup and cooking time.


Not only can you heat your leftover pizza in a waffle maker, but you can also use the iron’s texture to create an excellent crust. Top the crust off with toppings and give it a final round in an oven.

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs with no stirring? Pour in the eggs and give your waffle maker three minutes for the job.


There are a lot of other recipes you can absolutely ace in a waffle maker: waffle cookies, waffled cheeseburgers, doughnut waffles, mac and cheese waffles, hash browns, chicken, and more!

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