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Tired of throwing out food that has gone moldy after just a few days in the fridge? Want to store your dry ingredients without worrying about them going stale? This vacuum sealer saves up to 5 times the food you would otherwise waste. This revolutionary new device gives you the power to keep food fresh for longer. In this post, we’ll give you a detailed review of this vacuum sealer machine and discuss its features, benefits, and drawbacks. We’ll also discuss why it’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to preserve their food as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


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The HiCOZY Vacuum Sealer is an innovative and practical machine that can help keep food fresh and prolong the shelf life of many items. With unique magnetic auto-sealing technology, this pick requires minimal effort when sealing bags and allows easy use.

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This vacuum sealer machine makes food preservation more accessible than ever with its ease of use, adjustable features, and thoughtful design. This machine has several intelligent design features like a detachable drip tray, which is easy to remove and clean, an independent vacuum bag storage to avoid contamination, and an integrated bag cutter that helps reduce waste. With all these features and more, it would make an excellent addition to any kitchen.

From the Manufacturer

This vacuum sealer machine has an adjustable sealing time, allowing customized sealing to suit consumers’ needs. It is beneficial for sealing fresh meat, marinated meats, or seafood containing up to 80 ml of juice. Furthermore, the product has various suction modes–Dry, Moist, Seal, Canister, and Manual–and allows you to adjust the firm and soft suction power and sealing time for various foods. It also includes 1 x BPA-free roll (8″x16′), 10 x BPA-free vacuum bags (8″x12″), and 1 x vacuum hose for additional convenience.

Customer Review

This vacuum sealer machine is a hot pick amongst the masses. According to a customer: “Wanted a vacuum sealer for a while and finally picked this one up. Instructions are clear and it’s straightforward to use once you get started. I’m a big fan of the storage spot on the inside for the cords/bags. It’s got a few different features, including a dry/moist setting for dry or moist items. I have mainly used it for meats; steak, chicken breast, and ground beef. But I’ve also used it for marinating vegetables which was amazing. There’s also a strong/soft setting, so if you have something more fragile that you want vacuum sealed, this can also handle it. The tray is removable for easy cleaning if juices get sucked out during the vacuum. There is also a bag trimmer/cutter inside, which makes trimming bags super easy and opening them back up.“


  • Magnetic auto-sealing technology
  • Adjustable sealing time
  • Integrated storage and bag cutter


  • Instructions are confusing

Buying Guide: Vacuum Sealer Machine

When selecting a vacuum sealer machine, there are a variety of features that you should consider. This buyer’s guide will provide an overview of the most essential purchasing components.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Vacuum Sealer Machine

Size and weight

Vacuum sealers vary in size and weight. Be sure to measure your available counter space and ensure you can accommodate the size and weight of the vacuum sealer before purchasing it.

Ease of use

Look for a vacuum sealer that is intuitive and easy to use. The user interface should be intuitive and easily understood, with clearly marked buttons and settings. Also, consider whether there is an automatic shut-off feature for added safety.


Ensure the vacuum sealer you choose is compatible with different bags, including non-brand-specific pouch sizes and types, such as zipper or roll bags.

Vacuum strength

Look for a vacuum sealer with adjustable vacuum strength settings to customize the sealing process to suit your needs, whether sealing delicate items or creating an airtight vacuum-sealed environment for long-term food storage.

Safety features

Look for a vacuum sealer with safety features such as automatic shut off if the unit overheats or the bag is not entirely sealed. It will help prevent accidents due to user error or equipment malfunctioning due to overheating or faulty seals.

Noise level

Vacuum sealers can be quite noisy during operation, so look for one with quieter motors and sound-dampening technology, such as rubberized feet or noise-reducing seals on the lid and body of the machine to reduce noise levels.

Tips To Maintain a Vacuum Sealer Machine

  1. Lubricate the sealing bar: The sealing bar is critical to the vacuum sealer machine. Over time, it may become dry and cause issues with the sealing process. Regularly apply a thin layer of food-grade lubricant or silicone grease to the sealing bar to ensure smooth operation and prevent it from sticking.
  2. Check and replace the sealing strip: The sealing strip is a consumable part that wears out over time. Inspect the sealing strip regularly for any signs of damage, such as cracks or unevenness. If you notice any issues, replace the sealing strip promptly to maintain a proper seal.
  3. Clean the vacuum chamber: After each use, remove any food particles, liquid spills, or debris from the vacuum chamber. Wipe it down using a mild detergent or disinfectant solution, and ensure it is completely dry before using the machine again.
  4. Store the machine properly: When not using the vacuum sealer, store it in a clean and dry environment. Protect it from dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures, affecting its performance and life span. If your machine has removable parts or accessories, store them with the central unit to prevent loss or damage.

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