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Your home has a shortage of space, yet you want to add a piece of furniture that can win the spotlight. A glass table can do it in the best way. Practically, they are as functional as non-glass tables. Benefit? You can decide where you want to place it. To simplify your research, we have listed the best glass tables that can significantly impact your home’s interior while creating a sense of spaciousness.

Additionally, these tables make the room look bright because of the transparency of the glass. If you have less time to spend on dusting, they are the perfect solution as they go well with the least maintenance. The glass tables are also not fragile enough to deal with the messiest kids. Have a look at these top items, which are solid and beautiful.

Best Glass Tables Reviewed in Detail

Mecor Glass Table

– Best Overall


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This rectangular glass table with chrome-designed steel bars is a perfect piece to show off in your home. Its transparent glass also gives a brighter feel. With a two-tier storage option, you can keep notebooks, remote controls, and newspapers to access whenever you want easily. It also has an artfully constructed design that easily blends with your office chair or living couch set. Hence, you can keep it in your living room, bedroom, or even office without occupying much space.

Besides, its glass top is 8mm thick, while the lower shelf glass is 6mm thick. Thus, both the glasses are strong enough to hold high weight easily. The blend of fine quality materials like MDF, metal, and glass makes it a sturdy and durable table that you should grab without any second thought. MDF is also a high-grade material that keeps termites, cracks, and warp at bay.


  • Has a two-tiered storage design to provide huge storage space
  • Versatile table that is ideal for various places
  • Compact in design to acquire the least amount of space


  • Requires much time to assemble

Tangkula Glass Table

– Runner Up


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If you like furniture with a minimalistic look, you will be very pleased with this purchase. The table is U-shaped with curved edges, which allows you to keep it anywhere while occupying minimal space on the floor. Since the edges are non-angular and smooth, there is the least risk of injuries from the corners.

Moreover, this transparent coffee table matches every piece of furniture and adds a touch of elegance to your place. Thankfully, it is made from tempered glass, which is more robust than ordinary glass. You can keep teacups, heavy flower vases, and piles of books on the tabletop without worrying about breakage or cracks. It also supports the weight of a laptop, making your work from home easy. Besides, you don’t have to deal with messy parts and assembly because they do not require assembling. It is also easy to maintain as it always looks new after a single wipe.


  • Does not require time-consuming assembling
  • The tempered glass keeps it scratch and damage-proof
  • Minimalistic design suits all places
  • Curved edges make it safe for everyone


  • Supports only single-storage

Convenience Concepts Glass Table

– Honorable Mention


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If you are looking for furniture that can complement your living room without occupying a lot of space, you have landed at the right place. The two-tier round table features an open design that allows you to place beautiful art objects on both shelves while impressing your guests. It also comes with drilled holes that make the assembling process easier than ever. Since it’s small and lightweight, you can use two similar tables in the same room to enhance its decor.

Also, it is easy to shift from one room to another, allowing you to combine different decor styles. The tabletop has tempered glass that keeps it scratch-free and clean, while the legs are made of stainless steel that avoids rust. Thus, this round table has the potential to stay in good condition for years to come.


  • No tools are required for assembly
  • 2 tier shelf allows extra space for storing essentials
  • Tempered glass and stainless steel for durability and sturdiness
  • Light and compact design for easy shifting


  • Too high to be used as a work table.

Henn&Hart Glass Table

– Also Consider


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You may hate geometry, but geometrical shapes always win everyone’s hearts. This double cuboid-style coffee table can enhance the interior of your living room, home office, and dining space like never before. It has a modern design with a single open shelf that looks glamorous and is helpful for convenient storage. There is extra space under the tabletop to keep essential items at hand, as well. It means you get extra storage and extra style in one place. It is also multi-purpose as it works well as a vanity table, kitchen table, office table, or dorm room table.

This Hollywood-inspired table is constructed with tempered glass supported with a golden steel frame for added strength. Additionally, it is strong enough to hold heavyweight, like a flower vase, with ease


  • Cuboid style shape adds elegance to your home
  • High weight holding capacity due to strong glass surface


  • Few customers do not like the matte color of the product.

Walker Edison Glass Table


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Whether you are stepping into your first home or renovating your old home, this table serves you as the best option for home decor. This elegant coffee table has a wide tabletop to keep office stationery or living room essentials like remotes and newspapers. Furthermore, you can use it as a coffee table for keeping coffee mugs and snacks without creating a messy look.

This table has three shelves, each made from beveled, tempered glass that makes its edges safe. Hence, you won’t end up injuring your hands or other body parts while in a rush. This glass table is also strong enough to hold up to 100 pounds to maintain heavy things. The entire frame is supported by shiny steel legs that make it suitable for long-term use and enhance your room’s appearance.


