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Chopping garlic, especially with a knife, can be a whole lot of work because you have to cut multiple times to achieve the tiniest possible pieces of garlic. Worse, if you have not perfected your chopping skills, you are likely to put your fingers at risk. The advent of garlic presses was a relief to chefs and anyone who wanted to save their hands and get out of the kitchen as soon as possible. They are handheld tools with a chamber to hold the garlic and handles to press the garlic. They need less force to mince the food ingredients, making the tool quite time and energy saving, especially when crushing multiple pieces. Since the market is brimming with a plethora of garlic crushers, investing in a quality one can be confusing. That’s why we have picked and reviewed the top garlic presses that deliver excellent performance without burning a hole in your pocket.

Buying Guide for the Top Garlic Press

You should never risk purchasing an inefficient kitchen tool at any cost. It will not only consume a lot of time when performing a simple task but also put your safety at risk. That rule remains true for garlic presses. You need an item that will not hurt your hands when holding and gives evenly crushed foods. However, you need to know several things before paying for this crusher. So, we’ve prepared a full-fledged guide to give you a great deal of information about how to choose the best garlic press.

What Should You Look For in a Garlic Press?

Below, we have listed a few factors and features that you should consider while looking for the best garlic press.


Garlic presses are handheld tools. Their handles have different lengths and construction materials that determine their comfort level. Ideally, you should check that the handle is slightly longer than your comfort level. It should also have a non-slip and soft surface so that it absorbs pressure and allows you to crush a lot of cloves while providing you with a firm grip and comfort for your palms.


When it comes to mincing numerous garlic cloves or other ingredients, you might have to bear hand pain if the weight of a garlic press is heavy. So make sure the tool you use is lightweight so that you can hold it for a long time effortlessly. Ideally, a garlic crusher having a weight of 250-350 grams is considered great for handling heavy-duty mincing jobs.


The chamber is the compartment where you place the garlic for pressing. The appropriate chamber sizing significantly depends on the place of the use of the tool. For instance, you will be crushing only a few pieces for a home kitchen. Hence, a small-sized chamber can be a good fit. However, if you need one for a restaurant, the chamber must be bigger to accommodate a few more pieces, which saves on time.

Hole patterns

After pressing the handles, the garlic in the chamber is crushed to form a paste. The paste or the tiny pieces of crushed food pass through the holes. If the holes are poorly crafted, they will clog, or most of the paste will escape through the sides. Thus, it is vital to ensure that the hole pattern is well-designed and tiny to allow the evenly crushed garlic and not the big pieces.


Garlic presses are usually made of aluminum and steel. Basically, the material should be free from rusting to promise durability. In case it has a coating, you should ensure that it is food-safe to prevent food poisoning. Most people choose stainless steel over other materials because it is free from rust and possible discolorations, making it long-lasting.

Cleaning procedure

The cleaning procedure may be of concern if you are always on a tight schedule. You can find that most garlic presses are dishwasher-safe and can be washed effortlessly. In case you are settling for a hand wash item, you need to ensure that it is stain-resistant. Ideally, its cleaning procedure should only require you to flush running water to remove the excess skin and garlic. Some garlic crushers also have inbuilt cleaners that eject the garlic peels, making cleaning a breeze.

Peeling mechanism

If you have to peel bulks of garlic beforehand, you know that it isn’t such a straightforward task. So, some manufacturers have incorporated a peeling mechanism in their garlic presses. It helps most chefs save time while mincing a lot of garlic cloves at a time. Such tools with inbuilt peelers are highly recommended for commercial purposes or places that require heavy-duty mincing.

How Much Does a Garlic Press Cost?

Garlic presses cost within the range of $11 to $18, depending on various factors. For instance, a garlic press that has a relatively large chamber and is extremely lightweight would cost more. On the other hand, the price of a versatile or multipurpose garlic crusher that can also crush nuts, ginger, and onions will be lower.

Why Should You Prefer a Garlic Press Over a Kitchen Knife?

If you are the type of person who requires a solid reason before budgeting for stuff, you might still be skeptical if you need a garlic press when a kitchen knife is already doing the job. However, how long do you take to chop the garlic finely using a knife? Besides, you are likely to be struggling not to chop your nails while trying to achieve the tiniest pieces.

A garlic press solves all those problems. Most products eliminate the need for peeling the garlic. All you need to do is place it on the tool just as it is and gently press the handle to do the peeling and pressing. Unlike a knife, it also minces all the cloves evenly with minimal waste. In other words, a garlic press will give you finely crushed garlic with fewer messes and less effort.

What Are Other Uses of a Garlic Press?

Some modern garlic presses can do more than just crushing the garlic. Such tools are highly recommended for home and restaurant use because they help save your budget from purchasing extra tools. For instance, you can use some garlic presses to crush the nuts, prepare meat and veggies, and dress salad, among many other uses. As stated earlier, some of them also have an inbuilt peeler to peel the garlic before pressing it.

Quality Garlic Presses Reviewed in Detail

Gourmet Easy Garlic Press

– Best Overall


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Looking for something useful that you can gift someone as a housewarming present? Or perhaps you need an efficient garlic crusher for your own kitchen? In either case, we’d recommend the Gourmet Easy Garlic Press with curved ergonomic handles that ensure you don’t have to peel before crushing.