  • Easy to put together without using screws or tools
  • Tempered glass with a beveled feature assures safety and sturdiness
  • A frosted lower shelf with distinct legs gives a unique look


  • Seems wobbly if you don’t assemble it correctly

Best Glass Tables Buyer’s Guide

A table is the centerpiece of your living room, but you can make it a complete mess if you choose the wrong product. Since there are endless options in the online and offline market, selecting the best glass table can be overwhelming. So, evaluate these points to invest your money in the right one.

Which Factors Should You Consider To Buy the Best Glass Table?


It’s essential to understand why you are buying the table because it will make it easy to go ahead with the purchase. You may want a simple decorative center table. In this case, you don’t need one with multiple shelves. Likewise, if you want a multifunctional table that you can move from your living space to the dining space, making sure it’s lightweight is important. On the other hand, those who love to socialize require a large glass table so that a large group can enjoy snacks and drinks.


People often ignore the factor of shapes when the table looks good. Even if the table is modern and appealing, it may not suit your living space if its shape is not good. For instance, a single or L-shaped sofa goes well with a square or rectangular glass table. Similarly, a living room with many chairs facing the center requires a circular or square table. Furthermore, it’s essential to purchase a multifunctional sofa that looks stylish and takes minimum space for smaller rooms. This way, the room appears more appealing.


Choose a glass table wisely that suits your home. If you want to keep the glass desk in a small room, opt for a long and sleek design because a bulky table can make the room look congested. A wide and double-shelved table for spacious rooms will fill in the space beautifully. If you like long and sleek tables, you can buy two and place them on either side of your sofa or office chair.

Color and tone

Choosing the right color plays a vital role in your home interior. Dark colors do the job correctly for large spaces by adding more depth and composition. At the same time, light or clear glass color is good for creating an illusion of ample space in a small room.

What Are the Different Types of Glasses Used in Glass Tables?

Before picking a glass table, you should know the different types of glasses used in such tables. These types include:

Clear glass surface

As the name implies, this is not colored but clear see-through glass. It protects the table from a certain degree of damage. Although it has a low temperament, you can get an improved version in the thicker ones. This glass also allows light to pass through it, keeping the room bright. This type of glass table is readily available and affordable.

Tinted glass table

This glass table top has different colors in the material. It can be black, grey, green, or mixed. As compared to clear glass, it can handle more thermal stress. However, this glass material with low light is sufficient because it reflects comparatively low light.

Tempered glass

If you can increase your budget, a tempered glass table is the best option in terms of strength. Additionally, it can prevent high-impact resistance. This glass is built when silica is compressed under high pressure and heat. So, don’t expect it to get drilled, cut, or scratched with easy mechanical forces.

Frosted Glass

With a sandblasted surface, it limits light passing through it. Tables from these glasses are way too resistant and robust. Hence, they are used in office and conference meetings.

Laminated glass

It is made by integrating polyvinyl between two glass layers. It is more robust than other glasses and also prevents UV radiation from passing through.

How To Keep the Glass Table in Good Condition?

Everyone wants to keep their glass table in pristine condition. Here are a few tips for maintaining your table.

  • You can create your DIY cleaning solution by mixing water and vinegar in a 1:2 ratio. After applying the solution, wipe it with a lint-free cloth.
  • Commercial cleaners like aerosol are the best alternative to homemade cleaning solutions.
  • Use a proper absorbent cloth to dry the glass, or it may leave streaks behind.
  • Using abrasive products like acid or ammonia is a big NO.
  • Begin using placemats or coasters rather than keeping cups and plates directly on the table.
  • Don’t keep rough objects on the table, or they will scratch the surface.
  • Avoid overloading the glass table.
  • Clean the glass table regularly to keep it smudge-free.

Best Glass Table FAQs

Q: Which glass table should I not buy?

A: Glass tables made from annealed are dangerous because they can break into small and sharp pieces under little stress. It can also cause severe injuries when touched. Instead, a table with tempered glass is a much safer option.

Q: Do the glass tables explode?

A: Yes, they shatter. If you place too cold or hot objects on the table, there is a risk of glass damage or, in the worst case, glass shattering. Make sure there is no significant temperature difference over short, distant areas of the glass. If you need to place such objects, use coasters or placemats first.

Q: Are glass tables tough to maintain?

A: Other than regular wiping, you don’t have to do anything to keep your glass table looking good for years. They are easy to clean, least prone to scratches, and utterly resistant to termites. Hence, they are super easy to maintain.

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