Yes, you read that right. Because of its premium quality stainless steel material, you won’t have to peel the garlic before you crush it, as it can simultaneously accomplish both feats. Available with a full five-year warranty, this easy garlic press consists of original round-shaped grill holes, making it a suitable option for mincing or fine-crushing garlic.


  • Innovative design ensures no need for peeling
  • Ensures there’s no wastage while crushing
  • No extra hinges or hooks
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel promises durability


  • Not suitable for people suffering from arthritis

OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press

– Best Grip


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When you need to crush many pieces of garlic, you are likely to take longer. Besides, the holes might clog if you exceed the chamber’s capacity. However, this garlic press is designed for handling loads of work because it has a large chamber capacity, and the holes have a brilliant pattern. Consequently, you can crush a few more pieces in one round without the fear of the holes clogging.

It is made of a high-strength zinc metal that is rust-resistant and allows you to clean in a dishwasher which is more time-saving than hand washing. Since its handles are ergonomic and anti-slip, you can comfortably squeeze it to mince as many pieces as you want. They can also be flipped to extract the excess skin or garlic.


  • Quite time-saving when pressing many pieces due to the large chamber
  • Not prone to clogging due to the brilliant hole pattern
  • Provides a safe and firm grip because of the non-slip handles


  • Not made of stainless steel, so it requires more care to last long

Alpha Grillers Garlic Press

– Best For Home Chefs


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After a tiresome and stressful day out, all you want after arriving at the house is a miracle to have your food prepared, and in the next second, you be relaxing on your comfy bed. That wouldn’t happen, but at least if you get efficient kitchen tools such as this item, your life will be easier. It is designed to avoid troubles that come with crushing ingredients and makes the process fast, easy, and mess-free. How?

The garlic chamber can mince up to three pieces of garlic at once. Even better, you don’t have to waste your time peeling them. It has a garlic peeler that will do the work for you. Its design also ensures that nothing remains in the chamber, improving efficiency and making the cleaning process easier. What’s more, its handle has a perfect texture that gives a soft and firm grip.


  • Made of 304 stainless steel that is durable, sturdy, and rustproof
  • Perfect for crushing unpeeled cloves, making it time-saving
  • Easy to maintain due to the dishwasher compatibility
  • A versatile tool that can also crush nuts and gingers


  • The hole patterns could have been better

Orbule Mincer, Crusher And Garlic Press

– Best For Professionals


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As a professional chef, you cannot afford to take any kitchen matter lightly, or you will put your brand at risk. So, you should invest in this multipurpose garlic crusher that has an inbuilt peeler and an oleophobic construction, making it ideal for crushing and mincing unpeeled garlic effortlessly with minimal waste. All you need to do is press the handle once, and the paste will come out completely. It is made using high-quality stainless steel, which is rustproof and robust. What’s more, washing this garlic crusher is also easier than ever because it is dishwasher safe. You can also place it under running water to eject all the skin and garlic waste.


  • A multipurpose tool that can be used for mincing, crushing, and peeling
  • Easy to clean due to the dishwasher compatibility
  • Promises durability due to the rust-proof surface


  • Some of the garlic may come out of the sides instead of passing through the holes

Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press

– Best For Busy Kitchens


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When working in a busy setup, you will need tools to help you perform tasks as fast as possible with fewer struggles. This excellent garlic press is made of cast aluminum, which is quite sturdy and makes crushing garlic a breeze. It has an inbuilt peeler which saves you the minutes you would have spent peeling the cloves. Moreover, its chamber has a larger capacity that can easily mince big cloves. Its inbuilt cleaner also cleans all the holes properly by removing the garlic skin completely. Although it is dishwasher safe, you are suggested to wash it with your hands if you want it to last long.


  • You don’t have to peel the cloves due to the inbuilt peeler
  • Ergonomic handle that won’t hurt your hand while mincing garlic
  • A lightweight yet robust item made of cast aluminum that promises longevity


  • The packed cleaning brush bends quickly, so you have to use it gently

Freetoo Garlic Press

– Easy To Clean


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If you are looking for a garlic presser that can do a little more than squeeze garlic to extract its paste, this is the best item for you. It has a fantastic ergonomic design that allows you to crush ginger, onions, nuts, and many other food ingredients. You can also use it to prepare veggies, meat, and salad dressing. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the unevenly pressed garlic that escapes through the sides. This tool has a narrow design, which ensures that the paste only gets through the holes to ensure that you have evenly crushed food ingredients.


  • Garlic will not spill on the sides because of its narrow design
  • Relatively easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Can also be used to crush nuts and onions
  • Free from food contamination due to the food-grade material


  • If the handle is longer, it would be better

People Also Asked

Q: Are garlic presses dishwasher safe?

A: Some of the garlic presses can be washed with a dishwasher. However, most manufacturers recommend washing them with your hands for more durability.

Q: Do professional chefs use garlic press?

A: Professionals also require a garlic press. Actually, this tool helps them save time and have perfectly and evenly minced food for a better taste.

Q: What is the best tool to mince garlic?

A: Any good garlic press can be used for mincing. You should ensure that it has a good hole pattern, a big chamber, and an ergonomic handle.

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